Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting [Easy And Quick Fix]

If you’ve ever tried to connect a Sylvania Smart Bulb but it won’t connect to your Wi-Fi, you’re not alone. Many Sylvania Smart Bulb owners have had this problem, so we decided to create a detailed guide to help you fix it.

Sylvania offers industry-leading smart home technology. Their products are power efficient and will pay for themselves in due time. They prolong battery life, easy to install, and can be controlled by voice assistants like Alexa.

Moreover, Sylvania is one of the few brands that have a wide range of products that can be used in any location throughout your home. Sylvania is known for its innovative new designs and the ability to use methods never seen before.

Smart devices are supposed to be seamless and work with everything, but the reality is quite different. Internet-connected light bulbs, in particular, come with a slew of connectivity issues that users need to solve through some simple troubleshooting steps.

Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting

Do you have issues connecting your Sylvania Wi-Fi Smart Bulb to your home Wi-Fi? Do you want to know the possible causes of this issue and how to fix it? In this article, you will learn why Sylvania Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is having problems connecting to Wi-Fi and how to set it up straight away.

1. Do A Power Cycle

When things don’t go as planned with your Sylvania Smart Bulb, there are some quick fixes that can solve your problems. If you have a problem with your light not working as it should, try power cycling your bulb: unplug the power, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

Wait 30 seconds for the power to return. Once the Sylvania smart bulb is powered up, it will automatically reconnect to the hub and work like normal. You can open up your app to check if everything is working correctly and go back to enjoying a brighter life.

2. Check Network Connection

If you’ve been having trouble getting your Sylvania smart light bulb to connect to your wifi, you’re probably not alone. Sometimes the issue is due to a weak wifi connection and users will have to relocate the router closer to the light bulb or within range of their computer. Other times, it can be that there’s an issue with the network itself, especially if a lot of people are using it.

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Most often than not, Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting issue is related to weak network quality. Due to this, communication becomes interrupted and the smart bulb can’t connect with your mobile device. To ensure that you have a stable connection, turn off any Bluetooth devices or WiFi devices in your home.

If your Sylvania smart bulb is not connecting to WiFi, the first thing you should do is restart your router. Next, move your smart device closer to the router.

This will extend your WiFi range and keep your smart bulb connected without any problems. The stronger the WiFi connection is, the better your device can connect to WiFi.

After refreshing the WiFi network and restarting the router and still not being able to connect your Sylvania Smart Bulb with the WiFi, then you should check the strength of your WiFi network. If the WiFi network strength is not sufficient enough then your smart bulb may not connect with the WiFi.

When WiFi related issues occur, it’s important to make sure that a WiFi device is still connected to its network. If a device can’t connect to the WiFi network, consider changing its configuration accordingly. If the problem persists, then reconfiguring the WiFi settings on your smart bulb will eliminate any possible issues that might be causing this problem.

3. Restart The Router

If you notice that your WiFi signal is weak, your bulb may not be able to connect to it. Check your phone’s WiFi signal strength and move the router closer to the bulb. If this doesn’t work, restart your router and try again.

If you are one of the 55% of consumers are affected by a home WiFi network that feels slow or gets disconnected, it might be time to get a WiFi extender. A wireless extender allows for easy access throughout your home by boosting your router’s signal.

When trying to connect to an online shopping site, the internet connection must be stable. You can test this by opening a new tab on your phone and trying to browse the site. If it’s slow or doesn’t load at all, contact your Internet Service Provider to try and fix it.

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4. Check Your WiFi Network Band

If you’re having issues setting up your Sylvania smart bulb, it may be due to the wireless frequency of your router. The smart bulbs don’t work with 5 GHz networks, which most smartphones and IPads have. If you’re having this problem, check your router settings and make sure that you’ve set it to 2.4 GHz.

Certain router models output their WiFi signals on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands — which means that when using a smart light, you must select its network manually every time you turn on your router.

5. Input Correct WiFi Password

WiFi passwords are a common cause of connection errors, so it’s important to enter the correct password. You may also need to authorize your smart home device with your router, too.

If you don’t know your WiFi password, reset your router and set a new one. Be sure to record it for future use.

The Sylvania Smart Bulb connects to your home WiFi connection, so it’s essential that you enter the correct password. To do this correctly, you’ll need to check that your WiFi network is available and active in the first place — if it isn’t, the bulb won’t be able to connect.

6. Use The Correct App

Sylvania’s app dedicated to home automation, Sylvania Smart Home, is not currently compatible with the WiFi based Smart Bulbs.

Sylvania has published two apps: the SYLVANIA Smart WiFi app and the SYLVANIA Smart Home app. Though these apps are both helpful, they each have specific uses. The SYLVANIA Smart WiFi app is used to set up, control, and monitor your Sylvania smart bulbs; while the SYLVANIA Smart Home app is solely for monitoring lights, thermostats, and smoke detectors in your home.

Make sure that you have the Sylvania Smart WiFi app downloaded, available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Then connect your device to the Sylvania Smart WiFi network. If you still cannot connect, keep reading.

7. Factory Reset the Bulb

If you run into issues with the Sylvania smart bulb, try performing a factory reset. This process helps to clear out any problems that may be preventing the connection from working.

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This process clears the hardware settings and puts the bulb back to the starting point, but it’s also the last resort for a setup that has gotten unruly.

Fixing Wi-Fi connectivity issues requires merely unscrewing the bulbs and screwing them in, turning them on and off five times, and then plugging the bulbs back into your lamp or wall socket.

This will reset the bulb, as well as fix many WiFi connection issues like unstable connections or no connections at all.

After you reset the bulb, the Sylvania Smart Bulb will need to connect to its WiFi network again so that it can be remotely accessed by your devices. To do this, simply press and hold the color button for about 4 seconds — the lamp should then flash a series of colors to indicate that it’s connecting.

8. Contact Sylvania Support

The easiest way to solve Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting problem is to contact the Sylvania support team.

Help is available on the website and you can chat with the support staff using the live chat feature or call them on the phone number given on their website. They will help you out with any issue that you might be having.

If you do choose to ask Sylvania support for help, make sure that you explain your problem in detail. It is essential for them to see the issue in its entirety so that they can find a solution.

Ask about ways in which you can troubleshoot the problem and how you can contact them should other issues arise.

If you’re having trouble connecting the smart bulb to your network, try resetting the bulb and restarting it. This may improve your connectivity and solve the issue you’re experiencing with your Sylvania Smart Bulb.

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