Bosch Dishwasher E24 Error Code [SOLVED] – Let’s Fix It

Have you ever looked at Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code? If so, then you know that it’s a frustrating experience. Bosch dishwashers are known for their reliability and quality, but Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code is not something that you want to see. 

The error code will be triggered when the machine fails to drain water out of the unit properly – this can happen due to a blocked hose or filter. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code and offer some tips on how you can fix the problem quickly.

What Does The Bosch Dishwasher E24 Error Code Mean?

Bosch Dishwasher E24 Error Code

When the Bosch dishwasher E24 error code appears, it means there is a clog or a blockage in the drain hose. The most common culprit is hair and food debris. It can also mean that the drain filter may need to be cleaned or replaced.

When you run into Bosch dishwasher error code E24, know that it’s a sign of a blocked drain hose or clogged filter. E24 is relatively common. To get rid of it, ensure the drain hose is unblocked and check the filter for any debris.

How To Reset Bosch Dishwasher E24 Error Code

A blockage sometimes causes the Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code in the drain. The first thing you should do when the Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code is displayed, turn off power to the unit and use a paper clip or something similar to unblock any of the internal mechanisms that may be clogged with debris.

Ensure there are no large items left inside before turning on the power again (a few coins can cause this problem).

What Causes The Bosch Dishwasher E24 Error Code?

If the Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code still appears after fixing any possible problems, you’ll need to take apart the machine yourself and make repairs using your own hands.

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Clogged or Kinked Hose

Clogged hoses can also cause the Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code. If the hose is blocked, then it’ll start to display the Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code, and the water won’t drain properly – this will cause the machine to stop working correctly.

First, locate the hose at the bottom of your dishwasher. To disconnect it, you will likely need pliers to loosen or remove the clamp. Then, place a shallow pan or dish below the hose to catch any water that may spill.

After removing the hose, clear it out carefully by pouring hot water down it and using a clean rag or paper towels to wipe out any gunk that’s inside.

Before you can fix a clogged drain, you need to identify what’s causing the blockage. Commercial drain cleaners are a solid option for clearing out larger debris, but you can make your own at home with a coat hanger and some strong liquid-soaked cloth.

If the hose seems clear, there might be a clog in the drain itself. In this case, you’ll have to manually clean it with a thin wire or a snake tool.

If there’s a large or heavy object under the sink, it could be pushing against the drain hose — preventing water from draining properly. Gently remove the object to free up the path of the drain hose: if it is kinked, try straightening the hose manually; otherwise, replace the hose if this continues to happen.

Clogged Filter

Another Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code cause is a clogged filter. Bosch dishwashers have an automatic water filtration system, and if it becomes blocked, then the Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code will be triggered.

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How To Clean Filter

  • First, locate the filter assembly — on the back of the machine or along the bottom. 
  • Next, remove it by turning counter-clockwise and lifting it straight up. 
  • Once you’ve removed the cylindrical filter, you can remove the coarse mesh filter beneath it.
  • Clean the filter thoroughly with warm water, soap, and a brush.
  • Slide the coarse mesh filter followed by the cylindrical filter into place on your sump.

Garbage Disposal

The new garbage disposal in your kitchen is likely to cause clogging issues with your dishwasher—the culprit: the knockout plug, which is normally removed during installation.

If you didn’t remove it, you’d want to get that knocked out before running any other cuts. If your garbage disposal is older, you may be putting down items that are causing the clog.

Loose Impeller Cover

The Bosch dishwasher’s drain pump is an important device that allows dirty water to exit the machine. The pump is located behind the front panel on the right, and it uses centrifugal force to discharge water from the washing compartment. The drain pump works by spinning an impeller. When that impeller spins, it’ll drive water in the correct direction — towards the drain pipe and out of your Bosch dishwasher.

This part of the machine is very important to how it works. The impeller, the thing that looks like a propeller inside the bottom of the water basin, spins at high speed and pushes the water out during the draining process. The cover that sits on top of the impeller must be locked in place for this to happen correctly.

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When a misplaced or loose impeller cover blocks the drain pump impeller, that can trigger the Bosch dishwasher error code E24. The impeller cover should be correctly seated and locked into position to ensure that the drain pump impeller spins freely without getting jammed by food bits or other foreign objects.

If the impeller cover is loose, make sure that there isn’t any debris underneath. If there is, take it out and clean off the impeller. Once you’re sure that the impeller is free, check to see that the cover is properly seated and locked in place. Lastly, use your finger to check whether or not it’s securely inserted into place.

Final Thoughts

The Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code points to a drain problem. There are multiple reasons why the Bosch dishwasher is having trouble draining, but there’s nothing too difficult about fixing it. A few easy DIY fixes should take care of any drainage issues you’re dealing with.

If none of these solutions work for your Bosch dishwasher, Bosch dishwashers are usually covered by a warranty for the first year. You may want to contact Bosch’s customer service phone number and get help with your Bosch dishwasher E24 Error Code problem.

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