Maytag Dryer PF Code [SOLVED] -Let’s Fix It

The Maytag dryer is a high quality, durable machine that can serve its owner for years, even with heavy use. However, when the Maytag dryer fails to start or complete a cycle, it can be frustrating to troubleshoot the problem. This blog will walk you through some of the most common causes of PF code errors.

A Maytag PF error code indicates that your dryer is having some processor problems and will not be able to power on at this time. Hold the start button until it cancels the error, or hold the power button in order to reboot the system.

During a power outage or an unexpected amount of line noise, the main control board could display the PF Error Code. Also, any key is pressed before the 10-second delay is over on power up will display this code.

If you are having trouble with your new dryer, and it is giving you the Maytag dryer PF error code, contact a qualified electrician. They will be able to help you determine if the electrical supply is the problem.

Maytag Dryer PF Code – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Maytag Dryer PF Code

If a Maytag dryer’s display shows a “PF” error code, it means that the dryer has had a power failure. The error can usually be circumvented by holding down the “Start-Pause” button. Let’s see some other methods to solve this error.

1. Reset The Circuit Breaker

If your dryer suddenly starts PF code, you need to turn off the breaker and wait for one minute. Then flip it back on and check if the error code still exists. If not, turn it on again for one minute to confirm that the error code won’t pop up after restarting.

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Reset the circuit breaker, and monitor the dryer for another minute to ensure that the error code does not display again. Likewise, verify that the operation is normal before using the dryer again.

Check here for the Maytag dryer AF code.

2. Check Power Cord Connection

Dryers need to be checked for proper power connection and any exposed wires, as a dryer is an electrical appliance, and this poses a fire hazard. Most manufacturers recommend that the dryer have the power cord plugged into an outlet at least six inches away from higher heating appliances like ovens and stoves to prevent fire hazards.

Checking the power cord is a simple way to ensure that your dryer is working properly. Just look along the full length of the cord and make sure it is free from any tears or frays. The other important thing to check when you think there could be something wrong with your dryer’s power cord is making sure that it isn’t loose.

Maytag Neptune Dryer PF Code

If your Maytag Neptune Dryer is displaying a PF error code, this means that there are some issues with the processor. The dryer will not be able to power on until the error is canceled or the system is rebooted.

To cancel the error, hold down the start button. To reboot the system, hold down the power button.

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