Why is My Maytag Dryer Squeaking [SOLVED] – Let’s Fix It

Maytag dryer squeaking is a common issue and here we will show you how to fix Maytag dryer squeaking and quiet it down. A dryer that makes a squeaking noise when the clothes are tumbling is a big inconvenience. Not only does this keep you up at night but it can also damage your clothes and dryer.

We’ve compiled a list of common problems and their fixes below to help you identify and solve the issue.

Maytag Dryer Squeaking – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

Most squeaky Maytag dryers are caused by the back panel, the top or the floor. Place your ear right on the dryer to determine where the noise is coming from. Then, you can use this handy DIY guide to fix these squeaky dryers and keep your laundry room running smooth.

Maytag Dryer Squeaking

Safety Precautions: Safety first. Before you start any appliance repair, cut the power by unplugging the dryer from the outlet or switch off at the breaker in your home’s electrical service panel. Unplugging the dryer is always the first step for safety: if you don’t, you put yourself at risk of an electric shock injury if something goes wrong.

Dryer is Not Level

When your clothes dryer is noisy, check the dryer legs to determine the source of the noise. If the legs aren’t sitting flush on the floor, the dryer may move — which can result in squeaking sounds when it operates. Place a level on the laundry machine and adjust the height until all four legs are leveled.

Door Felt Issue

If you suspect that a squeak is coming from the front of your dryer, then it’s most likely the door panel. This is often because the panel is worn out or has a crack in it, allowing noise to escape the machine. To find out if this is the case, open the dryer door and make sure that there are no holes or gaps.

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The dryer’s door makes a rubbing noise because the door is slightly misaligned with the opening in the dryer. If you lubricate the hinge and latch on the door gently with a few drops of light machine oil, the sound will go away.

The dryer door hinges are typically held together by felt pieces that prevent the door from rubbing on the side of the dryer, which can make a lot of noise. The problem is that these pieces tend to wear out over time, causing a door that used to close silently to squeak like crazy.

To fix the issue, remove the existing felt pieces from both sides of the door and sand them off with your sandpaper. Then, apply a high-heat glue on either side of the felt to soften the dryer drum contacts. Wait for 30 seconds and stick two new felt pieces on both sides of the door.

Worn Out Dryer Belt

If you hear a squeaking sound from the top of your dryer, there’s a good chance it’s because the belt is worn out. So, if you’re still using your dryer, but it’s making this noise, you’ll want to replace the belt soon. The squeaking noise you hear coming from your dryer is likely caused by a dryer belt that is off-track and has become slack with age. An overly worn-down belt has a tendency to slip out of its allocated slot or even come apart, and can cause squeaking noise problems.

You will find the belt where the dryer drum meets the back of the dryer. Remove two mounting screws and pull out the front panel — you’ll now see the belt. To remove the belt, pull out from its center groove, and then lift up and away from the drum. To install a new belt, lift up on the belt and place it back into place around the drum and replace mounting screws in front panel.

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Drum Bearing Lubrication Issue

If you hear the squeak near the back of the dryer, there’s a good chance that one or more of your dryer’s drum bearings are at fault.

Drum bearings are the part in your dryer that makes it spin smoothly. The drum bearings can be greased, but they might also need to be re-oiled or even replaced if one of them is broken inside your dryer. If you notice that the tub is making a ‘squeaking’ noise as it spins, then this is the likely cause.

First, you’ll need to open up the top and front panels and remove the current dryer belt. From there, pull the entire dryer drum out of the housing and take a close look for any damage or missing parts. Inspect the wheels around the edge of the housing for wear and replace them at this time if needed. Getting into your dryer’s back panel, you will find the dryer drum. Take your hand and give it a spin. If it squeaks, the bearings inside the drum need to be oiled. For that, we need 3in1 lubrication. So take some lubrication and oil bearings of your drum. After this, reassemble your dryer front panel and start using your old dryer again.

Faulty Idler Pulley or Motor

If you hear a squeaking noise coming from near the floor of the dryer, it’s likely due to an idler pulley. And yet another possible culprit is the dryer motor. The dryer idler pulley is an automatic tensioning device that keeps the drive belt tight. If the pulley wheel is loose, an audible squeaking noise will be emitted and could also jam the wheel against the idler pulley’s retaining clip, damaging it.

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If your dryer’s pulley is making noise, try this first: apply a small amount of sewing machine oil to the end of the pulley that attaches to the dryer drum. Lift up on the lid so you can see it while you apply the oil, then lower the lid and let it sit overnight. In the morning, give it another spin to see if it’s quiet now. If not, replace your idler pulley.

If your dryer is making a noise, you’ll have to determine whether it’s the motor or something else. If the spinning driveshaft releases a faint squeak, then it’s time to replace the motor. If your motor makes a squealing sound at start-up or if it makes no sounds and the dryer is not turning at all, then replace the motor.

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