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Frigidaire air conditioners are often found in residences across the United States. They are made by a well-known manufacturer and are popular choices for cooling a home or business. Unfortunately, as with all brands of air conditioners, you can run into problems. These Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working may be an annoyance, but they do not mean that your unit is broken.

Frigidaire air conditioners are known for their sturdiness and reliability — but what happens when the buttons stop responding? Luckily, a button malfunction is an easy problem to diagnose and fix. In this quick guide, we tell you what you need to know to prevent your Frigidaire unit from overheating or becoming damaged.

When your Frigidaire air conditioner stops working, it might be the control board or the PC board. That’s what troubleshooting is for. There are a few easy ways to check whether you need to replace the control board or PC board on your Frigidaire AC: If your air conditioner has just stopped producing cold air, there’s a high chance that the mainboard is faulty.

We’ve put together some troubleshooting tips for you to use if your air conditioning buttons stop working. Remedying the problem might not be complicated, but you should be especially careful when fixing a system that has refrigerant gases.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Buttons Not Working – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Buttons Not Working

When a Frigidaire air conditioner’s buttons stop working, it can be disconcerting. However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your machine is still functioning properly and that the problem isn’t something more serious.

It could be as simple as removing a layer of dust from the remote control’s keypad or swapping out the batteries for fresh ones.

These are some of the most common causes — and solutions — for your problem.

1. Reset The AC

Frigidaire ACs are designed to deliver a smooth and balanced cooling performance, which can be achieved through precise temperature control. While the units are designed with high-quality materials and components, sometimes there are minor issues that can occur. The good news is that, in most cases, these problems can be easily resolved without calling in a professional.

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Frigidaire ACs have a software glitch that causes the buttons to freeze up. If you’re having issues with your air conditioner, turn it off and unplug it for five minutes. When you plug it back in, the issue should be gone.

2. Loose Wire Connection

Frigidaire AC units are known for their reliability, and your unit is not unusual in showing this kind of problem. The resistance of the wiring inside the control panel is what sends the signal to turn on or off the compressor and fan. In spite of Frigidaire’s best efforts to make a rock solid product that lasts for years, sometimes wires can come loose from their terminals and cause some buttons on your unit to stop working.

To fix this issue, make sure you hold down the panel with one hand while pressing the buttons that aren’t working with your other hand to see if they respond. If they do, it’s likely that you just need to re-tighten the wires and you’ll be all set.

3. Faulty Control Board

Most units come with a control board, which acts as the brain for operation. If the control board malfunctions or stops working altogether, then buttons won’t respond when pressed and the air conditioner may not turn on.

If you’re comfortable with electronics, it’s easy to test the control board by using a multimeter in continuity mode. If there is no continuity, then you will have to replace the control board entirely.

When it comes to replacement parts for your AC system, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Trying to fix a faulty part in your HVAC is often a recipe for disaster. You can avoid this by purchasing an authentic replacement part from the manufacturer. While these parts may be slightly more expensive than their outdated counterparts, they come with the peace of mind that your system will be running perfectly once you put them in.

4. Defective Circuit Board

The circuit board also known as a PCB is a circuit board that contains precision cutouts for the various components in your air conditioner. In addition, the circuit board is a crucial component of the air conditioner. It helps to provide power to the socketed and surface-mounted parts of the machine.

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When damaged or faulty, it can cause many problems, including insufficient power and the inability to turn on at all.

Voltage differences might damage these parts, and cause them to stop working or not give off enough power to begin with. If you have any of these problems, then it’s time to buy a new one.

Circuit boards are complex, and if you do not have experience working with them it is recommended that you schedule a professional repair service. A professional can best assess the problem and replace the circuit board without compromising any other parts of the machine.

5. Tripped Circuit Breaker

There is a chance that whenever you run the air conditioner, the breaker trips. The most likely explanation for the breaker constantly tripping is that the air conditioner is overloading that circuit. This can be dangerous and potentially result in fire damage to your home if not treated.

If you want to keep your window unit running at its highest efficiency, it’s important to keep the circuit that the unit is plugged into free and clear. This makes sure that your air conditioner is getting the full power supply it needs and isn’t fighting with other appliances for power.

6. Broken Fan

The cooling process is simple. First, an indoor fan draws warm air from your room over cold evaporator coils. These coils rapidly cool down the air, which passes out into the room as cold air.

When your cooling fan breaks, the air conditioning unit no longer has an outlet for the cool air to fill the AC. When you press the start button on your remote, the AC will sound like it’s running but will not produce any cool air.

To replace this part, turn off the power source and disconnect the power cord from your AC unit. Find the location of your cooling fan inside the AC — check your manual for instructions on this.

7. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working

It’s probably the batteries. Most affordable remotes use AAA batteries, which will likely become useless after six months to a year of heavy use.

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To make sure that your remote is placed within the correct distance and angle to your AC unit, be sure that you check the packaging or instructions: Frigidaire suggests placing the remote control within 20 ft.

8. Faulty Temperature Control

Frigidaire AC handles temperature control from the front of the unit. This is a common point-of-failure for air conditioners, as the buttons are often hit with objects, kicked, or otherwise damaged in ways that interrupt proper operation. If you aren’t able to press the button on your unit and it isn’t responding properly, then you may have a defective unit.

The key to resolving this particular issue is to replace the frigidaire ac temperature control. This is a complex device, so you should call in a professional to do the replacement.

9. Burnt Out Evaporator Coil

Frigidaire’s air conditioning system is made up of multiple components. It all starts in the evaporator coil, which removes heat from the cabin using refrigerant and then condenses it outside of the engine. The condenser heats up, and that heat is passed along to the cabin.

When you push buttons on the control board, but there is no cooling action, it’s likely that the evaporator coil and/or control board is faulty.

If you have a faulty central air control board, it can cause numerous issues. It’ll either beep erratically or not at all. But if that happens, try removing the board and inspect the connectors for any damage; in which case, you’ll need to replace the board. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try replacing the evaporator coil.

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