6 Reasons Why Samsung Dryer Won’t Start – Let’s Fix It

If you have a Samsung dryer that won’t start, there are several things you can check to determine the cause of this problem. While many problems with Samsung dryers are related to power supply issues, there are other common problems that may also result in your Samsung dryer having trouble starting.

If you’re in the market to buy a new clothes dryer, Samsung has some of the best on the market. Samsung’s dryers are reliable and energy efficient, meaning they won’t drain your wallet while they save you time. However, even the most reliable machines can break down after several years of use.

If your Samsung dryer does not turn on, it can be frustrating — especially if you’re not sure what to do next. While there are a few different things that could be wrong, we’ve looked into some common fixes and how to do them yourself.

Samsung Dryer Won’t Start – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

If you have a Samsung dryer, you probably expect it to last several years without any problems. The aforementioned guide offers a few methods that you can use to fix your Samsung dryer yourself, but at times, you may need to call a professional for help.

Samsung Dryer Won't Start

Incoming Power Problem

Samsung dryers are among the most reliable washing machines on the market, but even the best can develop problems. If your Samsung dryer fails to start, first check that you have power. Use an electrical tester to check for voltage. This can be done at either your house’s wall socket or at the terminal of the dryer’s power cord.

Samsung’s Dryer Control Panel will remain dark when it’s not receiving power. When you press the start button, the panel should light up. If it does not, then you may have an incoming power problem.

Having trouble with your dryer? First, make sure it’s properly plugged in. If the outlet you are using is three-pronged, the dryer may not be grounded and may not properly receive electricity. Make sure the outlet is functioning by plugging an appliance you know works into it.

When you flip a breaker, you aren’t actually shutting off power to your home, you’re flicking the safety switch that protects your whole home against overload. If it trips, look around your house for any Dryers or other appliances that might be running while people are away. Flip the switch again once everything is shut down, and let the breaker cool off before flipping it back on.

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Additionally, an extension cord just isn’t sufficient for the high-energy application that is drying laundry. It may work for a few days, but using an extension cord for your dryer is running the risk of overheating and potential fire hazard. In fact, most manufacturers don’t recommend using an extension cord with a dryer.

Door is Not Properly Closed

This is the most common problem with Samsung dryers and it’s usually a pretty easy fix. Make sure the door to your dryer is closed, then make sure both sides of the door are latched. If either side isn’t latched tightly enough, you won’t be able to start the cycle.

Check to see that the door is closed firmly. Loose clothing or items in the dryer can interfere with a secure latch.

The dryer door latch is the switch that signals the start and finish of a drying cycle. If it becomes damaged, you may find that your dryer can’t tell if you’ve opened the door or not, which will stop the dryer in mid-cycle. A dryer with a broken latch must have its latch replaced in order to function properly again.

If the door switch makes a clicking sound, it is probably not defective. Test the door switch for proper operation by turning on your dryer and listening for the click when the dryer door closes. If the door switch is making a clicking sound, there is no need to replace it because the door switch is functioning properly.

If when you close the dryer door, the machine does not click, use a multimeter to test for continuity across each of the three terminals in the switch. If it does not have continuity, replace it with a new switch.

Wrong Dryer Settings

If a Samsung dryer is lighting up but won’t start, it might not be the matter of a simple power cord connection. Diagnosing the issue can become more complex depending on how the dryer is being used. Some settings can prevent an immediate start (when you press the “start” button), and certain settings for certain loads may also cause your dryer to light up and stop immediately.

If your dryer won’t start, you can check if the Control Lock is enabled. This prevents any unintended start of the dryer. If your clothes are getting dried too soon, you can use the Delay Start function to delay the start of the drying cycle by up to 8 hours.

We’ll help you disable the Control Lock and Delay Start functions on your dryer. This will allow the dryer to run whenever it needs to.

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Dryer Child Lock (also known as ‘Control Lock’ in some Samsung dryers) is a safety feature specifically designed to help protect your children. To disable the option: Press and hold the Drying Level and Time buttons together for 3 seconds, or until the “Lock” symbol disappears from the display.

To disable the dryer delay start feature, turn the dryer off by pressing the Power button. Then press Power again to turn it back on. The dryer should not have delay start enabled.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Most fuses on home appliances are designed to prevent a fire. In most cases, the machines heat up to a dangerously high temperature, which causes a thermal fuse to pop. This fuse is designed to shut off power from the machine, which prevents further damage and a potential fire.

If the dryer is plugged in and it’s not getting power, you might want to check if the thermal fuse is blown. If it’s blown, the fuse will be blackened or completely melted.

When the dryer thermal fuse fails continuity resistance testing, it’s a sign that it’s blown and must be replaced to restore the dryer.

If a dryer’s thermal fuse keeps blowing, the first thing to check is the dryer vent. The vent is a short length of flexible tubing that connects the back of the dryer to an outside wall or exhaust hood. Dryers need proper ventilation to keep cool, so it’s important to clean out the vent once a year.

Defective Dryer Start Switch

Dryer start switches are located behind the Start buttons at the front of the dryer. After you push the button, it signals your dryer’s control panel to start a drying cycle.

If the start switch fails, it’ll corrupt the communications between the control panel and the dryer. This will disable a number of safety features, including your dryer’s door lock. Plus, if your dryer can’t communicate to its control panel that it’s running a cycle, it won’t send the panel any information about your laundry load, either — so you can’t tell if it’s getting hot enough.

Start your dryer. If the motor starts but the drum doesn’t turn, you may have a defective start switch. To determine if the start switch is defective, try pressing the start switch while the unit’s power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. If you hear no noise or feel no movement, then the start switch could be at fault.

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With a multimeter, test the dryer start switch for continuity by setting the function dial on your meter to X1 (continuity) and inserting the black lead into the common terminal of the switch and the red lead into the normally closed terminal. If you do not get continuity, replace the switch.

Faulty Drive Motor

The dryer drive motor is the heart of dryer function. Without the dryer drive motor, the dryer will not turn on, and you may see a humming noise. You can find the dryer drive motor on the rear of your dryer. If it is making a high-pitched sound and spinning uncontrollably, then this may be an indication that the motor has overheated.

Before replacing the motor, first check for any broken or missing parts, including a faulty start switch, a bad thermal fuse or a broken belt. If everything is in order, remove the belt from the motor and check for debris obstructing the blower wheel.

When the dryer blower wheel is clogged, you might not notice that the dryer motor is also at fault. Before replacing the motor, remove the obstructing laundry and clear the blower wheel from debris. Be mindful of any wet fabrics. If only part of the blower wheel is obstructed, you can remove it and clean it thoroughly with a cleaning brush and compressed air.

Broken Dryer Belt

The drive belt inside a Samsung dryer is a rubber strap that loops around two rollers that are connected to the drum. The rollers spin in opposite directions to turn the drum. The tension on the belt changes as the opposing rollers turn, which causes the belt to move and get “stretched” in different directions. That stretch helps send movement from one part of the machine to another.

If the dryer belt breaks, power is not sent to the drum to turn. Check the belt to make sure it’s in good condition. Is it broken? If yes, replace it immediately so you can stay on top of your laundry. It’ll be a lot easier to deal with them when they come out of dryers without broken dryer belts.

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