Why Is My AirTag Randomly Making Noise? (Solved)

Apple’s AirTag is a highly-regarded piece of technology designed to help users keep track of their belongings. However, some users have reported that their AirTag randomly makes noise, even when they are not near the device. This issue has caused confusion and discomfort for some users, who are unsure of what is causing their AirTag to make noise and whether it is a sign of a malfunction.

The problem of random AirTag noise is not uncommon, and several reasons could be causing this issue. One of the most common reasons is a low battery level in the AirTag, which can cause it to emit a warning chirp. Users should ensure that their AirTag battery is sufficiently charged to avoid this issue.

Another possible reason for random AirTag noise is interference from other wireless devices. In such cases, users should move their AirTag away from other radio signal-emitting devices to resolve the issue.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help Apple AirTag users understand why their device may randomly make noise and how they can fix the issue. By following the instructions provided, users can keep their AirTag functioning correctly and reduce any associated anxiety caused by random noise.

Reasons why AirTag randomly making noise

AirTag Randomly Making Noise

AirTag is a small and handy device that helps in locating lost items. It’s designed to be a great asset for anyone who frequently misplaces their belongings.

However, if you find your AirTag randomly making noise, you may wonder what’s causing the issue. Here are some possible causes to consider:

Distance from iPhone

AirTag uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone. If your AirTag is too far from your iPhone, it may lose the Bluetooth connection. It can cause the AirTag to emit a sound, alarming you that your item is out of range.

If you’re experiencing this issue, you may want to check whether your AirTag is within range or not and bring it back closer to your iPhone.

Battery replacement

AirTag uses a small battery that can last up to a year. If your AirTag battery is running low, it may cause it to make a noise. To check the battery level of your AirTag, go to the Find My app and select the desired AirTag. It will tell you how much percentage of battery life is remaining.

Movement of item attached to AirTag

If the item attached to your AirTag moves around frequently, it may cause the AirTag to emit a sound. For example, if you attach the AirTag to your keychain and frequently move it around, the AirTag may make noise indicating that it’s moving.

Interference from other devices

AirTag uses Bluetooth technology, which can cause interference with other Bluetooth devices. If other devices disrupt the Bluetooth connection, your AirTag may randomly make noise. To mitigate this issue, you can try turning off other Bluetooth devices in the area or move to another area.

In summary, the above reasons can cause AirTag to emit sound randomly. It’s essential to identify the cause and address the issue to make sure the device functions correctly.

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What should you do when your AirTag randomly makes noise?

If you find your AirTag randomly making noise, the first step is to locate the AirTag using the Find My app. Once you find the AirTag, you can check the device’s battery level to make sure it doesn’t need replacement.

If the battery level is low, you can swap the battery and check whether the sound issue is resolved. Suppose the sound persists even after performing the above steps.

In that case, you can try resetting the AirTag by removing and reinserting the battery or restarting the AirTag from your iPhone.

If the issue still persists, you may want to contact Apple support for a more detailed check on your device to ensure that it’s functioning correctly.

How to prevent AirTag from making noise

AirTag is a great device for keeping track of your belongings. However, it can be quite annoying when it starts making random noises. There are several things you can do to prevent AirTag from making noise.

Move closer to iPhone

One of the reasons why your AirTag may be making noise is that it is out of range of your iPhone. AirTag uses Bluetooth to communicate with your iPhone, and if it is too far away, it will start making noise to alert you. Moving closer to your iPhone will resolve this issue.

Replace battery

Another cause of AirTag noise is a low battery. AirTag is powered by a CR2032 coin-cell battery, which should last for up to a year with normal usage. If your AirTag is making noise, it could be a sign that the battery is running low. To replace the battery, use a coin to twist the back cover counter-clockwise and remove it. Then, insert a new battery with the positive side facing up and replace the cover by twisting it clockwise.

Disable “Item Safety Alerts”

If you are using AirTag with an iPhone running iOS 14.5 or later, you may receive “Item Safety Alerts” if an unknown AirTag is detected moving with you. This feature is designed to prevent unwanted tracking, but it can also cause AirTag to make noise if it thinks it is being moved by someone else. To disable Item Safety Alerts, go to Settings > Find My > Item Safety Alerts and toggle off the switch.

Reset AirTag

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to reset your AirTag. This will erase all the data on the AirTag and return it to its factory settings. To reset your AirTag, press and hold the button on the back for at least 15 seconds until the status light flashes white.

In conclusion, if your AirTag is making noise, it is most likely due to being out of range, a low battery, Item Safety Alerts, or a firmware issue. By following the tips above, you can prevent AirTag from making noise and enjoy a more seamless tracking experience.

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The Benefits of Using AirTag

Using AirTag has several benefits that make it an essential device for safety and convenience. Whether you are prone to losing items, want to ensure your personal safety, or are looking for an advanced tracking device, AirTag has got you covered. Here are some of the benefits of using AirTag:

1. Locating lost or misplaced items

One of the primary benefits of using AirTag is that it helps you locate lost or misplaced items quickly. Whether it is your keys, wallet, or backpack, you can use AirTag to locate them using the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The precision finding feature allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your lost item and guide you there with a combination of sound, haptics, and visual feedback. This feature can save you time and prevent the frustration of searching aimlessly for your lost items.

2. Personal safety

AirTag can also provide added personal safety by alerting you to unwanted tracking or proximity to unknown individuals. If someone tries to track you without your consent, your AirTag will emit a sound to alert you of their presence. Moreover, if you are in an unsafe situation, you can use your AirTag to share your location with trusted contacts or emergency services for immediate help.

3. Using with Find My app

AirTag is integrated with the Find My app, a free app that allows you to locate and manage your Apple devices and AirTag. The app uses a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology to locate your AirTag and connected devices. You can also use the app to share your location with friends and family, track lost or stolen devices, and put a lost device in lost mode to lock and remotely erase its data.

Using AirTag has several benefits, including locating lost or misplaced items, personal safety, and using it with the Find My app for advanced tracking features.

To use AirTag effectively, you must ensure that it is set up correctly and updated with the latest software. Additionally, you must take precautions to protect your privacy and security while using AirTag.

For example, if you lend your item that has an AirTag to a friend, make sure to remove it after they return it. If you don’t remove it, your friend’s location may be tracked unknowingly. Additionally, if you lose your item with an AirTag, be aware that anyone can use the Find My app to locate it, including unauthorized individuals. So, make the necessary precautions to secure your devices and AirTag.


In conclusion, if you find your AirTag randomly making noise, it is likely due to its proximity to a device with Bluetooth connectivity. This is a feature designed to make it easier for you to locate your lost AirTag by using the Find My app.

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However, if you want to prevent the noise from occurring, you can place the AirTag in Lost Mode or keep it in a farther distance from devices with Bluetooth.

The AirTag is a handy device that can make locating lost items faster and simpler. Understanding the features and knowing how to manage them will enable you to get the most out of your AirTag while avoiding any unnecessary noise.

So, go ahead and enjoy the benefits of your AirTag, but be mindful of the technology it uses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why My AirTag Randomly Making Noise

What is an AirTag?

An AirTag is a small, coin-shaped device that uses Bluetooth connectivity to track and locate items such as keys, wallets, and bags. It allows users to find their lost items with the help of Apple’s Find My network.

Why is my AirTag making noise?

If your AirTag is making an intermittent beeping noise, it means that it has been separated from its owner or paired device for a prolonged period of time. This alert is designed to help you locate your lost item.

Can I turn off the noise my AirTag is making?

No, you cannot turn off the noise your AirTag makes if it is separated from its host device. This is a safety feature designed to prevent theft and loss.

How do I disable the sound on my AirTag?

To disable the sound on your AirTag, you can put it in Lost Mode. This will prevent the sound from being triggered by separation from its host device. Open the Find My app on your iOS device, tap on your AirTag, and select “Lost Mode.”

What if my AirTag is making noise even when I’m nearby?

If your AirTag is making noise when it is nearby, it may be experiencing a connectivity issue with its paired device. Make sure your AirTag is within range of your device and try resetting your AirTag.

Can I use AirTag with Android devices?

No, AirTag can only be used with Apple devices running iOS 14.5 or later and iPadOS 14.5 or later.

What should I do if I lose my AirTag?

If you have lost your AirTag, you can use the Find My app to locate it. You can also mark it as lost to receive notifications when it is found. If your AirTag has been away from its host device for more than a day, it will emit a beeping sound to help locate it.

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