LG Ice Maker Tray Not Turning? Let’s Fix It

In this article, we’re going to show you how we troubleshoot and fix the LG ice maker tray not turning problem. For hot moments you need a fridge that makes ice instantly, which should avoid damage. The ice machine in refrigerators has a basic system that delivers ice through a special dispenser. These dispensers are often locked, and you are tasked with fixing them right away.

The block of the ice machine can be caused by many factors, including poor water distribution. The refrigerator you are using may be malfunctioning and causing serious bottlenecks in the dispenser. The bottling solutions you can do disconnected the device.

Sometimes the problem becomes more complex, and simple bottling solutions in the ice dispenser take it to another level. You have the freedom to do a quick analysis of the refrigerator’s problem with the ice dispenser. The problems that you may have in the ice tray can be generated after three years of using the appliance.

The ice dispenser system in each refrigerator is good, but it can be damaged over time and without maintenance. Blackouts crashes and other electrical failures will wreck the device within a few years. To avoid electricity problems in the fridge, you should put an energy protector on it.

Each fridge has different ice dispensers, but its functionality is the same, and they have the same years of guarantees using it. You can extend the life of the ice maker for many years by following some maintenance rules. Refrigerators with this function are very good and give you great advantages over other electrical appliances.

How to Fix LG Ice Maker Tray Not Turning Problem

LG Ice Maker Tray Not Turning Solution

Find out the best solutions for you to use in the fridge with a damaged ice maker. The solutions are immediate, where you can save time and money by contacting a technical service specialized in refrigerators.

Maintain Your Refrigerator Completely

The most effective solution you can do is to maintain your refrigerator completely. You should know that the fridge, the water dispenser, and the ice maker have something in common: the water supplied. If the fridge you have has problems at work, the other functions are affected and stop working.

You should maintain the refrigerator at least one time per month and eliminate excess ice production. The excess ice appears because the fridge you have is working more than normal. The more ice the fridge has, the more likely the ice machine will bottle.

The first problem you will see in the ice machine is that the cubes are bigger and the quantity is less. The machine operation fails, and you can use it like this for months, weeks, or even days, depending on the problem. It is a problem that at first, you would take as a blessing, but in reality, it is something serious that you must solve.

Put Your Refrigerator To Work The Right Way

The solution to the problem you have in the icemaker is solved with the thermostat of the fridge. What you should do is turn off the fridge, locate yourself in the motor and turn the thermostat down. With the thermostat, you will decide how the refrigerator works, and the amount of ice made and sent by the ice machine.

This solution does not require you to hire a refrigerator technician – you need to be motivated to do so. The refrigerators have a very easy but weak cooling system if you do not do previous maintenance.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

The ice maker’s bottleneck is a common problem that you can solve to improve the operation of the appliance. When the ice cubes exceed a specific size, they usually get stuck in the fridge mechanism. The ice blockage may clear on its own, or it needs you to assist by removing excess ice cubes at the outlet.

For the solution to be effective, you must use plastic or wooden spoons to remove the obstruction from ice cubes. Do not use metal utensils as this can exacerbate the problem in the ice maker. Release the load slowly and press very hard upwards, you should do this procedure with the fridge disconnected.

Problems In The Fridge System

One problem you may experience with the icemaker is that the fridge system is having problems. Try resetting the system or press and hold the unlock button, it is an unusual solution, but you should try it. This system problem is created when a power outage occurs in your home, and the fridge turns on with errors; the ice maker is locked.

Many fridges with ice machines have a very friendly computer system that will improve your experience incredibly. The water supply and ice-making are made up of a system that you can lock and unlock. When the system crashes, you can’t dispense the ice, and therefore, you must unlock it on the fridge panel.

Refrigerator control panels are available to you in state-of-the-art refrigerators with an ice maker. The solution will not be of much help if you have a fridge with an ice machine without a computerized system. These updated refrigerators suffer from a lot of lack of control in the system, so you must know a quick solution.

Find Out The Correct Way To Clean The Ice Maker In Your Refrigerator

If you clean the refrigerator, remove the bottleneck, and reset the system, but it still doesn’t work, then cleans the machine. Cleaning the machine is the most efficient way to check that the water filter was not damaged. All the problems you have in the fridge can be solved with 10 minutes of cleaning.

The correct way for you to clean the ice sink is to turn off the refrigerator to cut off the water supply. You should remove all the ice that is housed in your refrigerator and ice maker to avoid obstacles. You need to look for room temperature water and bath soap to clean the ice sink reservoir.

If you want to clean the tank better, you can do it using chlorine and water at room temperature. To put the tank back in its place, you have to wait for it to dry completely. You can clean the opening of the machine with the same mixture of soap and water that I use to clean the tank.

Run the refrigerator and icemaker; you will have ice right away. If everything is fine, The first and second ice charges should be thrown away because it can bring chemical elements that I use to clean the tank. They are simple steps that will help you have quality ice, in case it does not work, the filter was damaged.

You have to replace the water filter if the ice maker still does not work after cleaning. For you to change the filter, you only need to go to the store of your fridge’s brand and buy it immediately. The way to install the filter is very simple; you must unscrew the damaged part and then screw the new one in place.

The ice maker’s water filter is located inside the refrigerator at a height higher than the ice sink. For you to exchange the filter, you must disconnect the water supply or preferably completely disconnect the fridge.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Tray Stuck Upside Down

If the ice is coming out from the bottom, then the tray is frozen to the ice maker and not able to be pulled up. You may have to manually break the tray off from the ice maker, but be careful not to damage the ice maker.

It’s alarming that the LG ice maker won’t make ice if it’s turned completely upside-down. It means you’ll have to spend money on a repair.

We hope that now you are not facing the LG Ice Maker Tray Not Turning problem. Please do comment with your questions or suggestion and we will be happy to answer them.

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