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Samsung dishwasher 4C error code means that Samsung dishwasher has detected an issue with the water supply. A common reason for this error is a blockage in the hose or a bent hose. This error is the same as the 4E code in the dishwasher.

Samsung dishwashers have been designed with the highest quality standards in mind. A Samsung dishwasher will provide years of exceptional performance.

Samsung has many other features that make it easy to get your dishes clean and dry without much effort on your part.

Samsung Dishwashers are built to be tough and reliable, but it’s important to keep up on the maintenance so they can continue to perform well over time. This blog post looks at how you can troubleshoot Samsung Dishwasher 4C Code by checking out the below tips.

What Does The Samsung Dishwasher 4C Error Code Mean?

Samsung Dishwasher 4C Error Code

The 4C error on your Samsung dishwasher indicates that it is not getting enough water pressure or temperature.

The “4C Error” is a common error in a Samsung dishwasher. This error means that the dishwasher isn’t getting enough water or that the water temperature is too low. This typically happens when there is some kind of blockage in the waterline.

The dishwasher will not start the cycle and displays an error code on the screen. This means that there is a problem related to the water supply to the dishwasher, so it does not have water to begin cleaning your dishes. Check if the household’s plumbing works and whether there is a problem with the water supply to the house.

LG dishwashers display error code 4C. If you see this code appear, you need to check the following: 

  • Ensure that The water supply tap is turned on.
  • The water pressure is normal and appropriate for the dishwasher 
  • There might be problems with the centralized water supply. 
  • There are no leaks in the water pipes.
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If the 4C error occurs only once, it may be due to a short-term malfunction in the control unit. In this case, make sure you reboot your dishwasher for 10-15 minutes by unplugging it. If the issue persists after restarting, check all elements and units of the appliance.

How To Remove Samsung Dishwasher 4C Error Code

If nothing seems to work with your Samsung dishwasher, our quick troubleshooting guide will help you narrow down the problem and find the best solution for it.

Clogged or Kinked Hose

A Samsung dishwasher is smart enough to detect when it’s not getting the right water pressure and will display a Samsung Dishwasher 4C/4E Error Code. This code usually indicates that there is an issue with the hose.

If you have clogs in your hose, then try cleaning them out or replacing your Samsung dishwasher hoses if they are old. Check for any kinks in the hose as well before determining whether you need to replace it or just clean it.

Closed Water Inlet Valve

The dishwasher fills with water automatically, but if the dishwasher doesn’t fill, it may be due to a blocked water inlet valve. To resolve this issue: turn the valve clockwise until it stops moving, then turn it back toward the open position.

This should open the passage enough to allow water to flow into the dishwasher and eliminate the 4C error.

Clogged Mesh Filter

Look inside your Samsung dishwasher and check the filter. If you can’t see it, look at the bottom of the door to find a mesh filter that catches food particles before reaching the pump. This Samsung Dishwasher Error Code is often caused by dirty filters or old ones with holes in them.

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To clean this Samsung dishwasher error code from displaying again, thoroughly wash out your Samsung dishwasher’s mesh filter screen or replace it as necessary.

Be sure to rinse the mesh filter regularly under running water to remove any residue that could affect dishwasher performance. You can use a simple toothbrush or sponge to remove any built-up grime gently.

Broken Water Inlet Valve

If the Samsung dishwasher 4C error code is still displaying, then it could be that your water inlet valve has failed. A broken water inlet valve can cause low flow through the Samsung washer’s detergent dispenser, resulting in an extra-dirty wash cycle with minimal soap suds. 

When your dishwasher doesn’t fill with water, the problem could be your water inlet valve. The water inlet valve is made up of an electromagnetic coil connected to a solenoid valve. 

When you start your dishwasher, the coil is activated and allows water to flow into the dishwasher. If it fails, no water will be able to enter the tub, forcing most dishwashers into a 4C error code.

If your Samsung dishwasher displays a 4C error code, check the valve connection with a multimeter. 

  • To access the valve, turn off the connected dishwasher and unplug it from power. 
  • Disconnect the water inlet hose from the valve and then directly connect a multimeter. 
  • Test each solenoid for continuity by touching probes to its ends — you should read 2-4 kOhms.

If the dishwasher’s inlet valve does not close, the solenoid is faulty even after it has received a current. Connect the multimeter to the valve’s site, and test whether the resistance is greater than normal. If so, the valve must be replaced. 

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If it opens when you test it but does not close when there is current, this means that either the membrane has worn out or the rubber button has lost its elasticity.

Faulty Control Board

The control board is what controls your dishwasher, and if it’s damaged, your dishwasher will not work. If you encounter a 4C error, it means that the control board is damaged.

You can fix this by soldering or replacing the chip on the board, but often this can be done by a repair professional so that your dishwasher will work like new again.


The Samsung Dishwasher 4C Error Code is caused by a faulty water inlet valve that’s stuck open or closed instead of being able to sense when the Samsung washer isn’t getting enough water pressure.

If your Samsung dishwasher has this error code displayed, try cleaning out any clogs inside your hose and checking the mesh filter before replacing it as needed.

If none of these solutions work, then check your control board which may need resetting or may be defective completely. We hope this article has been helpful in fixing your problem. Please do comment below if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.

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