How To Use Self Clean On Samsung Oven [Step By Step Guide]

In this article you will be able to know the way to use self clean mode on Samsung oven. It is one of the most advanced technologies used in today’s generation.

Samsung ovens are one of the most reliable ovens when it comes to design, structure and performance. The self-clean feature makes it easy for you to maintain your oven in top condition at all times. However, you should know how to use Samsung self-clean feature on your oven correctly to maintain peak performance.

How To Use Self Clean On Samsung Oven – Complete Guide

How To Use Self Clean On Samsung Oven

Some ovens are so gutsy, they can clean themselves. Samsung’s Easy Clean Oven, for example, does just that. You don’t have to worry about spending an hour scrubbing baked-on crud or buying special cleaners because the oven cleans itself. So easy.

Precautions You Need to Take Before You Self Clean Samsung Oven

Pay attention to the instructions, warnings and tips below. They’re crucial to your safety as well as that of your oven during the self-cleaning cycle. The precautions will also help you get the most out of every self-clean cycle.

Precaution For Before You Run Self Clean Feature

The oven racks will bend if you try to remove them while in the oven. Remove both of the racks from inside the oven, as well as removing the drawer (or drawer pan) about halfway out before you begin to pull out the racks.

Before you start the self-clean cycle: Please remove nickel, ceramic and porcelain-coated oven racks from your range. The racks can be cleaned while they are in the oven, but can be damaged if left in too long. Make sure you do a quick walk-through of your home to remove flammable items like potpourri, towels, etc. and bring them inside – especially if you have an electric oven!

To properly clean your oven, pull out the racks and wipe down all surfaces. Remove spills, wipe off any excess grease or food bits. Disassemble accessories such as drip pans or racks for deep cleaning. Use the surface burner to remove food particles from the bottom of the oven. Call a pro for extra stubborn stains or stuck-on bits.

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Precaution For When You Run Self Clean

Please don’t leave your kids or pets near the oven during a self-cleaning cycle — they can be seriously burned by touching the oven’s very hot surfaces.

Please note that it may take one to two hours for your oven to cool down after a self-clean has finished. You should be careful when you touch your oven until it has cooled down.

Always remember to turn your oven off and disconnect power before cleaning your oven. If you think the self-clean cycle may have failed, do not restart it! Always contact an experienced technician.

Do not force open the door during a self-clean cycle. This is VERY  important: DO NOT Force open the door during a self-clean cycle, because you may damage the automatic door locking system. If there’s an issue with your oven, or if it doesn’t finish the self-cleaning process – for example, if you don’t give it enough time to clean or it loses power – call a technician right away.

Precaution For After Completion Of Self Clean

When you open your oven door after it has self-cleaned, the inside is going to be hot.


When you run a self-clean cycle on your oven, chemicals and high heat are used to burn off food residue. That residue turns into toxic smoke, and when that smoke escapes out of the oven in waves of steam, it’s easy to see why the inside of the oven would still be hot.

Other Precautions You Need To Take

Don’t use oven cleaners on your self-cleaning oven. Oven cleaners can leave behind residue that will damage the interior parts of your oven and cause the oven to malfunction.

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Be sure the exhaust pipes on the outside of your self cleaning oven are vented to the outdoors. This ensures no fumes escape indoors — especially in rooms where birds live or frequent. Also, be certain that there is adequate ventilation in areas where birds are kept.

How To Self Clean Samsung Oven – Step By Step Guide

Here now are some useful tips on how to clean your Samsung oven:

To get your oven thoroughly clean and sanitized, you’ll want to remove all the parts, accessories (such as the partition), and racks — including even the ones that aren’t necessarily removable. Some might be sealed in with glue or attached by screws.

The first step is to clean up all the grime you can from Samsung Oven. Be sure to wipe any spillage off and don’t forget to use the self-clean mode only for what remains.

To begin the self-clean cycle, press the Self Clean button. If you’d like to change the duration of the cleaning cycle, simply press the button multiple times before selecting Start. For averagely soiled ovens, 3 hours work quite well.

When using cleaning mode, Samsung ovens will beep twice on completion. The door will automatically unlock, so you may open the door.

Wipe Away the Ash – When the timer is done, most food residue will have been burned off. But it’s important to wipe any leftover ash away with a damp cloth before you start cooking again.

How to start a new self-cleaning cycle

Make sure the oven door is closed.

To lock the door, move the lever on the right side of the door to the right like you would turn a key.

Press the “CLEAN pad” button. The display will show “CLEAN” flashing. Once you close the door, a countdown will appear on the Samsung oven’s display, starting at 45 seconds. If you do not close the door within 45 seconds, your self-cleaning cycle will likely be canceled.

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Set the soil level of your oven by pressing either (+) or (-) on the number pad.

The options for cleaning are as follows:

  • CL-H(Clean-Heavy Soil; 4 hours)
  • CL-M(Clean-Medium Soil; 3 hours)
  • CL-L(Clean-Light Soil; 2 hours)

After 4 seconds, your oven will automatically clean. LOCK and CLEAN also appears in the display of your oven.

Wait for the feature to work.

Wipe off any ash and open up the windows.

If the Door is Open, “DOOR” will flash in the display. This means that the door is open and the machine will not be able to cook your food until you close the door. If you close the door and press Clean, the oven will begin cleaning automatically and it will shut off at its pre-set time after about 8 minutes. At the same time, a beep will sound for about 15 seconds to let you know that cooking has started.

If your oven is still hot after one hour, do not force the door open. Wait until it cools down. If you find the oven is hot, slow or does not heat, check for any error indication on the Control Panel as described in Self-Cleaning Oven.

If you still have a problem, call for service from a qualified repair person. Never attempt to repair an appliance yourself.

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