5 Reasons Why Samsung Dryer Squeaking – Let’s Fix It

Samsung dryers are well-made, reliable machines that greatly convenience your life. However, even the best products can break down due to wear and tear, which is why you should know how to deal with a squeaking Samsung dryer. Even if you can’t prevent it from making these dreadful sounds entirely, there are many methods you can use to diminish it significantly.

There’s nothing more disruptive than a squeaking dryer. Through the years, we’ve discovered all the ways we can put up with a squeaky dryer, but there’s always a better option. Most dryers are nearly silent, and all dryers come with an inexpensive belt replacement kit. With an easy DIY project and just 15 minutes of your time, you can get rid of that annoying sound forever.

Samsung Dryer Squeaking – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

You know the drill: get your tools ready and gather your parts. Not only do dryers need regular maintenance, but you might even need to replace a part or two if something breaks or goes awry (likely the heating element). If your dryer is used often by multiple people, then chances are that some of the parts will require occasional lubrication as well.

Using a screwdriver, crescent wrench, and nut driver all within your washer is an easy way to fix your machine. If you want to be certain that you’re repairing it right, a dryer repair kit comes with handy replacement parts that can help you fix your dryer in a few minutes. These replacement parts are helpful for when you’re not quite sure what part is broken or which one needs updating.

A squeaky dryer can be annoying, but knowing where it’s coming from — and what to do about it — will make managing it a lot easier.

If you hear a squeak coming from the top of your dryer, it could be a belt. If the sound is coming from the back end of it, try checking the drum bearing assembly. If you have a dryer with a squeaking sound near the floor, it’s probably the idler pulley or the motor

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1. Samsung Dryer Is Not Level

If you’re hearing a squeaking noise when you run your Samsung dryer, there’s a good chance it’s the dryer legs. It’s easy to fix the problem on your own by adjusting the legs with an adjustable wrench. First, locate the screws that hold each leg onto the dryer frame. Next, tighten or loosen each screw until both of the dryer legs rest evenly on the floor.

Samsung Dryer Squeaking

2. Door Felt Issue

Let’s start with a look at where the sound is coming from. The squeak may be from the door or it could be from the dryer cabinet (or both). The door can move inside its frame and rub against metal parts. Even if the hinge is tight, that movement can create a sound. A rubber strip along the lower edge of the door helps seal out air as the door opens and closes and discourages vibration.

The metal parts of the door pocket can rub against the rest of the dryer over time, causing squeaks. Some models have a piece of felt in the door pocket to prevent this from happening, but if it has worn away or been bent out of shape, you may need to replace it.

You can fix your Samsung dryer squeaking problem by removing the old glue and sanding down the felt, then applying new high-heat glue. Wait about 30 seconds for the new glue to set, then apply two new pieces of felt to soften the door’s contact with the dryer housing.

3. Broken Dryer Belt

Squeaking at the top of your dryer is usually a sign that you need to check and replace the dryer belt. This is an important part of your appliance so that the drum will rotate properly. A broken or worn belt can cause your dryer to not operate properly, and it might even break down altogether.

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Dryer belts are responsible for transferring the energy generated by your dryer to the tumbling clothes in your machine. If a belt is worn out, it’ll either lack the ability to transfer enough energy or will not have the strength to stay intact during tumbling. Slipping and squeaking are the tell-tale signs of a dryer belt that needs replacing.

First, you’ll need to make sure the dryer is unplugged and cooled down to a safe operating temperature. The dryer top panel should be opened and the front panel removed. Once that has been done, you’ll see the belt. In order to replace the dryer belt you will have to disconnect the belt from the dryer and expose the drum. Then take your time to wrap the new belt around the drum shaft, make sure it is completely tight. Close up your dryer and put away all accessories inside.

4. Drum Bearing Issue

If noises are coming from the back of the dryer, it could mean that the drum bearings need to be replaced. The drum bearings are a pair of greased wheels around the edge of the dryer drum that helps it spin smoothly. They are typically made of steel or some type of synthetic plastic material and because they ride on a small amount of synthetic grease, they can make squeaking or grinding noises when they start to wear out.

Whenever the drum in your Samsung dryer starts making a squeaking sound, this means that you are low on the lubrication that keeps it turning smoothly. It may also mean that one of its bearings is broken, and you’ll need to replace it if attempting to fix the problem with oil isn’t successful.

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5. Faulty Idler Pulley or Motor

If you hear the squeak coming from near the floor of a dryer, the problem is either the idler pulley or the dryer motor. The dryer idler pulley, or sometimes called the dryer idler tensioner, is a component in a dryer that isn’t visible but still keeps you from having to repair a squeaky dryer. Its main function is to keep the belt tight and secure by keeping it from slipping against the drum of the dryer. When it doesn’t work properly, it can cause a constant sound as the belt rubs against the drum.

If your dryer is squeaking, there might be a simple solution. Commonly, the problem originates with the idler pulley — a piece that’s located on top of the dryer and is responsible for guiding the belt around the drum. If it appears to be in good shape but is still squeaking, give it an oil treatment (using a special silicone spray designed for this purpose). Otherwise, replace the idler pulley.

If you can hear a squeaking noise when your dryer is running, it probably means that the rotor bearings are beginning to fail. The bearing is part of the drive shaft, which is a long metal rod that spins inside the motor housing. The entire dryer drum rotates on this drive shaft. As the dryer drum turns, the drive shaft and bearings cause the agitator to move back and forth inside the drum.

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