5 Reasons Why Fridge Making Clicking Noise – Let’s Fix It

Is your Fridge Making Clicking Noise? Chances are it’s not time to call the repairmen yet. There are some things you can try before dialing the phone. Keep reading for more information.

The clicking sound coming from a refrigerator is a common issue. It may be caused by the condenser coils, the compressor, the start relay, or the condenser fan. If there’s a clicking noise and your fridge is otherwise cooling properly, it may be caused by the condenser fan.

If your refrigerator is making a clicking sound and you notice a puddle of water or spoiled food, take a quick look at this short guide to determine what problem you’re running into.

Fridge Making Clicking Noise

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your refrigerator relies on its compressor to do two important things: Compress the gas that cools your refrigerator and take the heat out of it afterwards. The gas is condensed inside the condenser coil, dissipating all the heat for later use.

The process of condenser coils working well is complex, but it’s important to know that dirty Condenser Coils can throw it off and reduce the cooling capacity. Condenser Coils work well when they are clean, but when they get dirty, kitchen grease, dust, or pet hair can coat them and prevent them from working efficiently.

Dirt and grime can be a real barrier to functionality. When dirt accumulates on the device, it becomes harder for the coils to get rid of the excess heat. This is true for refrigerator coils as well; when they are unable to cool efficiently, the compressor runs more often to reach the right temperature.

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Dirty condenser coils are the problem. When you hear that clicking sound, it’s coming from the refrigerator’s compressor. But it should be working more efficiently because this is what it does normally.

If you want to clean your dirty condenser coil, the fastest way is to use a special condenser brush. However, you can also use a vacuum and a dry, clean cloth. You could also use a vacuum and dry cloth to get the job done.

For easy access to the condenser coil, unplug your refrigerator before pulling it out from the wall. Depending on your model, you might find the coils either behind or on the bottom of your refrigerator. You can now use the new brush to get between the coils and get rid of dirt. But if you’re using a vacuum and dry cloth instead, use a hose attachment to suck up the dust and debris- then follow with a dry, clean cloth to get rid of any remaining dirt.

Bad Compressor

The way your refrigerator stays cold is by using a very cool gas called a coolant. The coolant in your fridge is in a compressor, and if anything goes wrong with the compressor It will make a clicking noise and it may need to be replaced entirely. It’s a common problem when the compressor in your refrigerator starts acting up. You might notice that food has gone bad or that your refrigerator smells like spoiled food.

As a rule, the compressor runs 50% of time in older models and up to 90% of the time in newer, energy-efficient ones.

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Many people do not realize that the compressor is the most energy-sucking part of the fridge. Turning on and off constantly, this part of the appliance can be costly to run. Thankfully, models that run the compressor less often are more efficient. If your compressor is running all the time, it’s time to investigate why. You may notice a clicking noise accompanying it.

If your compressor turns on and off constantly, there may be a more serious problem such as power overload or overheating. However, there could also be smaller problems such as a refrigerator light that won’t turn off or blocked air vents.

For those of us who don’t know much about compressors, it can be tough to figure out what might be wrong. That’s why it’s best to call a professional. They can diagnose and repair your compressor and find out if you need a new one or if there is a cheap fix that will do the trick.

Bad Start Relay

If your fridge stopped working and you hear a click every two to five minutes, there might be a problem with the start relay. The start relay is a device that starts up the compressor in order to compress and cool gas and liquid in the appliance.

The start relay is usually right next to the compressor and connects to it by plugging in. If it isn’t working, a clicking will sound as if it is trying to activate the compressor, but nothing will happen. It will try again a few times before giving up.

There might be a problem with your fridge, and it’s time to get to the root of it. Disconnect power from the refrigerator and remove the start relay from its socket on the side of the compressor. Give the relay a shake. If there is a rattle, your start relay is faulty and should be replaced. In some cases, you may need to test your relay using a multimeter to determine whether it has continuity.

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If you suspect your refrigerator’s start relay is bad, it’s easy to replace. Unplug the refrigerator and unplug the start relay. Plug the new one in, and it should work correctly.

Bad Defrost Timer

If you think your fridge is ticking, it could be a bad defrost timer. The defrost timer can be found in different parts of the fridge depending on the model and will usually show four metal terminals. Once you locate it, you can unscrew it and carefully pull it out. You can test to see if it is the problem by connecting it to a multimeter and checking for continuity.

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