Maytag Neptune Dryer Troubleshooting Guide – Easy Fixes

Having a functional dryer in the household is an essential convenience that everyone appreciates. Your Maytag Neptune dryer is a robust machine designed to make your life easier. But like all machines, it might face issues that might cause it to underperform or stop working entirely.

But fear not! We have curated a thorough DIY Maytag Neptune Dryer Troubleshooting Guide to help you diagnose and possibly fix the problem without having to call in a professional immediately.

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s important to note that the dryer might exhibit a range of issues. These could range from refusing to start or heat, to the control board not functioning as it should. This guide aims to tackle these issues head-on, providing you with a step-by-step process to diagnose the issues and possible solutions.

All this information is encapsulated in the brief summary below, but we will delve deeper into each issue and offer you the knowledge to handle each problem effectively.

Maytag Neptune Dryer Troubleshooting Guide

Maytag Neptune Dryer Troubleshooting Guide

This guide will delve into the probable causes of the following common issues and the recommended quick fixes.

Problem Common Causes Quick Fixes
Dryer Not Starting Non-engaged start switch, power loss, tripped breaker, damaged power cord, non-working wall outlet, or blown fuse. Press down the start switch for 3-5 seconds. Check power source and fix issues as necessary. Don’t touch the control panel with wet hands or scratch it. Make sure the door is correctly latched.
Dryer Not Heating Power supply issues, overloaded laundry, clogged lint filter, kinked or collapsed vent, or burnt heating element. Fix any power issues, remove excess water, and don’t overload the drum. Clean the lint filter and vent, straighten out a kinked vent, and replace a damaged one. Replace the heating element if it doesn’t display any continuity.
Dryer Not Spinning Power supply problems, unlatched door, Control Lock, broken dryer belt or motor, or faulty drum rollers or electronic control board. Fix power issues, properly latch the door, and disable Control Lock. Replace a broken dryer belt, motor, faulty drum rollers, or electronic control board.
Squeaky Dryer Loose feet, a defective motor, worn-out drum glides, support rollers, roller shafts, drive belt, or drum bearing. Adjust the dryer’s feet and tighten them if loose. Replace the dryer motor if the squeaking won’t stop. Replace worn-out components such as drum glides, support rollers, roller shafts, drive belt, or drum bearing.
Non-Working Control Board Failed power supply or a defective control Replace the control board

1. Dryer Not Starting

One of the most common issues you might encounter is your Maytag Neptune dryer not starting. This can be due to several reasons such as a non-engaged start switch, a power supply issue, a faulty control panel, or simply an unlatched door.

The start switch, though small, plays a significant role in the dryer’s operation. It engages the dryer to start the cycle when you press it down for about 3-5 seconds. But what if the button shows no continuity? In this case, it needs replacement. The replacement process is straightforward and can be done without professional help, saving you on repair costs.

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Power issues such as a tripped breaker, an unplugged or damaged power cord, a non-working wall outlet, or a blown fuse are also common culprits. It’s advisable to check your power supply if your dryer refuses to start.

Sometimes, the control panel might be unresponsive due to the Control Lock setting. This setting locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes to the cycle while it’s in operation. Deactivating the Control Lock might solve the problem.

Moreover, always make sure your dryer door is properly latched. An unlatched door will prevent the dryer from starting as a safety measure.

For more detailed fixes, check out our guide on why your Maytag dryer won’t start.

2. Dryer Not Heating

Another frequent issue with the Maytag Neptune dryer is it not heating up. This could be due to reasons such as a power supply failure, overloaded or soaking-wet laundry, a clogged lint filter or vent, a kinked or collapsed vent, or a burnt heating element.

You should always ensure that your dryer is getting the proper voltage from the power supply. Sometimes, even with the dryer running, it might not be receiving enough power to heat up.

Avoid overloading the dryer or putting soaking-wet laundry into it. Overloading can restrict the heated air circulation, preventing the clothes from drying, while soaking-wet clothes can lower the overall temperature inside the dryer, leading to longer drying times.

A clogged lint filter or vent is another common issue. Regular cleaning of the lint filter and vent is a good practice to keep your dryer running efficiently.

If all else fails, the issue might be with the heating element itself. If it doesn’t display any continuity, it needs to be replaced.

For more in-depth fixes, refer to our guide on why your Maytag dryer is not heating up.

3. Dryer Not Spinning

Finding your Maytag Neptune dryer not spinning can be frustrating. Causes for this could be a power supply problem, an unlatched door, the Control Lock being activated, or hardware issues like a broken dryer belt or motor, or faulty drum rollers or the electronic control board.

As with other issues, start by checking the power supply. Make sure the dryer is properly plugged in and receiving the correct voltage.

Ensure the dryer door is properly latched. An unlatched door is a common and often overlooked cause of a dryer not spinning.

Control Lock, if activated, can also prevent the dryer from spinning. Deactivating it might solve the problem.

If the above solutions do not fix the issue, you might be dealing with a hardware problem. A broken dryer belt, motor, faulty drum rollers, or a malfunctioning electronic control board can all cause the dryer to stop spinning. In such cases, the faulty part needs to be replaced.

For a detailed guide on fixes, refer to why your Maytag dryer is not spinning.

4. Squeaky Dryer

A squeaky dryer is not just annoying, it’s a sign that something might be wrong. The cause could be a loose or defective component. The bottom part could have loose feet or a defective motor, the back part could have worn-out drum glides, support rollers, roller shafts, a worn drive belt, or a worn drum bearing, and the front part could have worn out glides, drum bearings, or a worn belt.

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Firstly, check the dryer’s feet. If they are loose, the machine might rock when it runs, leading to squeaking noises. Tighten the feet and ensure the machine is level.

A defective motor is another common cause of a squeaky dryer. If the squeaking persists even after the machine is turned off, the motor might need to be replaced.

Worn-out drum glides, support rollers, roller shafts, or a worn drive belt can all cause a squeaky noise. These parts are found at the back of the dryer, and if they are worn out or damaged, they will need to be replaced.

Similarly, worn out glides, drum bearings, or a worn belt at the front of the machine can also cause squeaking. These parts will need to be replaced if they are worn out or damaged.

For a comprehensive guide on squeaky dryer fixes, refer to why your Maytag dryer is squeaking.

5. Non-Working Control Board

The electronic control board governs most of the functions of your Maytag Neptune dryer. If your control board isn’t working, it could be due to power issues, a tripped house circuit breaker, a broken control board, or even a simple setting mistake like activating the Control Lock.

Before jumping to conclusions, make sure the dryer is getting power. Also, check the house circuit breaker. If it’s tripped, reset it and try operating your dryer again.

A broken control board doesn’t provide power to the dryer’s components, thereby stalling operations. Unfortunately, a defective control board needs professional replacement. However, do not rush to this conclusion without exhausting other potential issues.

The Control Lock setting might have been activated accidentally. This setting prevents changes to the cycle while it’s in operation. If your dryer isn’t responsive to command inputs, try deactivating the Control Lock setting.

To gain a more detailed understanding of control board issues and potential solutions, check our guide on Maytag Dryer Control Board Issues.

Additional Tips for Maytag Neptune Dryer Problems

Recognizing the Importance of Regular Maintenance

Just like any other home appliance, regular maintenance plays a key role in preventing many issues before they even arise. For instance, clearing the lint filter after each cycle can prevent problems like overheating, poor heating, and extended drying times. Maintaining a clean vent and ductwork can also prevent potential fire hazards and improve the efficiency of your dryer.

Using Appropriate Load Sizes

When it comes to load size, ‘more’ is not always better. Overloading your dryer can lead to numerous problems, including longer drying times, uneven drying, and excessive wear and tear on the dryer’s components. Make sure to only fill the dryer drum about 3/4th of the way full to allow for proper tumbling and heated air circulation.

The Role of Dryer Settings

Understanding and properly using the dryer settings can make a significant difference in its performance. For instance, selecting ‘Auto Dry’ instead of ‘Timed Dry’ can result in clothes that aren’t fully dry. ‘Auto Dry’ uses a moisture sensor to determine when the clothes are dry, while ‘Timed Dry’ runs for a pre-determined amount of time regardless of whether the clothes are dry or not.

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Appreciating the Role of the Dryer Door

The dryer door plays a more crucial role than you may think. If it’s not properly latched, the dryer won’t run. So, make sure the door is closed securely before you start a cycle. If your dryer door is faulty or damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced.


Armed with this guide, you are now equipped to diagnose and possibly fix common issues with your Maytag Neptune dryer. While this guide offers a comprehensive overview, it’s crucial to remember that every dryer model is unique and might require different steps to troubleshoot or fix. Always refer to your user manual for model-specific information and adhere to safety guidelines while conducting any DIY fixes.

Remember, if a problem persists even after trying the recommended solutions or if you feel uncomfortable performing these tasks, always reach out to a professional. Keeping your dryer running efficiently not only saves you time and energy but also extends the life of your appliance.

Stay tuned to our platform for more guides and tips on handling common household appliance issues. Happy DIY-ing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the most common problem with Maytag Neptune dryers?

A: Some of the most common problems include the dryer not starting, not heating, not spinning, making squeaking noises, or the control board not working. These issues can often be solved through simple troubleshooting at home.

Q2: How do I reset my Maytag Neptune dryer?

A: The process of resetting a Maytag Neptune dryer may vary depending on the model. It is recommended to refer to the user manual or consult our guide on Maytag dryer PF code for specific instructions on running diagnostics and resetting your dryer.

Q3: Why is my Maytag Neptune dryer not spinning?

A: The problem could be due to a number of reasons, such as power supply issues, a broken dryer belt, or a door that isn’t properly latched.

Q4: Why is my Maytag Neptune dryer squeaking?

A: Squeaking noises are often due to loose feet, a defective motor, worn-out drum glides, or a worn drive pulley.

Q5: What should I do if the control board of my Maytag Neptune dryer is not working?

A: Check the power supply first to ensure that the dryer is receiving power. If that isn’t the problem and the control board still isn’t working, it may need to be replaced.


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