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KCSCFM is your foremost source for everything about various types of machines and gadgets, from tools and devices to the latest technology and news. We provide you with guidelines, tips, and troubleshooting information so that you can make better decisions.

We love to chat about the most trending engineering innovations of the day, from architecture and design to robotics and automation.

So, who are we?

We’re two of us — Sam and Joe. We were both mechanical engineering undergrads at the University of Texas at Austin. Fortunately, we met each other, which is how this all came to be.

We’re two entrepreneurs who met at one of the largest mechanical design firms in the world. We’ve always talked about doing our own thing, and so when we got the chance to work on a side project together, we jumped at it.

We’ve worked hard to build this Website and love what we do.

We’re here to help. We want to help you make the most out of your machine, and we want to connect with you on this blog as well. We love to hear your stories, and if there’s a question you have that you could use an answer for, just let us know via this blog.

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

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