5 Reasons Why LG Washer Not Turning ON – Let’s Fix It

A common problem with any LG Appliance is that it won’t turn on. There are a few reasons why the LG Washer may not be turning ON or responding to any type of command. You can troubleshoot these problems if you know what to look for.

Most of the consumers report that there is nothing wrong with the machine and their washer is not turning on. The problem can be with the power supply and the most appropriate solution is to test the outlet and the breaker.

LG Washer Not Turning ON – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

When it comes to top-loading and front-loading washing machines at LG, the problems and solutions are not created equally. Each type of machine has specific operational characteristics that require distinct approaches to fix if something goes wrong.

LG Washer Not Turning ON

LG laundry appliances have inherently different components and features, but many of the parts found in both top- and front-loading washers are similar in structure and function. So, even if your LG washer won’t turn on, you’ll probably find answers to your questions here.

Check Power Source

When your LG washing machine won’t turn on, don’t panic. You’ll want to check your equipment and make sure the power supply is working properly. Inexperienced appliance repair workers or homeowners often try to diagnose the symptoms before checking a few basic components.

Do you have any light switches that may control electrical outlets? Remember to turn them on, and if one of the outlets isn’t working, try resetting the breaker. To do this, turn off the breaker by turning on the correct switch for 5 seconds and turning it back ON.

If the outlet is working, you may be dealing with an issue with either the LG washer or the power cord. The first thing to try is a known working wire, like one from another appliance. If that still doesn’t fix it, then troubleshoot more on your own.

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LG Washer Start Button Stuck

LG washing machine start button not working? LG’s custom support team has a trick to fix it: shut off your machine, unplug it, and try tapping or applying pressure on the areas around the start button. This could dislodge any foreign material that might be stuck in between your machine’s delicate internal parts, allowing you to use the start button normally once more.

Hard Reset LG Washer

Try performing a hard reset if your LG washing machine won’t start. This can be done by unplugging the unit, plugging it back in, then holding the power button/play button down on the front of the machine for 5 seconds each. If this resets your washing machine to factory settings, you may need to set your preferred cycles and options again.

Once you reconnect, see if your washing machine starts working correctly.

Blown Thermal Fuse

LG washers come with thermal fuses installed. If the washer’s interior temperature goes beyond a certain point, the fuse will trigger to protect the machine from overheating. The protector will blow up if the machine gets too hot. This happens when the machine shuts off, like it does when you push the start button on your washer for a few seconds. The protectors will not stop your washer from working, but it does mean that your washer won’t turn on. Once the fuse has blown, you’ll need to replace it.

A blown thermal fuse should be top of the list of potential issues. If your washing machine won’t turn on, the device could have a blown thermal fuse. A multimeter test can help you determine whether or not the thermal fuse has been blown. And if it has, it must be replaced for the washer to start again.

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Faulty Lid Switch

LG washers have an additional safety feature that prevents the unit from turning on when the lid isn’t closed. When you open the washer door, the lid switch turns on or off according to whether it senses that the door is open or closed. That can be handy when you need to retrieve clothing from inside the tub. If your LG washer won’t turn on, it may be due to the washer lid switch being defective.

If your top-load LG washing machine isn’t starting, the first thing to check is the lid switch. It’s a mechanical/electrical switch that tells your washer whether or not the lid is open. If it’s broken, you won’t be able to start the machine, even if you close the door. To see if it’s working correctly, listen for a click when you close the washer lid. If you don’t hear a click when you close the door, the lid switch needs to be replaced.

Defective Control Board

An LG washer won’t start because of a few possible issues. The most common issue is that the user control board is defective and no longer provides an electronic response when pushed. If this is the issue, it may be necessary to replace the board.

This board provides the electronic response when you push a button to start a function such as a start button or any of the cycle buttons.

If your washer user control board is defective, there are a number of possible problems. If the control board is blank, some functions won’t work, and all others will. If only some functions aren’t working, then you know that the control board needs to be replaced.

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Before you rent a repairman or replace your washer, it’s always best to double-check the user control board for damage. It’s possible to repair the board yourself, but if it’s showing any signs of damage, like burn marks or cracks, it may be time to replace the board. A multimeter can also be used to test for continuity on the board and help you determine if it needs replacement.

Broken Timer

Your LG washer’s timer is a vital part of the washer. Without it, your washer’s cycles won’t start and you won’t be able to set a wash schedule. If your washer isn’t working, it could be due to any number of reasons. Timer problems can include a broken spring or gear, a faulty motor, or even water in the mechanism.

Even a small part could cause the entire assembly to break. If one washer timer component is broken, it can cause the entire assembly to stop working. Even if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, it’s always better to hire a professional technician to perform this complex repair.

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