LG Washer FE Error Code [FIXED] – Cause and Solution

The LG Washer FE error code indicates the washing machine has been overfilled. It occurs when the water level inside the washer gets too high, which can happen for a few reasons.

LG washers are one of the most popular brands for washing machines, and any error can be frustrating when it appears on your machine.

Below we will discuss what causes LG Washer FE code to occur, how to fix them, and how you can prevent this from happening in the future.

What Does The LG Washer FE Error Code Mean?

LG Washer FE Error Code

Sometimes, LG washing machines stop their work in the middle of a program and show the error code FE. It means that your LG washing machine doesn’t spin, isn’t draining water from inside, or is getting stuck because of a full water reserve. Many reasons can cause such an error.

The LG washing machine shows an LG washer FE error code, indicating that the water level has reached too high. A faulty inlet valve may have caused this, and the machine could fill with water while it is turned off. When this happens, code FE (short for FILL ERROR) can appear on the control panel.

If you have an LG washing machine, you probably know that the brand displays an error code while the machine is operating. This code can be found on the display screen of the washing machine and indicates that there is a problem with the appliance.

In particular cases, this means that water has reached its maximum permissible level, signaling an overflow.

How To Fix LG Washer FE Error Code

Restarting the LG front load washer is the easiest way to fix the FE error. To restart your LG washing machine, unplug it from the socket and then wait for 15-20 minutes. Now plug it back in and see if the error continues to appear. If the error appears again, then you need to do more troubleshooting.

What to Do when Washer Overflows

First, turn off the circuit breaker or fuse that services your washing machine. If you don’t know where it is, check the laundry room’s electrical panel. Second, do not press the “Cancel” button on the washing machine’s control panel. This will activate the drain cycle, which can cause more water to spill out of the machine.

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Lastly, be careful as you walk around in the sudsy flood: electrical shock could be a danger.

Take carpets and upholstered furniture out of the affected area and try to air them in a sunny place. Since the water that comes from washing machines has very few contaminants, it’s possible to salvage the carpet and upholstery with proper drying.

If you find yourself in a situation where your washing machine has flooded, act quickly. Remove the excess water and dry the area with a fan or dehumidifier.

If the amount of water is large or if it went through vulnerable materials such as concrete or wooden flooring, walls, or furniture, contact a flood restoration company. Produce and carpet/rugs need to be cleaned ASAP to avoid mold build-up and further damage.

While the clothes are still wet, remove them from the washing machine and wring them out over a sink in the kitchen or laundry room. Removing standing water from the washing machine will help with drainage problems.

After this, you can work on fixing the washer overflow issue to solve the LG washer FE error code.

Washing Machine is Overloaded

It can be tempting to throw in as many clothes as you can, but doing so may not save you time in the long run. Even if you do manage to stuff a huge amount of laundry in the machine, eventually, you will hit the load limit and have to wait until some of the laundry has been processed before continuing. 

Overstuffing your clothes in the washer can damage any number of components, from sensors to the agitator itself. Be careful when packing your laundry to avoid serious damage and expensive repairs.

Using Incorrect Detergent

Use high-efficiency (HE) detergent with your front-load washing machine. This type of detergent is made to produce few suds, which a new front-load washer can handle. 

A front-load washing machine uses less water than a top-load machine. It’s great for the environment and your pocketbook, too!

When it comes to using a washing machine, the trick is not to use too much detergent. Using too much detergent can jeopardize the safety of your machine — forcing it to overflow, which could cause water damage to your floor.

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Always pour the guideline on the packaging of each detergent brand into your machine before you start.

Clogged or Kinked drain pipe

Over time, all that dirt, lint, grime, and soap residue that you wash out of your clothes starts to accumulate inside your drainpipe. Your drainpipe is meant to push water through easily, but it becomes more and more difficult for water to pass through with all that gunk building up. 

This creates back pressure in the water supply lines running into and out of the washer causing the LG washer FE error code.

When drain pipes become clogged, a great deal of water will overflow from the inlet and result in water damage or even mold. You can reduce your chances of a clogged drainpipe by keeping your laundry machine clean and using hot soapy water to dissolve excess lint after each load. 

To avoid any surprises, schedule maintenance at least once a year with a professional repairman to make sure all of your machines are running efficiently and safely.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

If your washer keeps filling with water even after you’ve unplugged it, there’s a good chance that the water inlet valve needs cleaning or replacing.

Water inlet valves can get clogged up with mineral deposits, preventing the valve from opening and allowing water to flow into the washer tub.

The water inlet valve on the washing machine is responsible for opening and closing the flow of water through the washer, which rinses away dirt.

If the inlet valve is damaged, then you may experience a host of issues with your washing machine:

  • Linens will not get clean.
  • The washer will leak.
  • It will take far too long to fill with water or drain after use.

Check Water Level Pressure Switch

The washer’s pressure switch shuts off the water supply to the water inlet valve when the right amount of water has been added to the tub. If it fails, not only will your clothes be soaking wet, but you’ll also have a big mess to clean up.

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Before you take apart the washer to replace a bad pressure switch, check that air tube to make sure it’s not blocked and has enough room to breathe. If it’s all clear, the part you need might be the pressure switch, after all.

If the washing machine is leaking during a spin cycle, it’s probably because the washer pressure switch is faulty.

With this in mind, you should stop the cycle and check the water level. If it’s too high, you should replace the pressure switch to prevent any water from spilling out or damaging your washer.

FE Error In LG Top Load Washing Machine

LG washing machine has been giving you problems. It won’t work properly, and it drains water. What are your options? Well, for starters, you can troubleshoot the problem yourself by following the below steps. If that doesn’t work, contact LG customer service where they will gladly help you fix the issue.

If your unit only delivers water and does not complete the wash cycle, there might be a problem with the thermostat. If the washing machine is showing an “FE” error on the screen, it may need to be reset.

On the front panel of your washing machine, you’ll see a series of lights that show you the status of your machine. If the washer is overloaded, these lights will blink, and an error code might appear on the display.

If this happens, check your washer for loose items and remove them before starting a new load of laundry. If the machine keeps giving you trouble, call LG support to schedule a visit from a professional repair company.

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