LG Dryer Lint Filter Problems [Light Blinking/Check Filter/Beeps]

While most LG dryer lint filters do get dirty from time to time, you should usually be able to just clean them out or vacuum them up. However, sometimes the filters can get too dirty, and this will lead to a range of issues with your dryer. Over time, you could even find that you need to replace your lint filter entirely.

The best way to find out whether you need to replace the filter is to check the dryer’s manual for your model.

LG Dryers are the most popular choice for drying your clothes. But like all machines, they don’t last forever. If you see streaks of wet lint on your clothes after running a load in your dryer, chances are you need to clean the lint filter — usually located at the top of your machine.

If your LG dryer seems to be not catching lint in the vents and hoses, the lint filter may be clogged. A blocked filter can cause an error code(F0) and will need to be replaced or fixed. The light should turn on before a drying cycle so the user knows there’s something wrong.

A check filter light means that before your next drying cycle, you should remove any excess lint from the lint filter and lint chute area.

As a user of LG’s, you might have experienced issues with your lint filter. The good news is that there are a few common problems solved in this guide.

LG Dryer Lint Filter Problems – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

LG Dryer Lint Filter Problems

Did you know your dryer utilizes a lint filter to capture the tiny bits of fuzz left over from your laundry loads? These small fibers, or lint, are often blown back into the room and accumulate in a pile near your dryer vent. Lint can also catch fire and cause dangerous fires within a home. If you’ve ever had any issues with your lint filter, you’re not alone.

First, remove lint from the lint trap after every dryer cycle. If you use the dryer often, check every three months for full-traps or blocked vents. Take out the lint and clean your entire venting system (from inside your home to outside). Second, check that your sensor is in good condition.

Make sure that any lint you find on the screen has been removed. At the same time, check the sensor inside your dryer.

LG Dryer Check Filter Light Won’t Turn Off / Stays ON

LG dryers are equipped with a filter light that is designed to illuminate when the lint filter needs to be cleaned. However, if the LED light remains illuminated after the filter has been cleaned, there might be a problem with your machine.

One of the benefits of this LG dryer is the pre-programmed filter light. Every time you begin a cycle, the filter is reminded to clean itself so that lint doesn’t clog it before drying. In other words, when this light goes on, you should clean your filter before starting a drying cycle. Clogged filters lead to lower airflow and increased wait times for clothes to dry.

Your dryer won’t start until the filter is clear of lint. Having a clogged filter will restrict airflow and lengthen drying time.

When the “LG dryer check filter light” turns on, make sure to press the ‘Start/Pause’ button on the machine. This will turn off the “LG dryer check light.” If you do not press the ‘Start/Pause’ button after seeing the “LG dryer check filter light.” 

Some LG dryers feature a ‘Check Filter’ error code — but it isn’t an error. Though this is often displayed along with a flashing light, it isn’t always the case. So if you see this code on your machine and hear that familiar beeping sound, don’t worry — you haven’t broken the machine or pushed any buttons accidentally!

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However, when the check filter light on your LG Dryer stays lit, this can prevent your dryer from starting properly. If you need to troubleshoot this issue, be sure to try these tips before contacting LG support.

1. Ensure That Child Lock is OFF

If your LG dryer is giving you the error code CL, it might be a simple problem that can be solved with a simple reboot. This error screen can be caused by your child lock feature, which locks the door (and your settings) for safety reasons. Just press the Child Lock button on the front of your dryer to turn off the lock and reboot — you’ll be back up and running in no time!

A common culprit is the child lock feature — and there’s a simple fix. Press down on the child lock button for a few seconds, and the error screen should disappear.

If none of these steps worked and the LG dryer check filter light stays on, or a beeping sound keeps coming from the machine, it likely means that another part is defective. This may be a capacitor, which can fail after prolonged use.

A qualified technician should diagnose your dryer to find out what parts need replacement.

2. Clean The Lint Filter

LG dryer check filter light won’t turn off? Your lint filter may be clogged. Like all machines, the LG dryer has a lint filter that helps purify the air it circulates to keep things clean. This is an important part of your machine function and should always be kept clean to ensure that it provides the best results possible.

The LG dryer’s lint filter check light is known to be an issue on many of their models. The filter may not be cleaned well because it gets clogged with lint and other builds up inside the machine, ultimately causing problems.

Check your filter to see if there are any foreign objects in it and make sure that you clean it regularly.

3. Restart The LG Dryer

Your LG dryer is experiencing a problem. In order to fix this problem, you need only turn the dryer off and then turn the dryer back on again.

If your dryer isn’t working as it used to, you may need to reboot it. LG Electronics recommends unplugging the machine and pressing the ‘Start/Pause’ button for 10-12 seconds to restart it. This ensures that the machine is fully powered off before you begin troubleshooting again.

The LG dryer should be working again.

LG Dryer Not Collecting Lint

The issue is that lint can get stuck in the vent of a dryer, causing airflow to decrease as it builds up. Lint build up can prevent air from entering the vent and exiting through the dryer’s exhaust tube. This will lead to longer drying times, moisture being trapped inside the ducting, and lint not collecting properly on a lint screen.

Clean lint traps are essential to your dryer’s health. A clogged lint trap can increase the risk of house fires, particularly if you have a gas or oil-powered dryer. Check the filter after every load, keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your entire system.

Ensure that there is always a good amount of airflow through the system so that it functions at its best.

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When your dryer’s lint filter is clogged, it can lead to a fire, wasting energy and ruining your clothes. Cleaning out the lint filter and vent hose are essential parts of preventing this from happening.

The lint filter on my dryer does a good job of catching lint, but it can’t do the work alone. The real secret to preventing clogged vents and hoses is cleaning them out regularly. Use Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment that attaches to a standard garden hose, and it makes the whole process really easy. Just run it through the hoses and vents to remove any built-up lint and debris.

To avoid excessive lint build-up, use dryer sheets sparingly. If you must use them, stick to one per load. You should also avoid using excessively hot water or too much detergent, as this can lead to the formation of additional lint.

LG Dryer Says Check Filter But Filter Is Clean

“Check filter” is not a real error message, it’s just the machine asking you to check the filter. It will show this message before every drying cycle. If you ever see “F0(Filter out)” is the real error message.

LG dryer lint filter error message means that the lint filter has not been inserted properly, which could prevent it from working properly. To fix this problem, open the lint filter compartment and reinsert the lint filter properly.

If you have difficulty, you can refer to your user manual for help.

To resolve this issue, remove the lint filter, shake it off, and re-insert it into the machine. Tug at the bottom of the filter to ensure a snug fit. If this doesn’t fix your issue, check or replace your dryer’s internal filter magnet.

If you can’t find the filter magnet for your LG dryer, you’ll need to buy a new lint filter instead. LG doesn’t sell the filter magnet by itself.

Don’t touch the lint trap. We know that this is counter-intuitive — if you’re having problems with your dryer, it might seem like you should remove the lint trap in order to get it working again, but don’t do it.

Removing the lint trap while you’re drying clothes could increase airflow, but it won’t correct the issue and will just increase lint buildup and decrease your efficiency.

LG Dryer Check Filter Light Blinking

Dryer check filter light blinking? This indicator is a reminder that you should clean the lint filter before each use to ensure great drying performance.

It will automatically turn off after a short period of time and doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your dryer.

When the “check filter” light comes on your dryer, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it. The light is a normal process of your dryer and will turn off after your next load.

How To Replace LG Dryer Lint Filter

It’s hard to believe that it’s come time to clean the lint filter again. You can tell it’s time when the dryer isn’t drying anything, or if you notice that your clothes seem to be coming out of the dryer all damp or even wet. It’s probably because of an accumulation of lint in the filter. Chances are you’ve got the whole thing pretty gross, so here is what you need to do:

First, turn off the dryer and remove any lint outside the machine.

Grab a vacuum attachment and vacuum up any remaining lint outside the machine.

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Inside, pull up on the door catch to reveal the lint filter.

Clean off any lint if it doesn’t come off with a hand or vacuum. If there is any residue, soak the filter in hot water until it can be removed with ease.

If you need a dryer filter, the LG website has an easy search feature that will help you find the right one for your machine. Enter the model number of your dryer and hit enter, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Filters & Accessories” and type “dryer filter” in the search box. Once you’ve found the filter you want, add it to your cart and complete checkout!

An LG dryer filter can last for up to three years of use with normal, everyday drying. To install a new filter once your existing filter starts trending toward the end of its lifespan, simply pull the old one out and put the new filter in.

Why Does My LG Dryer Show a Check Filter Error?

Lg dryer ‘Check filter’ is not a problem. It’s just an important message to clean the dryer vent, air filter and lint screen, which assists in maximizing the energy efficiency of your appliance. If you see an F0 error then you should take some action.

The F0 error means the lint filter wasn’t inserted into the dryer—the internal magnet that activates the dryer isn’t working. This is either because it wasn’t inserted correctly or it came out during cleaning and needs to be replaced.

LG dryers are designed with a permanent filter in the system to remove hair, lint and fluff. This filter magnet is important in completing the drying cycle. When the filter magnet is installed incorrectly or has fallen out, this may result in an error code or no heat during the cycle.

If you can’t find your LG dryer’s internal filter magnet, you will need to buy a new lint filter altogether. Either LG doesn’t sell the filter separately or there are no other places to buy it.

You might be tempted to remove your LG dryer lint filter in order to work with it, but don’t. By removing the filter, you’re just increasing the build-up of lint in the machine, thereby decreasing efficiency. This will result in a longer drying time.


To keep your dryer running smoothly, you need to clean out lint at least every two months. It can accumulate in various areas, including the lint filter and around the exhaust vents. This makes the dryer less efficient since the lint can block airflow and reduce the amount of lint captured by the filter.

We recommend cleaning out the dryer, inside and out, at least once every two months. It’s a simple task that takes only a few hours (depending on how much stuff you have in there), but it ensures that lint won’t build up in your machine or anywhere else in your home.

If you can’t figure out how to repair your LG dryer lint filter problems, contact a technician for help. It’s much easier than you think.

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