LG Washer IE Error Code [FIXED] – Causes and Solution

The LG Washer IE Error Code indicates that the washer is unable to fill with water. This can be a frustrating experience for many LG brand customers because they are unable to start their laundry cycle. LG states that this error code typically occurs when there is a problem with the appliance’s sensor or detects an obstruction in the water intake hose.

Below we will detail some of the most common fixes for LG Washer IE Code problems, as well as some preventative measures you can take before starting your next load of laundry.

What Does The LG Washer IE Error Code Mean?

LG Washer IE Error Code

You carefully load the LG washing machine, run a cycle, but hear no water flowing into the drum nor see the machine filling. Evidently, some water does flow in — just not enough, since the machine does nothing and an error message appears soon after. In some cases, your washer fills with water more slowly than usual.

When the LG Washer IE Error Code is displayed, it means that the Washer was not able to fill with water. This is also referred to as a WATER INLET ERROR. Washing machines use sensors to keep track of how full they are, and when the sensor doesn’t pick up enough water, the sensor triggers an error code and shuts the whole thing off.

An IE error could mean a number of things: the inlet valve is faulty, or one of the drain hoses is clogged, or there’s simply not enough water pressure. 

In the coldest months of the year, you might run into an issue where the washer won’t fill with water. This is because frozen water lines are blocking the flow of water to your washer. 

Once winter is over and the weather warms up again, the frozen water in your pipes thaws, and your washer begins functioning normally again.

How To Fix LG Washer IE Error Code

When an IE error code shows up on your LG washing machine, you know there’s some issue with the water supply. Luckily the fix is simple: follow this guide on how to fix your LG and get back to doing the laundry you love.

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Home Water Pressure Too Low

Before thinking your washing machine is not filling up, check the water pressure in your home. Low water pressure may cause insufficient water levels in your washing machine. As a result, you may have to deal with a washing machine that does not fill with enough water. To let your washing machine reach its required level of water, you will need at least 20 psi of pressure from the home water supply.

Follow these four steps to test the pressure in your washer

  • Turn ON all the faucets connecting to the washer,
  • Open a cold water faucet in your laundry room and attach a pressure gauge to it. 
  • Turn the tap on all the way and wait for 2 minutes. 
  • Check the gauge.

If the pressure is low, then you need to check the water supply connection.

Check Water Inlet Filter

clogged inlet filter or water filter on the back of your washer can prevent it from filling with water, which means that clothes may not get sufficiently wet when you do laundry. Clogs typically occur in the filter itself or on the backplate of the valve, and they can be dealt with easily by cleaning or replacing either the entire filter unit or the plate alone.

To clean the Inlet filter, follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off the cold and hot water sources.
  2. Unplug the washer and remove the power cord from the wall.
  3. Use a small bucket to collect any leaking water.
  4. Look for a small inlet screen in the vicinity of each end of the hoses on the back of the machine.
  5. Clean this screen and its surrounding area under running water.
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If you notice that the filter has been damaged or is clogged with hard water buildup, replace it. Once replaced and cleaned, reconnect the hoses and run a test wash cycle to see if the error is still coming or not.

Clogged or Kinked Hose

To check for clogged or kinked hoses, you should start by turning off the water source to the washer. This can usually be found behind the wall next to the appliance.

Then, simply pull out the washer and check for any kinks or bends. If you see any, simply adjust them with your fingers and set the washer back in place. If you find that hose has a permanent bend or kink in it, you will need to replace it.

Inspect the water hoses for kinks or bends before washing. If they are not kinked or bent in any way, remove them and wash them with hot water to clear out any debris that might be stuck in the hose.

Once you’ve cleared out any kinks or bends in the washer hoses, reinstall them in the correct order and run a test load to see if you are still getting the LG Washer IE Error Code.

Faulty Water Level Switch

Inspect the water level switch. The water level switch is located on the rear of the machine, underneath a clear plastic panel that can be easily removed (at the bottom of the panel, in between two screws). 

LG washers that have a water level switch can malfunction and tell the unit to stop filling before it is full. This will leave the washing machine unable to fill, leaving it empty and unusable until the sensor is fixed or replaced.

The water level sensor switch could be clogged, faulty, or simply defective. To troubleshoot a faulty sensor, you should use a multimeter to test if the component is working correctly. If it’s not, replace it with a new one and run a test wash to ensure that your machine is running smoothly.

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Check Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is responsible for letting water into the front of the washer. It’s controlled by two solenoids — one for hot, one for cold. Some newer models have a water volume switch to control how much water reaches the drum, while other models have switches on their hard controls.

Always check water inlet valve switches to make sure they are properly set. If not properly set and the washer still doesn’t fill up properly, you should check this valve for faults. Check each water valve solenoid using a multimeter to make sure it is working properly. Replace any faulty valves with new ones to solve the LG Washer IE Error Code.

IE Error In LG Washing Machine Front Load

LG washers display the IE error code when:

The fill valve isn’t working properly. If the valve doesn’t open on time or opens slightly, you won’t get any water and you may need to replace it. The same is true if the valve opens too much — not enough for the machine to work properly.

Also, make sure that The pressure switch is not broken.

IE Error In LG Top Load Washing Machine

When your LG washer shows the “IE” error code, that means it’s experiencing a failure in its water supply. The failure may be in the water inflow, which is a blockage or an issue with the water hose or incoming pipe. Without water flowing into the machine, it can’t start a new wash cycle.

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