LG Washer dE Error Code [FIXED] – Let’s Fix It

If LG Washer dE Error Code appears on your LG washer, it means that the door was unable to lock. This is a very common error message and most of us would rather not deal with this issue.

If this is the case, you will need to check for items blocking the door from locking. You may also need to replace parts on your LG Washer so that it works properly again. 

With just a little troubleshooting, You can fix the LG Washer dE code easily so that you’re able to get back into business quickly.

What Does The LG Washer dE Error Code Mean?

LG Washer dE Error Code

If the washing machine displays the error code dE during the wash, rinse, or spin cycles, it means the door is not closed properly.

Every washing machine has a dE code, which means “Door Lock.” When this error appears on your LG washing machine’s display, it usually means that the door wasn’t locked when the cycle began. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix this problem so you can keep using your LG washing machine.

A dE error code indicates that the washing machine door wasn’t able to lock. When this happens, the washing machine will shut off and a dE error code will appear on the display panel. This error is usually resolved by a simple reset of the washing machine.

How To Fix LG Washer dE Error Code

If you are receiving the DE error code on your front load LG washer, these are the steps you can take to resolve the issue: 

  1. First, turn off your LG machine and remove the power cable. 
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes, then press and hold the Start/Pause button for about 5 seconds
  3. While still holding this button down, plug the machine back in.
  4. Open and Close the door and check that the door is securely latched. It should stay closed even if you pull hard on it.
  5. Test the washer. 
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If the dE code is gone, the washer is working properly. If the error code returns, it indicates that there’s still a problem with the appliance, and you’re advised to call customer service.

Bent Washer Door Hinge

Keep the door aligned and make sure that it is shut properly. If you are not sure whether the hinges have been bent, try closing it manually: if it’s loose, then you need to bend the hinges back into place.

The hinge of a washing machine is a little more complicated than you may think. It’s comprised of three separate parts that need to fit together in perfect harmony: the metal components, the plastic bearings, and the electronic board that connects them all.

The good news is, when your washing machine’s hinge requires maintenance or replacement, it rarely needs the full attention of an expert — replacing just one part can often solve the problem.

Faulty Door Lock Assembly

The washer door lock prevents the washer from operating when it is open and keeps the drum inaccessible during operation. It sounds simple, but the machine will not operate well if it doesn’t function properly.

Over the years, the lock’s mechanism can wear down, loosen up, or otherwise malfunction. If this happens, we’ll need to inspect the hardware in order to repair or replace it.

Inspect the lock for visible damage. If there’s visible damage to the lock or if it doesn’t seem to latch properly, replace it with a new one. To check whether the problem lies with the electronic lock, use a multimeter to test each of its switches for continuity. If one of them doesn’t have continuity, replace it.

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Check Door Latch

If your washer door is not closing, inspect whether the door latch is malfunctioning. This is done by visually inspecting the orientation of the clasp. If you see an open space surrounded by a clasp, this means that the door has been propped open. Look for a sticker nearby that has fallen off or is missing — this is the cause of your problem.

Once you have released the door clasp, the washer door will be restored to its original position. Close the door and reopen it to confirm that the problem has been fixed — you can now resume your laundry normally.

If the washer door is still not closing, the latch might be defective. Inspect the door and latch for damage. If the door or latch is damaged, replace it. It will help in solving the LG Washer dE Error Code.

Check Door Strike

Make sure the washer door strike assembly is not damaged. If it is, replace it. You cannot repair the door strike assembly — if it is damaged, you must replace it.

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