How To Unlock Samsung Microwave [Step By Step Guide]

There are many factors that make people go for Samsung microwave ovens. They are a reliable brand and are meant to be used for a long period of time. Therefore, you should ensure that you take good care of it. Having the microwave locked can be an issue and this post is going to highlight how you can unlock the Samsung microwave oven.

Unlocking a Samsung microwave is easy and can be done in 5 minutes. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock your Samsung microwave using a Samsung microwave code. Unlocking your Samsung microwave is 100% safe and always reversible.

A child lock feature on a microwave oven lets you lock any program or functional operation of the machine for extra safety. You can choose to lock parts like automatic cook, weight defrost, and quick start menus, ensuring that even when kids are playing around with your oven they can’t do much harm.

The best features of the Samsung microwave are also its worst — the smart-locking systems built into several models are precise, secure and very easy to use, but also prone to accidental lock activation. When users have an urgent need for a microwave, but their device is locked, it can be infuriating.

The lock can be accidentally turned on, leaving the next person who tries to use the microwave baffled as to why it isn’t working. There is usually just one button – the start button – that activates and deactivates the lock.

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Here is how you can disable or enable the microwave lock function on a Samsung microwave oven. 

How To Unlock Samsung Microwave – Step By Step Guide

How To Unlock Samsung Microwave

If you see the “Locked” feature on your microwave’s keypad, then it means the keypad is locked. The first indicator of this is that you will see “Loc” on the display.

One of the Samsung microwave keypads can be used to control the eco mode. The child lock feature will only allow the eco mode button to be used.

Some customers will be confused when they see a lock symbol on their microwave. They will assume that an error has occurred and that the oven is no longer functional — but, as you know, all you need to do to unlock the microwave is press the button.

Lock Deactivation Procedure

To activate or deactivate the child lock feature on your Samsung microwave, simply press and hold the start button for three seconds. A message will appear in the display indicating whether the child lock is being activated (“Loc”) or deactivated (“Loc Off”).

While most microwaves show a “LOCK” message when the door is closed, some models don’t. Others simply turn off the word “lock” on the screen but will still be locked as indicated by a padlock icon that doesn’t unlock until you close and then reopen the door.

Other Methods

To deactivate the lock button on some microwave models, you will need to hold down three buttons at the same time for three seconds. The control button, which will look like a clock, the more/plus button, and the less/minus button. Be sure to press all three buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

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This process will also activate the Samsung microwave lock feature. To deactivate it, simply follow the same steps.

What is The Use Of Child Lock Feature In Samsung Microwave

The child lock feature is used to disable the control panel on the microwave so that children cannot change the settings or use the microwave.

Some microwaves do have the child lock feature but be on the lookout for other, less conspicuous ways of locking and unlocking the control panel. Simple locks may be too easy for curious children to figure out — and all it takes is one second for a child to press the power button.

Why Is My Samsung Microwave Not Unlocking?

One of the reasons an older microwave may be failing to turn off is that the lock button membrane needs replacing. When the membrane gets brittle, old, and worn out, it doesn’t make the connections it once did.

You will know this is the cause if your child-safety lock also fails to function correctly. The solution to microwave troubleshooting in a case like this is replacing the lock control button membrane.

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