Why My LG TV Won’t Turn Off [SOLVED]

LG is a popular brand in the world of televisions, and many people like to purchase them. But even the best brands have their problems. One problem that many people have with LG televisions is that the television will not turn off. Many owners have found that there is no way to turn off their television.

LG is a household name in technology, but the brand still manages to keep some of its products quiet — one obvious example is the LG line of TVs. The sleek design and incredible picture quality make these sets a favorite for film buffs and gamers alike.

However, if you’re using an LG  TV and it randomly starts turning itself off, this might be due to an overheating power board or circuit board in your unit.

Have you been having problems with your LG TV? Either the TV won’t turn off or it slips off the stand? For LG TVs that don’t power down, there could be a problem with your remote control or the motherboard. If your TV will turn off, but only if you unplug it, there may be a wiring problem or you just need to reset it. Delete your cache to fix the issue.

In the following article we will discuss some possible LG TV Won’t Turn Off troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

LG TV Won’t Turn Off – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

LG TV Won't Turn Off

This article will walk you through the processes behind troubleshooting your LG television. We’ll discuss what happens when your television begins to switch on and off, why it happens and how to fix it.

1. Disable SIMPLINK settings

LG TVs have a SIMPLINK feature that enables users to control other home devices with one remote. The feature connects your TV’s remote to other smart home devices, allowing you to turn off the lights or open the garage door from your couch.

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If your LG TV’s Auto Power Sync feature is active, turning on a device connected to your TV also turns on the TV screen. As a result, even though your LG Smart TV is operating correctly, its screen appears to be frozen or malfunctioning.

How to deactivate SIMPLINK on LG TV:

  1. Press the Home button on your LG remote.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Next, move to General.
  4. Choose SIMPLINK.
  5. Set the Auto Power Sync option to off, and you’re good to go!

2. Change the LG TV Remote’s Batteries

Batteries never die at a good time. Changing the batteries in an LG TV remote is easy, however, and only takes a few minutes. Following the steps below will ensure that you have a working remote for your TV, so you can get back to watching your favorite shows:

These are the steps to replace the batteries on your remote:

  1. Slide open the battery door.
  2. Check that you’re using a pair of AAA or AA batteries, and not a different type of battery.
  3. Remove the old batteries, and make sure that the new ones are inserted in the right orientation.
  4. Unplug your TV. Wait 2-3 minutes and then plug it back in.

3. Power Cycle LG TV

Power-cycling a TV is a simple troubleshooting step that fixes many problems without buying a new product.

To turn off the TV and then turn it back on, plug and unplug and wall outlet for ten minutes, then press and hold the power button for sixty seconds. If this does not work, try again, but with more than ten minutes of inactivity.

4. Delete Cache

You have what it takes to fix your TV’s cache overload. Some error messages may occasionally pop up on your TV whenever you stream too much content. You would probably see a message that reads ‘cache overloaded‘ or something like that, letting you know that your television is done for the day.

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But there’s no need to worry — it’s a common issue that thousands of users face with their streaming devices and even simple models from LG can resolve this problem easily.

When a high volume of data is transmitted to your TV, it can cause it to crash and freeze, which can lead to even more technical issues. Fortunately, clearing the cache can help you avoid this problem.

Every LG television has a cache in the system settings that can become corrupt and lead to lag, freezing, and other performance issues. The simplest way to deal with this is to clear the cache — a process that takes less than five minutes.

A simple troubleshooting step that could save you loads of time and frustration, clearing the cache is an easy fix for your TV’s performance issues.

To clear the cache on your LG television, hit the button on your remote to navigate to the Settings menu. Then, go to the User Menu. From there, disable Quick Start Plus and SimpLink configurations. Disconnect the LG unit from the wall socket, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Now, hit the button on your remote again to return to the home screen.

Always shut down streaming apps on your LG TV when you’re done watching. These apps continue to run and might use up your TV’s memory — leaving you with less space for apps you’ll actually use.

5. Update The LG TV’s Firmware

It turns out that the television industry is just like any other. In order to keep in step with the latest trends, some changes will be introduced with regularity. If you want your TV to be up-to-date, you need to install firmware updates regularly. This is also the only way of ensuring that your TV will be able to keep working at peak performance.

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With every device — whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, or smart television — software updates are an essential part of using the device, because they add new features, enhance stability, and fix bugs.

Thankfully, LG makes updating your TV’s firmware simple: you can turn on automatic updates from your TV settings, or you can download and install the update manually via USB.

6. Check for Interference

LG TV won’t turn off? Try a few simple troubleshooting solutions.

First, check that the power cord is plugged in and turned on. Second, check for any stickers or other objects obstructing the bottom panel of your screen — this is where a variety of sensors are located. Finally, remove any objects from in front of the TV that could be interfering with the remote control signals.

You should also try to ensure that there is nothing in front of the TV that could be throwing off the signals.

Certain types of light fixtures like CFL, LED bulbs, and fluorescent bulbs can interfere with the LG TV remote. Try turning off your overhead lights and unplugging any electronics around your TV.

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