How To Do Luxpro Thermostat Reset [Step By Step Guide]

If your Luxpro thermostat is giving you trouble, the first thing you should do is run a Luxpro thermostat reset to see if that solves the problem.

Luxpro thermostats are a unique, efficient, and cost-saving way to regulate the temperature in your home or business. Their small size allows you to install them almost anywhere there’s an electrical outlet and they operate using a remote control. You can even program them to adjust the temperature automatically at pre-set intervals throughout the day.

Luxpro thermostats can be reset in different ways, depending on how the unit is configured.

Luxpro Thermostat Reset – Step By Step Guide

Luxpro Thermostat Reset

When your Luxpro thermostat isn’t behaving properly, try pressing the reset buttons. While this is not the ideal solution, it can often solve strange behavior in a matter of minutes.

Method 1: Hardware Reset

If the Luxpro thermostat is unresponsive or won’t turn on, you may need to reset it.

To begin troubleshooting, you must perform a hardware reset. This may fix any minor issues on the thermostat.

Try this first, it resets everything to factory settings without actually deleting anything.

Start by removing the front panel from your thermostat and locating the H/W Reset button.

Try holding down the white button marked “HW Reset” on the right side of the screen for at least 5 seconds, then wait 2 minutes and see if your issues have been resolved.

*If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can always try the Luxpro thermostat Software reset.

Method 2: Software Reset

Luxpro Thermostat Software Reset is designed to erase the settings used in a custom program. If you have created custom programs, this feature should be used with caution — some settings will be erased, so make sure you record your custom programs before beginning.

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If you’ve adjusted any temperatures or start times, write them down before performing a reset on the thermostat.

The reset feature is easy to use and ensures a pain-free set-up, which will get you back to enjoying your home’s comfort in no time.

Press the small white round reset button on the left side with a line going up to a label “S. Reset

Hold this button down for at least 5 seconds.

The screen should fully populate temporarily and show the default settings. This indicates that your settings have been successfully reset to the original factory defaults.

This will immediately reset all your thermostat settings, including the current temperature and humidity level displayed on screen.

Luxpro Thermostat Software Reset removes your custom program settings and returns your thermostat to the preprogrammed settings. This does not affect the current day and time. You will have to enter your custom program values back into your Luxpro Thermostat.

Method 3: Software Reset (2)

Luxpro Thermostat Reset is a simple way to return your Luxpro thermostat to its original factory settings. Any changes you’ve made to the programming and schedule will be reset, but it’ll only take you a few minutes to set everything up again.

Luxpro thermostat software reset can be achieved by switching the thermostat to the “OFF” position, holding the “UP”, “DOWN”, and “NEXT” buttons together for at least five seconds, and then letting go. The display screen will fill with text and then return to normal.

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