Shark Vacuum Lights Blinking [Quick Solution]

If you are having a problem with your Shark vacuum cleaner, troubleshooting can go a long way to help you identify the issue so you can fix it. Many people write in asking how to fix Shark vacuum lights blinking, so I figured an article on this subject would be of great value.

The lights on the Shark vacuum not only give you the power to clean, but also serve as indicators for when your device needs servicing. Most of the time, a simple brush up or a new set of filters are all that’s needed to maintain the suction power and quality of the unit.

When trouble strikes, however, you’ll need troubleshooting tips and support from customer service representatives to stay in control.

The Shark vacuum’s blinking lights will guide you in taking good care of your device. If the lights are blue, it means that the battery is charging on models that are cordless.

If you notice a blinking red light on the handle, pay close attention and stop using the product — it means that the device is overheating and could result in a burnt motor or damaged wheels. 

If your Shark vacuum headlights blink on and off as you use it, the unit may have a wiring problem in its swivel.

Shark Vacuum Lights Blinking – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Shark Vacuum Lights Blinking

This guide will help you understand what the blinking lights on your Shark vacuum mean — and how to troubleshoot them in case they’re not working.

1. Shark Vacuum Is Charging

Cordless Shark vacuums are designed in a way that blue-colored lights flash on and off slowly when the unit is being charged. This confirms that the unit is being charged. These lights do not indicate any problems with the vacuum.

The blue lights on your cordless Shark vacuum slowly flash during charging. This hints that the vacuum is currently charging with its cleaning dock — not that anything is wrong with it.

The Shark vacuum will flash blue while it charges, and the light will go off when it is done.

2. Motor is Burnt

When you see a red-colored indicator light flashing on your Shark vacuum, there’s one thing that comes to mind: the appliance is not working.

Now, there’s a chance that this might happen if you’re attempting to clean your home’s high or low traffic areas with a never-ending supply of dirt. But in almost every instance, it’s because your vacuum is full and needs to be emptied.

If you smell a burning smell, that means the motor is overheating. When you open the attachment, inspect the motor for burnt parts; if present, it’s likely to be damaged.

Your Shark vacuum attachment has burnt out because it overheated. That can happen when you don’t clean the filter often enough.

To confirm the root cause, you can open the vacuum and check the motor up close. If you see that there are burnt parts on it, then it’s time to replace it.

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3. Overheating Problem

Shark vacuum cleaners are built with great care and precision, but even they might have issues. The flashing red light indicators say that the appliance is malfunctioning, but this can be avoided with a little bit of home maintenance:

If you have an overheating issue with your Shark vacuum, then it’s likely you’ll see the red indicator light flash. You’ll also feel the machine heat up around the motor.

A Shark vacuum cleaner will automatically shut down if it overheats, preventing damage to the motor or other parts. When you see the red indicator light flashing, unplug and wait 10 minutes until it cools down, then turn on again.

Inside your Shark vacuum, there’s a thermostat that senses when the machine is getting too hot. When this happens, it’ll cut the power and force the machine to turn off. By doing that, the thermostat ensures that your vacuum won’t cause damage to itself — or escalate any damage done in cleaning to an even worse level.

Sometimes, when your Shark vacuum cleaner won’t run, there’s a simple fix. Over time, dust and junk can build up inside the machine — if you see a red flashing light, that means it’s overheating. To fix the problem, take apart the vacuum and clean the filters or simply remove the blockage that causes too much air flow to pass through.

When your Shark vacuum cleaner loses suction power, you’ll need to take apart the canister and check for blockages.

If your Shark has a bagless design, remove the filter and empty out any excess dust.

4. Brushroll Is Jammed

There are a few reasons why the red flashing indicator light is appearing on your Shark vacuum, but the most common answer is because its brush roll is stuck.

Shark vacuums are known for their excellent suction capabilities and reliable brushes, so when something goes wrong it can be alarming — though in this case when the brush roll becomes stuck, it’s a very easy fix.

The Shark vacuum brush roll’s cylindrical shape and bristles on its sides is ideal for collecting dirt and hair from floors, making it much easier to suck up into the vacuum.

Over time, however, long pieces of dirt or hair can wrap around the brush roll’s bearings. Eventually, this means the engine will jam and the brush roll will stop spinning or move inconsistently, which can prevent the vacuum from suctioning effectively.

A Shark Vacuum brush roll may stop functioning if it becomes too cluttered with hair, so you should clean it every once in a while. To do this, disconnect the floor attachment and turn it over to reveal the brush roll.

Then, use scissors to cut through any debris that is wrapped around the brush bar. After this, remove any remaining hair and dirt with your fingers or by using the vacuum hose to suction everything out.

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5. Wiring Issues

Shark vacuum models with lights on their floor attachments inform users of the attachments’ operation. The headlights flash intermittently every time the floor attachment is pressed against a surface and activated.

You might also notice that the headlights are flashing for no reason. That, unfortunately, means there is something wrong with your vacuum: the wires aren’t connecting properly, causing the headlights to flicker randomly.

Over time, dirt and dust will tend to accumulate within your headlights. If you notice that your headlights are developing a yellow or brown color, that might be because of corrosion.

In some cases, Shark vacuum wires can be problematic. When you swivel the vacuum head, you might disrupt the flow of power to the headlights, causing them to flash on and off repeatedly. To fix this problem, you must identify the source of the wires and check whether there are any frayed or exposed wires.

6. Battery Issue

Batteries in the Shark vacuum cleaner, as well as any other brand of vacuum, can go bad. The circuit board in the Shark vacuum has a light that turns on when the battery is low or dead.

This light can actually begin blinking even if your battery is not completely dead, but it will be necessary to replace it soon. You can also replace your battery with another type of battery, but you should be aware that this may void your warranty.

If you are using the vacuum for an extended period of time, it is recommended to replace the battery. It will significantly reduce the chance of product failure. And it will also make your device perform better.

Vacuum batteries need to be in perfect working condition for your vacuum to function. If you notice that your vacuum doesn’t want to hold its charge for very long, it could be that the battery has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

Since you are already thinking about replacing the battery , make sure you take some time to find out what kind of battery your model uses.

To ensure your device is operating at its best performance, follow the steps shown below to correctly charge the battery.

First, ensure the battery is fully charged before you begin using the machine.

Next, swipe any debris off the charging base or the canister on a dry cloth or soft brush. If necessary, tap the agitator against a hard surface to dislodge any further debris from inside.

Then charge and run your device normally.

7. Belt Problem

Shark vacuum belts are designed to support the brush roll of the vacuum and prevent it from wearing out. However, over time, these belts will break down, causing your machine to stop working altogether. When this occurs, your belt needs to be replaced.

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Usually, the Shark vacuum’s brush roll operates via a belt. The belt will break in after a day’s use; when it does, the machine will stop working. You’ll know it’s happening because you’ll see a red light or blinking.

However, if you’re a new owner and have recently replaced your old machine, not everything is as it seems: sometimes, the belt is broken, not the motor itself.

If the issue of your vacuum cleaner is regarding the belt, then you have to do some work on it. You will have to open up the part where the belt is located and check if there are damages or whether it’s just worn out. If it has been worn out, then you will have to replace it.

Shark Battery 2 Lights Flashing

There are two possible explanations for why both the carpet and hard floor lights would be flashing on a Shark vacuum: either there is a problem with the vacuum, or the vacuum is trying to indicate that it needs attention.

If you see the carpet and floor lights flashing at the same time, there may be an issue with the battery. It might not be holding a charge, or there could be a problem with the charger. You should let the battery cool down before trying to recharge it. Once it’s done charging, test it again. If there are still issues, you may need to get a replacement battery/charger unit or have it repaired at a Shark dealership.

If the lights on your vacuum are flashing, it means there is a blockage preventing proper airflow. To clear the blockage, first allow the vacuum to cool down for 45 minutes. Once cooled, clean the vacuum and test it again. If the lights are still flashing, you will need to get it repaired by an expert.

Shark Battery 3 Lights Flashing

There could be a few reasons why the Shark Battery is flashing. It could be that the battery is not charged, the brush roll is not spinning, or there could be something caught in the brush roll.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Lights Flashing

The flashing lights on your Shark vacuum can tell you a lot about what is going on with the unit. Different colors indicate different issues. For example, blue flashing lights may mean that the battery is charging on cordless models.

Flashing red indicators, however, could point to overheating, a burnt motor, or a jammed brush roll. Additionally, if the headlights flash on and off as you use the unit, it could be a wiring problem in the unit’s swivel.

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