Dryer Makes Noise When Tumbling [SOLVED] – Let’s Fix It

The sounds that your dryer makes when you tumble dry can be very different, and the noises can vary depending on whether the machine has been overloaded with wet clothes, or if there is a part that needs to be replaced. To reduce your appliance’s failure rate, it is important to know what different sound patterns mean that you are hearing from your dryer.

Dryer repairs are common, so you should learn how to identify different problems from the sounds your machine makes. A squeaking sound usually means that the drum rollers or axles or the idler pulley need replacing as they’re wearing out. A squealing noise usually means that the drive motor needs repair or replacement. If a dryer is making loud banging, grinding, or thumping noises, there may be problems with the blower wheel, drum glide supports and/or drum rollers.

If a dryer makes noise when tumbling, it can be cause for concern. However, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot your machine and potentially fix the problem yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common reasons why a dryer might make noises during operation.

Dryer Makes Noise When Tumbling

1. Damaged Dryer Belt

A dryer drive belt is a long, slender belt that wraps around the drum of your dryer, the pulley and the drive motor. When the drive belt becomes frayed or damaged, it can cause uneven drying or your dryer to run longer than it should. You only need to replace this belt if you notice damage or frequent problems.

Your dryer’s drive belt might be worn out, frayed, or damaged. Check to see if it’s the problem. If it is worn out, you will want to replace the belt. It’s important to change your dryer belt if it’s worn out so that your dryer runs smoothly without any noise and has a long lifespan.

Prevent the rubber belt from slipping off during installation. When installing a new belt, make sure that the belt is tight and there is no sign of looseness or looseness in the drive pulley. If there is, adjust the belt tension to move the drive pulley to cover the belt and rivet it correctly.

2. Worn Out Drum Roller

A worn-out drum roller in your dryer could be causing the machine to make noises when tumbling. This is because it’s made of hard plastic and its hardness decreases over time, causing the dryer to make noise as it is tumbled around.

A worn-out dryer roller is a little more complicated than one would initially believe. After all, it’s your dryer’s responsibility to support your wet clothes and the weight of the dryer itself while drying. So, when the rollers wear out, they can cause noise, jolting, and vibrating — which all reflect poorly on your brand.

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It’s easy to spot worn-out dryer rollers: if your clothes are not spinning as smoothly or if dryer is making loud noise when tumbling, then it’s time to replace some of the parts. But first, check the manufacturer’s manual to make sure you’re replacing the right parts — and try not to replace more than you need.

3. Faulty Drum Roller Axle

When a dryer is running it should be quiet, but sometimes the dryer will rumble and make an annoying rumbling sound that can be frustrating. There are two support roller at the rear of the dryer and two in front. These rollers and axle’s wear out over time causing the dryer to make a loud rumble distracting while drying clothes.

If you have access to a dryer, try rotating the drum by hand. If it moves easily, then your dryer’s rollers are working fine. If the drum is difficult to rotate, it could mean that its rollers are worn out. It’s time to check the axles to see if they need replacement.

The drum rollers of your dryer are made of rubber and steel. The rollers support the weight of the clothes, so if the drum itself is out of balance, those rollers could wobble — and even eventually bend or break. Wobbling can also be caused by faulty axles that no longer hang straight in their bearings. If the dryer does not spin evenly, this may indicate a problem with one of these parts.

If your dryer drum rollers or axles are cracked or warped, then it’s a good idea to replace them. If you’re replacing the axles, consider replacing the support rollers at that time as well.

4. Wobbly Blower Wheel

Your dryer is making a weird noise. There’s a good chance it’s a problem with the dryer blower wheel. It is important for your blower wheel to function properly. There are many reasons why you might hear a noise from your dryer. It could be that lint has accumulated in the blower wheel or a sock or clothing item has broken off from the lint filter and got caught inside the blower wheel.

The sleeves of your dryer’s blower wheel may wear out and cause the blower wheel to wobble, which increases air consumption and noise levels.

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If your dryer’s blower wheel is weak, you may need to clean it. To clean the blower wheel, remove the vent and check for obstructions by gently blowing into the vent. If there are obstructions, remove them and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any lint buildup.

A clogged or broken blower wheel can lead to excessive noise and a decrease in airflow, while an obstruction on the wheel can stop it from moving at all. If your dryer isn’t drying clothes as quickly, or if it stops or makes a loud noise during the drying cycle, then the blower wheel might have developed a wobble that is preventing normal operation. We recommend replacing the blower wheel to prevent damage to other components in the dryer and keep your clothes from remaining damp.

5. Drum Bearing Wear Out

Making sure your dryer runs smoothly is no easy feat. There’s a number of parts that can cause issues, and if they are not maintained properly, they can result in a number of expensive repair bills. A common issue is the dryer drum bearing — it supports the rear of the drum and helps to maintain balance. Over time, the bearing will wear out and need to be replaced.

The drum bearing on your dryer is a crucial component that allows the drum to spin freely. A worn-out or broken drum bearing results in the dryer making loud noises when it runs. You can check if your dryer is making these noises because of a worn out drum bearing by removing the belt and trying to turn the drum with your hand.

It is important to check for a noise when the dryer is running. If there is a grinding or screeching sound, then you will need to replace the dryer drum bearing.

5. Worn Out Drum Glides

When you start up your dryer, it does not sound like a normal dryer. You may have noticed that once it’s on for a few minutes, it gets quiet. This is because the drum glides are worn down to the point that they can no longer support the drum, so the drum slides off them and makes a loud noise.

If you think your dryer’s drum is making a noise, take a minute and listen. If it sounds strange or like there’s a crackling sound coming from the dryer, then there might be something wrong. Check the drum glides for signs of wear. If you see any, stop using your dryer immediately to prevent serious damage that could lead to fire or injury.

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To inspect drum slides, grab a flashlight to look at the underside of the dryer. Check for wear or damage around the base of the drum. If you’ve found any issues with the drum slides, you will need to replace the whole set.

6. Faulty Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is the part of your dryer that maintains tension on the drive belt. The drum of your dryer rotates because power from the motor goes through the drive belt, which then turns the drum. As you’ve probably noticed, the drive belt isn’t always taut — it can be slack when it’s idling or under tension at other times.

Difficulties with the dryer idler wheel can be caused by worn-out bearings. Over time, these bearings have a tendency to wear down, making the wheel squeak when it turns. When this happens, you can either replace the bearings or replace the entire wheel. While bearings tend to wear out faster than wheel components, either problem can become troublesome over time and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

If your dryer squeaks, replace the part with a brand new one designed to solve that problem. The squeak is due to the idler pulley wearing out. Replacing it involves removing the main drive belt first, followed by removing the rear access panel of your dryer and then replacing the idler pulley made specifically for quiet operation.

7. Broken Drive Motor

A worn-out drive motor is a common reason behind a noisy or pounding dryer, but it’s not the only reason you’re experiencing these issues. You can try checking for other common problems before replacing your drive motor. These include drum misalignment, tensioner problems and faulty bearings.

When your tumble dryer isn’t drying clothes and making loud noises, it’s time to look for the problem. If the main electrical board and other components are working fine, then it’s likely that the drive motor needs replacing. It might also need repair if it’s overheated or damaged. If you’re still having issues, then it’s time to switch to a new dryer.

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