9 Reasons Why Samsung Dryer Not Spinning – Let’s Fix It

A Samsung dryer not spinning would be a nightmare for any household. There are so many clothes to dry, and the machine isn’t doing its job! It’s necessary to find out what is wrong with it before attempting to fix anything. This article will go over some of the most common reasons that Samsung dryers stop spinning and how you can troubleshoot them on your own.

Samsung dryers are the best of both worlds! Not only do they address your laundry needs with their beautiful finishes, but these machines also boast an array of drying features that complement any Samsung washer.

With a spacious capacity and advanced technology built to last, it’s no wonder why all households have at least one in them. While you may think that your Samsung dryer is a capable machine, even the best of them can have issues.

But don’t worry! I’m going to tell you about all those little problems and how to fix them.

How To Fix Samsung Dryer Not Spinning Problem

Samsung Dryer Not Spinning

We all know the dreaded feeling of walking into a dark and silent laundry room only to find that our clothes have not been washed. It’s never fun when this happens! But it can happen for many reasons, one being your dryer isn’t spinning anymore. We’ve researched why your dryer might malfunction and what you should do about each potential cause, so don’t worry.

The Child Lock Is On

If your Samsung dryer is not spinning, but the timer and other features are working correctly, then it’s likely that you have a child lock feature activated. you may also observe Samsung dryer lights up but won’t start issue.

Child Lock is a safety measure that locks the Start button on your dryer and prevents children from tampering with clothes cycles. If you’re trying to start a cycle, but nothing seems to happen, Child Lock might be blocking your way!

You can solve this issue by looking for an icon like a baby or lock near the top of the control panel; it will either have “ON” written next to it if activated or “OFF” if not triggered. Depending on what type of appliance you own, this symbol may appear as some sort of smiley face instead.

There are two ways to turn off the Child Lock button. The first way is by pressing and holding buttons on your control panel for 3-4 seconds, or you can unplug it from power for 60 seconds before powering it back up again. If you are unable to turn the dryer off, refer to your user manual or control panel for instructions on how to do so and unplug the power cord from the wall socket before trying again.

Broken Drive Belt

If you suspect that your Samsung dryer is not spinning because the drive belt has broken, there are a few different methods to fix it. You can order and replace the belt yourself or call for professional assistance. The cost of replacing an old belt with a new one will come out less expensive if done by someone who knows what they’re doing than trying to do so on your own.

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The worst thing about dryers is when the belt goes out, and you can’t do laundry for days. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, when your clothes are piling up in a pile or if they’re clean but waiting for some air-drying so that you can wear them again.

With a little patience and direction, you can fix this issue yourself with next to no stress or strain.

The dryer belt is an elongated and slender piece of rubber that wraps around the drum, a tension pulley, and another similar device. Over time, this can become worn from normal use, so it may need to be replaced or fixed to keep your clothes damp after drying.

There are times when a broken belt is the hardest thing to diagnose. You can do some easy tests, though! When you reach in and try turning the dryer drum by hand. Suppose it spins just as easily with your fingers on top of the drum as without them at all. That’s a sure sign that something down there needs repairing.

When your dryer belt snaps, you will need to find the correct drive belt for your model. Not sure which one is right? Simply look up your machine’s make and model number on the Samsung website!

You’ll need to be a little handy around the house, but it really is that easy.
Once you have your belt and give up access to the dryer’s innards, just follow these simple instructions: Pop in a new one as best you can for now if you don’t want any more trouble with yours!

Bad Drum Roller

Samsung dryers are not made to last forever. They have a life expectancy of ten years or more, but they do eventually wear out! The most common culprit is the drum roller – it can become worn and start squeaking (often before any other part) because you’re applying pressure on this component every time your clothes tumble inside the machine’s housing.

You’ll know for sure that your drum roller needs replacing when

  • Your clothes come out wrinkled even after they’ve dried
  • You notice clumps of lint building up where there shouldn’t be any 
  •  if you hear an unpleasant noise coming from the back of the appliance while in operation, such as a loud screeching, buzzing or whining.

Replacing it is a relatively simple process; 

  • Remove the three screws that hold the top cover in place and then take out the drum by pulling it towards you, using care not to damage any of its fragile wires or connections. 
  • Find your old roller and remove it from its housing before inserting the new one into place in reverse order (making sure to reattach all wire connectors). 
  • Once everything’s secure, replace the top panel and test run your machine for a few minutes 

If this doesn’t fix your problem, consult Samsung customer service for additional assistance!

Drum Roller Axle

The dryer’s motor will become overloaded, and it won’t be able to operate when the drum rollers are bound or worn out. Over time, the axles on these drums can also wear down, which causes them to bind up at times. These issues may come about because of friction from things like heat and dust inside your home’s laundry room that could cause problems with their function over a long period of use. Still, they’re easy enough for you as an owner of this machine – in some cases just by putting more lubricant!

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This $30-$40 replacement part can help you get your dryer back up and running when the drumroll axles are rusted or worn out.

Worn Out Drum Bearing

When was the last time you checked out your dryer drum? Some of its parts may be worn and need a replacement. For example, if the bearings have been damaged over time, this may cause it not to turn. To check on these bearings without having to take apart your machine altogether, just open up one side or door (depending on how complex) and give it an old-fashioned whirl with nothing but those hands!

If rotating the drum produces an unusual grinding or squeal-like sound, it may have a faulty bearing. If you want to replace it yourself, then open up the shell and exchange out its bearings, but if not, just call in a technician for repairs because this can be tricky.

A Malfunctioning Drive Motor

Your dryer is like a mini-tractor. Its drive motor turns the blower wheel and makes your clothes go round and round until they’re all done drying!

If the dryer’s blower wheel is free from any blockage, it may be time to repair or replace your drive motor!

Samsung dryer motors are the most common culprit of faulty spinning, and you’ll know for sure if it’s a problem by turning your dryer on a high-heat setting. If no motor noise is heard after pressing start, then either there’s something blocking its path or another part inside needs to be fixed first!

A Broken Idler Pulley

Idler pulley or tension roller keeps the belt under tension to prevent the drum belt from slip off.

In addition to this function of keeping belts tight and preventing slippage, idler pulleys are also responsible for reducing the noise produced by vibrations that occur on both sides of a running dryer. When they get too noisy or dry out without any lubricant, constantly applied in order to protect them against friction.

If your dryer drum is making weird sounds or not spinning, it could just be the idler pulley. You may also notice squealing and clunking as you toss clothes in for a load of laundry.

If things are feeling off with your dryer’s usual rhythm- like if there’s strangeness when rotating the drum, producing strange noise every now and then while using it at home – try checking on that pesky little belt to see what might have gone wrong!

It’s always a good idea to take care of your dryer before it gives out on you. Checking the idler pulley is one way to do this and can be done in just minutes! If there are any wobbles or pops when spinning the wheel by hand, then the chances are that replacing it will soon become necessary. The replacement itself doesn’t cost much either – at about $20 for most models.

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A Damaged Drum Glide

You know that sound – it’s the unmistakable noise of a dryer in its last days. It never stops rattling, thumping, or scraping no matter what you do to fix it, and maybe sometimes your clothes end up with little tears on them because the drum is not turning properly anymore!

Sometimes it’s not the machine itself, but rather some wearing-out parts that need replacing to fix this problem and get your household back on track. One such part is called glides which are typically made of rubber or silicone material for their durability in harsh environments like inside the dryer where there might be heat as well as other objects rubbing against each other all at once!

The noise-causing wear happens when these glide pieces become worn out from use over time. So if you notice your clothes taking longer than usual to tumble while drying fully, then chances are something needs replacement before things go south completely.

Electrical Problem

Samsung dryer models usually come with two fuses. One of the fuses is responsible for operating the drum, and the other one regulates heat to ensure that it stays at a safe level. If either fuse trips, you will no longer be able to tumble your clothes because even if they are getting hot enough, nothing happens without those fuses!

If you find that one of your fuses has tripped, follow these directions:

  • Unplug the dryer from both power outlets. You might want to keep a flashlight handy for this step!
  • Take off the front panel and locate two screws on either side of the fuse box (they’ll be in easy view). 
  • Remove those screws and lift up the lid covering all four slots. 
  • Then remove any blown fuses by lifting them out with their metal prongs facing towards each other, so they don’t snag on anything else while being removed. 
  • Replace it with an identical new fuse, making sure to orientate its flat end correctly when replacing
  • If you have spare electrical tape nearby, wrap some around where you’ve replaced your blown a fuse to ensure it stays in place.
  • Replace the lid and put back the screws, then plug your dryer into power outlets again. 

Test for any blown fuses by opening up the cover on both sides of the box (again, easy access thanks to that two screw design) before you go ahead and turn it on!

We hope that you were able to find the solution to your Samsung dryer not spinning problem in this post.

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