GE Dryer Not Spinning

If your GE dryer is not spinning, it can be a big problem. Not only will you have to wash and re-dry all of the clothes that were in the load, but you’ll also need to go out and buy a new dryer. However, there are many ways that GE dryers can stop spinning without being broken; we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will walk through some of the most common reasons for GE dryers not spinning so that you know how to fix them.

The sight of piles upon wet laundry can be a daunting and frustrating experience. Unfortunately, it is all too common for dryers to fail at the worst time possible- when you have an entire load piled high with clothes ready to go in! If your GE appliance has been acting up lately, some troubleshooting steps might resolve your issue.

How To Fix GE Dryer Not Spinning Problem

GE Dryer Not Spinning

The GE dryer is a workhorse appliance in most homes, always there to help you out of your sweat-drenched clothes and get them cleaned up for the next day. But what if it doesn’t turn on? The rest of this article will explore the reasons why and solutions that can be done at home or by calling an engineer.

Dryer Door Issue

GE dryers require a fully closed door to work properly. Slamming the door will not suffice, as you need it shut tightly for your GE appliance to function correctly. Slamming your dryer door can often lead to other issues, as it may not close all the way. It is important to shut – rather than slam -the door and make sure that it fully closes before pressing start on a GE Dryer! Hold the door tightly to prevent it from opening before you hit start.

One of the most common is a door switch, which will not be able to sense when the inner or outer doors close because they have been worn out by prolonged use and tear. If this happens on your machine, you should open up both sides of your appliance for examination; if there’s visible damage, replace it as soon as possible to avoid more costly repairs later!

The Child Lock Is On

The GE dryer is not spinning issue may be because the child lock is ON. In this case, you may also observe GE dryer lights up but won’t start issue. The first thing you will want to do is check that the child lock has been disabled and make sure it’s off so your GE Dryer can start getting clothes nice and clean again!

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Child Lock is a safety measure on GE dryers that prevents small children from injuring themselves by playing with the machine. It can be locked, unlocked, and turned off using a series of buttons or switches located in the area behind the front loading door panel.

There are two ways to turn off the Child Lock button. The first method is to unlock the button by pressing and holding it down for about five seconds. The second way is to press the Child Lock button until GE dryer lights stop blinking.

If you’re not sure how to get your GE Dryer out of Child Lock mode, it’s always best to refer back to your user manual for specific instructions.

Broken Drive Belt

Has your GE dryer stopped spinning? If so, one of the most common causes is a broken drive belt. Thankfully, this issue can be easily fixed with either professional assistance or by ordering and replacing it yourself. Professional help will cost less than trying to do-it-yourself if you know what you’re doing; however for those who don’t then they should call in their local repair person!

If you notice that your dryer is taking longer to finish drying the load of clothes, this may be because it’s time for a new belt. The rubber band wraps around two devices on the drum and can become worn out over time simply from normal use. If replacing or fixing doesn’t work, contact us as soon as possible so we can fix any issues right away!

There are times when a broken belt is the hardest thing to diagnose. You can do some easy tests, though! When you reach in and try turning the dryer drum by hand. Suppose it spins just as easily with your fingers on top of the drum as without them at all? That’s a sure sign that something down there needs repairing!

Faulty Drum Roller

GE dryers are not built to last forever. In ten years or more, your dryer will wear out. The most common culprit is the drum roller – it can become worn and start squeaking (often before any other part) because you’re applying pressure on this component every time your clothes tumble inside the machine’s housing.

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The most common culprit of a squeaky clothes dryer is the drum roller. This component becomes worn out, which often causes it to start making noise before any other part in your machine starts emitting an off-putting sound.

You’ll know for sure that your drum roller needs replacing when:

  • The cloth sound is loud
  • You hear unusual noises, like clanking or rattling
  • When it starts to squeak loudly.

If you’ve been noticing a sudden increase in the volume of your GE dryer when it spins, and only on one side, this indicates that there may be something wrong with your drum roller. It can get so bad sometimes that clothes will start falling off due to the imbalance created by the worn-out part.

Replacing Drum Roller is a relatively simple process:

  • Remove the front panel of your GE dryer. This is done by:
  • Unscrewing or pulling off any and all screws that are present in the perimeter of the door, then sliding it up to reveal the inner workings of your appliance.
  • Locate the drum roller underneath panels and remove old parts with a Phillips head screwdriver. Carefully slide the new one into place until it clicks securely in position; reinstall panels as they were before, then move onto other repairs if necessary (or proceed to test).

The whole process should take you no more than 20 minutes from start to finish! Enjoy fixing GE Dryers!

Worn Out Drum Bearing

The dryer drum needs a bearing to maintain the system. If this is worn out, it can cause many problems such as noise and inability for heavy loads. The first way you may know your drum’s bearing has gone bad is if there are squealing or grinding sounds from rotating by hand– which means metal rubbing against metal without any lubrication in between them!

This often happens because of wear on the shaft seal that protects outside air coming into contact with your clothes when they’re spinning quickly inside the dryer cabinet.

GE’s dryers come with a durable drum bearing that makes sure the spinning goes smoothly. But if your GE is making squealing sounds or doesn’t spin at all, you might have to replace it altogether.

A Malfunctioning Drive Motor

A GE dryer’s drive motor is the most important part of its operation. Without it, your clothes will never get dried! Luckily GE engineered their motors to last a long time- but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible.

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If the lights are on, but a drum isn’t turning, it’s probably time to consider buying a new dryer motor. A humming noise would indicate an issue with either the belt or rollers; however, if no sound can be heard, this means that the motor is faulty. You may have to replace the motor as repairing it is quite a difficult and costly task.

In contrast to the motor, if your drum turns and has to stop, it’s more likely a capacitor issue rather than an actual problem with the motors themselves.

Faulty Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is a common issue on GE dryers. This part of the machine has to hold up quite a lot of weight (the entire drum) and can burn out due to overuse. When this happens, it will produce an ominous grinding noise which you should hear as soon as your clothes enter the drying cycle.

A faulty idler pulley can also affect the belt or other parts of your GE Dryer not spinning problem; so if you’ve already replaced these components without success, check for any damage in that area first!

Inspect the idler pulley and make sure it spins freely on the shaft. If you see any wear or damage, we recommend replacing both parts – that is if your belt needs replacement too!

If all else fails, replacing the idler pulleys with new ones could be enough to get things working properly again!

Final Thoughts

GE dryers are supposed to be dependable and long-lasting, but when you have a problem with your appliance, it’s best that you call for help. When something goes wrong with your dryer, make sure to contact the manufacturer or service center immediately so they can diagnose the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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