No Sound From Vizio Sound Bar [Quick Fix]

The Vizio sound bar is a collection of high-quality speakers that is designed to provide superior sound without the need for separate components.

However, if you are having problems with the sound in your vizio sound bar, you need an effective solution that will repair the problem and restore your system to its normal operating state.

Vizio sound bars are sleek and modern, bringing enhanced audio to any TV experience. Vizio’s sound bars emit better-than-average quality sound but can be prone to technical issues. Long-time users report a range of problems, from distorted output to fuzzy noises, but solutions are usually simple and fast.

If the Vizio Sound Bar isn’t working as expected, please perform a hard reset by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds then plugging it back in. Make sure that it is connected to the right input on your playout device. If none of this helps and you are still experiencing issues, please factory reset your soundbar.

When you’re experiencing problems with your sound bar, it can be difficult to troubleshoot. There are many standard yet complex functions that run a Vizio soundbar, and the interactions between them mean that there are many possible issues.

No Sound From Vizio Sound Bar – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

No Sound From Vizio Sound Bar

There are many reasons your Vizio sound bar isn’t playing any sound, the most common of which is a bad connection. A damaged or dirty HDMI port on the TV can prevent the sound bar from playing any audio at all. If you have multiple devices connected to your TV, it’s possible that there’s a conflict with the audio cables.

1. Electrical Problem

Are you having a problem with your Vizio sound bar? Before you turn it off for good, make sure there’s no problem with the power by following these steps:

First, check the outlet you plugged your Vizio soundbar into — if there are any other appliances plugged in to the same outlet, unplug them to make sure that they’re not overloading the circuit.

If it isn’t, check the breaker box. You may need to flip a switch or reset a breaker. If it keeps tripping, there could be a problem with your wiring or the breaker’s sensitivity.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary — including tripped breakers, flickering lights, or unusual smells — contact a professional before investigating further. In many cases, an electrical inspection can reveal dangerous wiring or other major problems that require attention.

If a circuit breaker trips multiple times for no reason, you may also have a short circuit that may cause a fire. Contact an electrician if you smell something burning inside your home or if your smoke detector goes off.

For those who are unfamiliar, the receptacle is the place on a wall where you plug your power strip or extension cord into. The receptacle in the power strip or extension cord is what can go bad — these connections often wear down with use and age.

Plug your soundbar into the wall receptacle with a surge protector. If the sound bar still does not work, check to make sure the receptacle has power; use a plug-in lamp as a test.

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In case any wires are loose, do not touch them and call an electrician immediately. If you think that the unit is damaged, you should stop using it immediately.

2. Check Remotes

Who has time to organize a room full of remote controls? It’s so much easier to just gather them all together and remove the batteries from all but one. This makes it easy for your Vizio Sound bar to work at its best, to control your television, cable, Blu-ray player and sound system.

You might need a new remote control. The Vizio sound bar might work just fine the way it is, but your sound may not be able to be adjusted with the remote control. If you can adjust the sound with the buttons on the speaker, then your remote control is broken.

3. Hard Reset Vizio Soundbar

If you are having trouble with your sound bar, a hard reset (power cycle) is recommended. This process might help refresh the device, resolving issues like poor audio quality or lack of connection.

To Hard reset the Vizio soundbar, follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug your soundbar’s power cable for five minutes.
  2. Wait for the soundbar to completely cool off before powering it on again.
  3. Plug the power cable into the respective wall outlet.

Power supply issues are common with Vizio sound bars, and the problem usually occurs when the device is plugged into an outlet near a router. In order to fix this issue, you might want to move your Vizio sound bar and try plugging it into a different power outlet in another part of the house.

NOTE: Be careful of any faulty power strips, extension cords, or dividers that might interrupt the power delivery from your electrical outlet to the sound bar.

4. Refresh Vizio Sound Bar Connection

The Vizio Soundbar will often go out of sync with the source device, leaving you unable to listen to your favourite shows or movies. Thankfully, there is a quick workaround that can resolve this issue in a few easy steps.

If you’re experiencing a Vizio soundbar problem with no sound, there’s a quick fix that can be found in simply holding 2 buttons on the soundbar. This process will refresh the connectivity of the soundbar with the audio device.

Here’s how to refresh the connection for your Vizio soundbar:

  1. Turn on your Vizio device.
  2. Find the input and Bluetooth buttons on your soundbar.
  3. Make sure the LED is lit.
  4. Hold both the input and the Bluetooth buttons for six seconds.
  5. Release when you see the LED flash once.

If refreshing the soundbar’s connection doesn’t fix the issue, unplug and re-plug the HDMI cable from the soundbar to your playout device.

5. Refresh Vizio Sound bar’s Interface

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your Vizio soundbar’s interface, we have a few suggestions. There are two different ways that will both help you do that.

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Below, we’ll explain how to refresh your sound bar’s interface.

  • Method 1: Press and hold the input and volume up buttons for 6 seconds––and then release.
  • Method 2: Press and hold the Volume button and input button for 6 seconds. This process is the opposite of the one from before, where you press and hold the input button while also holding Volume.

You’ve tried this, and it didn’t help you fix your Vizio soundbar? Let’s move on to the next solution.

6. Choose The Correct Input

When your Vizio sound bar isn’t playing anything, it might be plugged into the wrong port on your TV.

If you’ve got a Vizio sound bar connected to your audio jack, but it won’t play anything, try plugging it into an HDMI port on your TV instead.

There are multiple ports on your TV that are meant for audio and video, as well as inputs for HDMI and optical cables.

Connecting your soundbar’s cable to the “Audio Out” input on the back of your TV will enable your soundbar to send audio to your TV and therefore cause both devices to play what you’re watching. If you’d like, you can also connect your TV to the “Audio Out” input on the back of your soundbar using a standard 3.5mm audio cable.

Depending on your TV and soundbar model, you may be able to connect the soundbar with an optical cable. Connecting the HDMI cable to the TV should resolve this issue if it is indeed a cable issue.

Make sure your TV audio is coming directly from your soundbar. This is a common issue with soundbars and TVs — in fact, if your audio is coming from the television itself and not the soundbar, you’re missing out on richer, more immersive audio from your movies, programs and games.

If you’re having trouble hearing the TV, it’s possible that the TV’s audio output is set to “External Speakers” instead of the soundbar.

7. Use A Different Device

We recommend checking that you’re connecting your sound bar to the correct source.

If there’s no sound coming from your sound bar, it might not be working at all — make sure that you’ve plugged the cables into the right sockets and that everything is connected properly.

Our recommendation is to test the sound bar with a different device other than your TV. This way, you’ll be able to know for sure if it’s the soundbar or the TV that has issues.

If you so desire, you can test Vizio sound bar with an alternative device. If everything works properly with the second receiver, then resetting your TV settings should help.

8. Do A Factory Reset

If you’re still having trouble after trying all of the solutions above, try a reset. Resetting will wipe out all of the settings and setups so you’ll have to set them up again.

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What is factory default? Factory default is a status where all settings return to their original state and nothing will be saved after the device is turned on. It erases personal information like account passwords and login credentials, as well as any changes you have made to your soundbar.

To reset the soundbar back to factory default, here are the steps:

  1. Find the Bluetooth button and Volume down button.
  2. Press both of them simultaneously and hold for about 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for all 12 LEDs to blink three times before unplugging the power cord from the power source.

Once your soundbar has been flashed with the LEDs, it will be reset and ready to be reconfigured. If the problem still persists after this, it may be a hardware failure.

If you’re having issues with your TV, make sure to contact Vizio’s customer service. After they confirm your problem, use your warranty or find a Sound bar repair service.

Why Did My Vizio Sound Bar Stopped Working

When was the last time your Vizio sound bar stopped working? If you’re like most people, it’s hard to remember because Vizio makes high-quality products that rarely break. However, when your speaker does stop working, it’s frustrating.

You experienced this problem because of an electrical power surge or outage. It is caused by a failed amplifier/power supply board in your sound bar. The amplifier/power supply board has been identified as defective by our engineers. A patch to the software has also been submitted to add a protection mode to prevent further damage.

No Sound Coming Out Of Vizio Sound Bar

Sometimes your Vizio sound bar will just stop working. It’s frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world.

If you’re having trouble with your Vizio sound bar, try turning it on and off again. Seriously, that’s the first thing you should try. Next, press the volume up and down buttons on the remote to see if that fixes the problem. If nothing’s working and you’ve tried everything else under the sun, then it’s time to call Vizio support or schedule a service appointment.

Final Thoughts

Reset your Vizio soundbar, if it still doesn’t make any noise, swap out the audio source for a different device, and then use the Vizio soundbar’s default settings to reinitialize its software.

Now that you understand why Vizio sound bar no sound is a common issue, you should be able to resolve your issue with ease. Of course, if you are still having trouble with the sound not working, please contact Vizio customer service team to correct any error on the spot.

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