F3E2 Whirlpool Dryer Code [Quick Solution]

The F3E2 error code can occur if the dryer doesn’t sense moisture after five consecutive loads. If you press the power button, it will clear the error code and restart the dryer.

If the F3E2 error code is not cleared, the dryer will not heat to the set temperature and cannot be used.

If you are experiencing a problem with your appliance, please call for service.

F3E2 Whirlpool Dryer Code – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

F3E2 Whirlpool Dryer Code

F3E2 error code is a temperature error code that means the whirlpool dryer’s sensor cannot read the moisture in the air, causing it to release heat unnecessarily. To fix this problem you should always consult your user manual. Here are some of the common fixes:

1. Ensure That the Dryer Is Level

Dryers are subject to some natural rocking and tilting during normal use, so it’s not unusual for them to become slightly off-balance. The occasional tilt or wobble won’t have a negative effect on the dryer, but if your dryer is unlevel, the fabrics inside may never receive proper exposure to the heat inside of it.

A poorly-level dryer can prevent clothes from touching the moisture sensors on the inside of the machine, potentially causing them to not dry correctly.

A dryer that is not level may prevent clothes from being dried evenly. Using a level, adjust the legs to ensure that your clothes are being dried in an even fashion.

Most dryers are made with a straight shape. If your dryer is curved, you may want to measure it from the cabinet or another place to ensure your measurement is accurate.

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Use a leveling base when setting the dryer on an uneven floor surface.

2. Stop Using Small Load

Was a very small load being dried? The moisture sensors may not have been able to detect the small load because it was too small or because it was only one item. The sensors detected very little moisture, so the error occurred.

Individual items may not make contact with the moisture sensors causing this error to occur.

Try loading larger loads or using a cycle that uses automatic drying.

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3. Do A Power Cycle

If the ‘F3E2’ error code persists, perform a quick, 1-minute power cycle to reset your washer’s self-diagnostics. The F3E2 error code typically displays when your machine is trying to determine if you have the moisture sensor is unable to detect the moisture.

If the Dryer F3E2 error code persists, perform a power cycle by turning off the circuit breaker for one minute, and then turn it back on.

Now begin the time-dry cycle. For one minute, keep an eye on the dryer to make sure the error number doesn’t appear again.

If the error code does not disappear, please contact your nearest service center.

4. Check Moisture Sensor

If the Moisture Sensor is open or shorted, the Dryer will not operate. The Moisture Sensor is located on the front of the Dryer. The sensor should be replaced if it is open or shorted.

If the Moisture Sensor is open or shorted, it will not sense the amount of moisture in the laundry and it will not activate the dryer. To check the Moisture Sensor, remove the front panel and check for a broken or open wire. If the sensor is broken, replace it. If the sensor is open, close it with a wire clip.

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