GE Profile Oven Control Panel Reset [In 2 Minutes]

How to reset a GE Profile oven control panel. The GE Profile oven control panel can be reset in several ways. You may want to reset it because you just replaced the circuit board and want to clear any memory. You may also want to reset your control panel if the display lights are not working, or if the display is not displaying all of the numbers for the clock, timer or temperature.

GE Profile ovens come with front control panels that are self-contained. The control panel contains the display, touchpad and additional buttons as well as the logic board, which controls the display and touchpad. The control panel also communicates with the oven through a bus connection to the logic board. This communication is sometimes lost and needs to be reset.

You’ve probably never heard of the GE Profile oven control panel reset, but if you owned one, you’d learn to love this easy troubleshooting solution as much as I do. By performing a simple procedure — which takes about two minutes — you can fix minor issues that can be annoying to deal with.

GE Profile Oven Control Panel Reset – Step By Step Guide

GE Profile Oven Control Panel Reset

The GE profile oven comes equipped with a unique self-diagnostic system that alerts you if there is a problem. When the appliance boots up, an error code displays if there is a problem — usually just an oven door that’s not properly closed.

Over time, problems can pile up and overwhelm the smart systems, resulting in errors that are more difficult to troubleshoot. In these cases, it is often faster to reset your oven than diagnose the issue.

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GE Profile ovens are easy to reset. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Unplug the GE Profile Oven

Unplug the GE Profile Oven. First, you should check that the oven is plugged in. If it is, then unplug it. You’ve got to be careful because the plug is built into the oven and can’t be accessed or removed.

Step 2: Switch OFF The Circuit Breaker

Unplug the appliance. To reset the clocks, turn off the oven, which is done by locating the breaker controlling it in your main electrical panel — you should be able to find one in your fuse box or circuit breaker box. You should see a label on the breaker itself showing its purpose.

Step 3: Wait For 1 Minute

Now, turn off the breaker or turn off the switch. After one minute, check if the power is turned on or off.

When you’ve flipped off the power, wait one minute for the oven to reset. Because the GE oven powers on and off in a double switch, make sure that both the switches are turned off.

You should also see two switches. these two switches come together with a band. Press the clock button and wait until you see the option “off”. Press “Start”  or “On” to save your changes.

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