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If Samsung Washer FL Error Code appears on the display panel, it’s likely a door lock malfunction. It indicates the door lock cannot be locked after several attempts.

The Samsung washers are designed with a safety feature that prevents the Samsung washing machine from operating if any locks or seals in its interior are broken or not functioning properly.

Samsung Washers also have an automatic shutoff function, so as soon as they detect a problem, like Door Lock Malfunction, it will stop working and display an error code on your Samsung Washing Machine Display Panel.

What Does The Samsung Washer FL Error Code Mean?

Samsung Washer FL Error Code

The following are common reasons why FL error code appears:

  •  You are unable to lock the door
  • After wash, the door will not open
  • not properly closing the laundry door before starting a wash cycle
  • failure to insert the washing machine lid handle into its retaining clips when starting a wash cycle
  • failure of the washing machine door lock to engage in its retaining notch on the washing machine door frame during the wash cycle 
  • the washing machine lid has not fully locked into place

If you are having problems with your Samsung washer, it’s possible that the door is unable to lock after several tries. This is usually due to a malfunction of the door lock.

How To Fix Samsung Washer FL Error Code

There are many reasons why an FL error might occur. In some cases, it’s simple — the door won’t lock, there’s an obstruction, or the machine is malfunctioning. But sometimes the problem lies with the user or with the machine itself.

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Bent Washer Door Hinge

If your washer door is misaligned, you’ll need to replace its hinges. First, check whether the door itself is bent. If it’s not, the hinges must be the issue. There are four hinges on most washers, though you may have two or three — examine your model and compare yours to our photos to determine how many you have.

Make sure you buy new replacements that are the exact same size as the old ones.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

Samsung’s innovative washer door lock prevents the washer from starting when the door is open. While this may seem like a niche feature, it is actually very useful. You won’t have to worry about getting your hands wet or touching electrical circuitry during the wash cycle. Especially if you have children, they won’t be able to play and get their hands caught in the washer.

If your washing machine is giving you a hard time, it may be because of the faulty door lock. This important component, which keeps the door closed while your machine is in motion, is what prevents water from spilling everywhere. If the door lock is worn out, your appliance can cause injury to you and damage to your property.

To avoid injury and take care of your washing machine, replace the broken door lock as soon as possible. Replacing the door lock is both inexpensive and relatively easy — just follow these instructions from the manufacturer, and you should be up and running in no time.

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When troubleshooting the door lock on your Samsung washer, check to see if the door lock switch is faulty. Samsung washers come with a door switch that is used to signal when a door is closed. The door is closed when the switch is held in (it will stay in place) and opened when the switch is depressed (you should feel it give way). 

If the switch doesn’t work, or if something else has gone wrong, you can find out using a multimeter. Test the switch for continuity; if it fails the test, then replace it.

Broken Door Latch

If the Samsung washer FL error code persists after troubleshooting steps, then you may have a broken door latch. If the door doesn’t close properly, it’s possible that the door latch is broken.

To fix this, clean the latches as much as possible each time you open or close the washer. If they continue to wear down or break, replace them with new latches.

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