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Samsung dryer dC error code can happen when the door doesn’t stay closed or won’t close or latch. 

Samsung dryers are well known for their beautiful designs and reliable performance. Samsung’s innovative technology makes it possible to have a front-loading washer and gas dryer in one unit! Samsung has also been able to increase efficiency without compromising quality over the years, so your clothes will come out of the dryer softer than ever before.

This article will show you how to repair Samsung dryers that display Samsung Dryer dC code.

What Does The Samsung Dryer dC Error Code Mean?

When your Samsung Dryer dC Error Code happens, you don’t have to worry about it too much.

Samsung Dryer dC Error Code

Samsung Dryer dC Code can mean that the door will stay open, or it won’t close or latch because of a wiring issue within the door switch assembly. To fix your error code, make sure all wires are connected and nothing is obstructing the door from moving smoothly. Then, simply test out the dryer.

The Samsung Dryer dC code (also known as dE) lets you know your dryer is experiencing a problem — usually, it means the door isn’t properly closed. This error always doesn’t mean that you have to dismantle the dryer to troubleshoot it. Sometimes it is not an indication of your equipment being broken, but a careless attitude towards it.

There are many potential causes of this: 

  • Clothes are stuck in the lumen of the door 
  • A foreign object has fallen behind the rubber seal 
  • Hinges have shifted due to frequent twitching
  • The door is unable to close.

If your Samsung Dryer displays error code dC at the end of a cycle and won’t open, check to see if any of the lock parts have broken or gone missing. You can verify this issue by checking if the dryer door tightly closes and won’t open.

Many modern dryers will display an error code, “dc,” when the door is not closed. Additional error codes may be present — the digit “1” may be followed by the word “de,” and the digit “2” may be followed by the word “de2.

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Old dryer models give alarm when there are problems. When the door fails to close properly, the word “door” will illuminate on display; when the water temperature is too high, “HOT” will flash; and if you use too little detergent, the word “under” will blink. Newer dishwasher models have more complicated error codes that indicate specific parts and issues.

How To Fix Samsung Dryer dC Error Code

Before calling a professional, try to fix the dC error code yourself.

  1. Close the door and make sure it clicks into place.
  2. Bend the prong holding the door together and make sure there are no keys, coins, matches, or other small objects trapped.
  3. Ensure that laundry is positioned correctly. Remove protruding clothes and, if necessary, take out a portion of the load to avoid clothes catching on top or bottom parts during rotation.
  4. Remove clothes from underneath the rubber seal at either end of the door so they’re not trapped there when you close it again

Samsung dryer dC error code may occur due to simple control panel malfunction. You might try resetting the error by rebooting to prevent total failure of your electronic unit.

To reset a Samsung dryer:

  1. Unplug it from the outlet and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  2. Plug it back in. If the error has gone away after this, nothing is wrong with your dryer.

If the error code pops up again soon after, you need to do further troubleshooting.

Faulty Electronic Lock

If you can’t open your dryer’s door by pushing the knob down, it means the door lock has failed. The door lock mechanism might fail, preventing you from opening it. If this happens, the error code dc will appear on your Samsung dryer’s display.

To solve this issue, check the connection between the lock board and the mainboard with a multimeter, and if it fails the continuity test, then replace it with a new one.

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Control Board Failure

When the machine is running, a DC error code will display on the screen. Sometimes this error happens because of the improper connection to the door lock sensor. The microchip controls the execution of the program, and if the sensor does not deliver a signal to it, then the program gets interrupted, and an error code shows up on the screen.

The dryer control board is what allows your energy-efficient dryer to function — when it’s broken, your dryer will stop doing its job. When the dryer control board stops working, a simple solution can sometimes solve the problem: replacing a few parts or soldering some faulty resistors.

However, if the processor is broken, you’ll have to replace it entirely — and depending on the model and brand, fixing the board could cost anywhere from $60 to more than $100.

Door Hinges has Worn Out

When you notice a latch missing or not tracking the groove on the machine case, then your dryer door is worn out.

The solution is to replace the door, which costs between $68-$150 depending on which part of the door has been damaged.

Damaged Mechanical Lock

When you close the dryer door, there’s no click to indicate that it’s locked. The most common cause is a faulty mechanical lock. A mechanical lock in your dryer is a door closure mechanism that connects with a signal transmitting unit. It’s made up of a latch, spring, and the entire lock and can be replaced easily.

The cost to replace this part is about $20 — so make sure to schedule regular maintenance checks at least every year for both your dryer and washing machine.

Sometimes, all it takes to fix a dryer that doesn’t lock is some lubrication. The parts in your dryer will rub together and wear out over time, which creates friction.

When there’s too much friction, the dryer won’t lock. A little bit of lubricant can solve the problem by reducing friction and making sure the parts inside your dryer fit together smoothly. If a lubricant doesn’t fix the Samsung dC error, resetting the dryer might do the trick.

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Wiring Harness Issue

If your Samsung dryer dC error code keeps appearing, you will likely need to have the associated wiring checked for wear and tear. The problem could stem from a poor contact point on the wires that connect your dryer’s control panel to the machine — a problem that you might be able to solve by reinserting the wires and tightening them securely in place.

When troubleshooting the dryer, be sure to test all the wires with a multimeter first. This will let you figure out where any faults are and take care of them immediately for an efficient repair. If there is an issue with the wires, it’s usually best to solder them back together or replace them entirely.


Samsung dryers can display dC errors for a variety of reasons. If you’re experiencing a Samsung Dryer dC error code, be sure to read through the article and try one or more solutions before calling Samsung Customer.

The Samsung customer service representative will verify whether your machine is still under warranty, so you won’t have to pay any repair costs out-of-pocket. If it doesn’t come under warranty, then they will tell you the cost of repairing it.

If you need help with your Samsung dishwasher, let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to offer some tips on troubleshooting and fixing any error code that may pop up.

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