How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last? (ANSWERED+TIPS)

If you’ve recently purchased an AirTag, you might be wondering how long the battery will last. This small, disc-shaped tracking device can be attached to personal items like keys, wallets, and purses to help you locate them if they go missing.

The AirTag utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with your Apple device and can last a long time on a single battery. However, battery life can vary based on usage and other factors. In this article, we’ll explore how long AirTag batteries typically last and some tips on how to conserve battery life.

Short answer: The AirTag battery can last over a year, but it depends on usage and how often you use the device.

To start, it’s important to note that the AirTag runs on a replaceable CR2032 battery, a common coin cell battery that can be easily found in most stores.

According to Apple, the battery can last up to a year, but this estimate is based on using the AirTag’s “lost mode” feature four times a year. Lost mode is a helpful tool that puts the AirTag into a more active mode, allowing you to track its location more accurately. However, using this feature more frequently can drain the battery faster.

Using the “lost mode” feature more frequently can drain the battery faster.

How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last?

How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last?

If you own an Apple device, you may have heard of AirTags. These small Bluetooth trackers are designed to help you find lost items like keys, backpacks, and even pets. They use the Find My app to show you where your missing item is on a map, making it easy to track down. But with any electronic device, battery life is a concern. In this article, we’ll take a look at how long AirTag batteries last, as well as what factors can affect their lifespan.

The Battery Life of AirTags

According to Apple, the battery life of an AirTag is approximately one year. This is based on the device being used for four times a day, and assuming that the AirTag is not moving for extended periods. In reality, your usage and the conditions your AirTag is subjected to will affect its battery life. A few additional factors to consider include:

Factors That Affect the Battery Life of AirTags

  1. Usage – If you use your AirTag more than four times per day, you’ll need to replace the battery more frequently. Conversely, if you don’t use your AirTag often, the battery may last longer than a year.
  2. Environment – AirTags are designed to be used indoors or outdoors. If your AirTag is subjected to extreme temperatures, humidity, or other weather conditions, the battery may drain more quickly.
  3. Distance – AirTags use Bluetooth to communicate with your device. The further away they are from your device, the harder they have to work to maintain this connection. This can drain the battery more quickly.
  4. Other Devices – If you have multiple devices connected to your AirTag, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, this can also affect battery life. The more devices that are connected, the more battery power is required to maintain these connections.
  5. Updates – Like any piece of technology, updates are necessary to keep your AirTag working properly. However, these updates can also affect battery life, as they may require more power to install.
  6. Battery Type – The battery used in an AirTag is a CR2032 coin cell battery. While these batteries are designed to last a long time, they do have a finite lifespan. You’ll need to replace the battery when it dies, which can vary depending on usage and other factors.
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Overall, the battery life of an AirTag will depend on several factors. While the official estimate is approximately one year, your usage and conditions will play a large role in how long the battery lasts.

When Do You Need to Change AirTag Batteries?

AirTags are small tracking devices that are designed to help you locate items such as keys, backpacks, laptops, and other belongings. The AirTag comes equipped with a replaceable battery that is designed to last for a certain period before needing to be replaced. 

According to Apple, the AirTag battery should last for approximately one year before needing to be replaced. However, this time frame can vary depending on how often you use the AirTag and how much time it spends in an active state.

An active state is when the AirTag is being used to track an item. During this time, the battery is drained faster than when it is in a dormant state.

How to Know If An AirTag Battery Is Low

If you notice that the AirTag is not functioning as it normally would, or if it is not emitting a sound or signal when activated, it is likely that the battery is running low.

At this point, you will need to change the battery. You can also check the battery life on your iPhone by opening the Find My app, selecting the AirTag, and viewing the battery indicator.

How to Change AirTag Batteries

Changing the AirTag battery is a fairly straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Twist the back cover of the AirTag counterclockwise to unlock the battery compartment.
  2. Remove the old battery from the compartment and dispose of it properly.
  3. Insert the new battery, with the positive side facing up.
  4. Replace the back cover by twisting it clockwise until you hear a click.

That’s it! Your AirTag should now be fully functional again.

Tips for Maximizing the Battery Life of AirTags

Apple’s AirTags are small devices that make locating lost items easier by using Bluetooth technology. They are equipped with user-replaceable batteries that can last up to a year, depending on usage habits.

However, there are steps you can take to help maximize the battery life of your AirTag.

Settings to Conserve AirTag Battery Life

One way to help conserve the battery life of your AirTag is by adjusting the settings on your iPhone. To do this, go to the Find My app and select the AirTag that you want to adjust the settings for. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Turn Off Precision Finding: Precision Finding uses the ultra-wideband technology in iPhone 11 and newer models to help locate your AirTag within inches. However, this feature can use a lot of battery power and may not be necessary for everyday use. Turning it off can help conserve battery life.
  2. Reduce Location Update Frequency: By default, your AirTag will update its location every few minutes when in range of your iPhone. However, you can adjust this frequency to every few hours or once a day. This can help save battery life.
  3. Turn Off Sounds: Your AirTag will play a sound when you ask Siri to locate it or when you use the Find My app. Turning off this feature can help conserve battery life.
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Recommended Usage Guidelines

In addition to adjusting the settings, there are a few recommended usage guidelines that can help maximize the battery life of your AirTag:

Use the AirTag only when necessary: The more you use your AirTag, the faster the battery will drain. Try to only use the AirTag when necessary to help conserve the battery life.

Keep your AirTag within range: Your AirTag needs to be within range of your iPhone to update its location. Keeping it within range will help reduce the frequency of location updates and conserve the battery life.

Replace the battery when necessary: When the battery in your AirTag is low, a notification will appear in the Find My app. Replace the battery as soon as possible to ensure that your AirTag continues to work properly and to help conserve the battery life.

By following these tips, you can help maximize the battery life of your AirTag and ensure that it continues to work properly over time.


In conclusion, the lifespan of an AirTag battery is dependent on various factors, such as usage and the frequency of location updates. However, Apple’s claims suggest that the batteries can last up to a year before requiring a replacement.

It is worth noting that factors like extended periods without location updates and extreme temperatures can affect battery life.

When it comes to efficient use of AirTags, it’s best to have a clear understanding of the device’s features and optimize usage to conserve battery life. Ultimately, investing in additional AirTag accessories like keychains and leather loops can help prolong their lifespan by preventing accidental loss and damage.

In summary, AirTags are an innovative way to keep track of and locate your belongings, and the batteries can last for some time when used correctly. So, if you’re looking for a reliable way to keep an eye on your valuables, AirTags are a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AirTag Battery Life

1. How long do AirTag batteries last?

The AirTag battery usually lasts for about a year or more, depending on usage and other factors like distance, environment, and notification settings.

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2. How do I check the AirTag battery life?

You can check the AirTag battery level via the Find My app on an iPhone or iPad or your AirTag notification settings; it will show the percentage of the battery remaining.

3. Can I replace the AirTag battery?

Yes, you can replace the AirTag battery. The AirTag has a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that you can easily replace by opening the device and replacing the battery.

4. Will the AirTag notify me when the battery is low?

Yes, the AirTag will notify you when the battery is low via a notification on your iPhone or iPad, but you can also check the battery percentage in the Find My app.

5. Does the AirTag battery drain faster if it is farther away from my device?

The AirTag battery can drain faster if it is farther away from your device, but it also depends on other factors like the environment and notification settings.

6. Can turning off notifications help save the AirTag battery?

Yes, turning off notifications can help extend the AirTag battery life because it reduces how often your AirTag communicates with your device.

7. Are there any apps or settings that can help extend the AirTag battery life?

Yes, you can use the Precision Finding feature only when necessary since it uses more battery life. Also, you can reduce the frequency of location updates and alerts in the Find My app to conserve battery life.

8. If my AirTag battery dies, will it still show up on the Find My app?

No, if the AirTag battery dies, the device will stop showing up on the Find My app, and you will need to replace the battery to continue using it.

9. How do I dispose of the AirTag battery?

The AirTag battery is generally safe to dispose of in the trash, but you should recycle it properly if you have access to a battery recycling program to reduce environmental impact.


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