How To Turn Off Voice Assistant On Samsung TV – Step By Step Guide

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, then you have used the voice assistant service on it. If you don’t use this feature then it’s better to turn off voice assistant on Samsung TV. You can enable or disable this feature via the settings section. It’s very easy to turn off voice assistant on Samsung TV.

Samsung’s TV models with voice remote feature a built-in microphone that listens to your voice commands. By default, the voice assistant is enabled and listening for voice commands, but it can be disabled.

Samsung provides some of the best voice commands available, including access to a number of apps like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. You can use voice commands to search for programs or even surf the web.

Despite its usefulness, it’s often more frustrating than anything else to have a voice-activated TV if you’re unfamiliar with the technology. Not only is having a voice-activated TV a novelty that wears off fast among guests who aren’t accustomed to the technology, but it can be an inconvenient feature if you or your guests need help operating the Television.

The Samsung Smart Hub software is designed to make your TV more fun and easier to use. Thanks to its powerful voice command feature, you can operate the Smart Hub entirely by voice, using your remote to input instructions. That’s great when you’re too tired to move or your hands are full — but it can get really frustrating when you’re trying to watch a show and the hub keeps popping up.

In this post, we will explain how to turn off voice assistant on Samsung TV. For example, you can enjoy a television program without being disturbed by the sound of unwanted voices.

How To Turn Off Voice Assistant On Samsung TV – Complete Guide

How To Turn Off Voice Assistant On Samsung TV

There are a total of five ways to turn off the Voice Assistant on your Samsung TV. Each method results in a different outcome:

NOTE: Please note that you may need to perform the steps in a specific order. If the first way you try doesn’t work, then proceed with the other methods before giving up.

Method 1 – Volume Button Shortcut

To turn off voice search on your smart TV, press “volume” on the TV remote. Follow these instructions to disable your voice assistant on your smart TV:

  1. Samsung TV remotes have a button that’s exclusive to the voice assistant. Press and hold the volume button to access these settings on your remote.
  2. The TV automatically opens the Voice Guide settings screen. Follow the prompts on-screen to change your settings.
  3. You can quickly and easily disable the voice guide setting.
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Just one button does the whole thing. Press VOLUME to activate accessibility features and voice guidance on your Samsung Smart TV . And when you’re done, press the button again to turn it off.

Note: You may have enabled the voice guidance feature by pressing the volume button for too long. This will cause the TV to speak aloud whatever you are doing on it like channel changing, pressing menu buttons and so on.

Method 2 – Via Accessibility Settings

To turn off voice guidance, press the button on your remote until you find “Settings >Accessibility> Navigation Voice Guide,” and toggle it off.

One of the most important features of voice assistant is voice guidance, and Bixby is no exception. Voice guidance makes it easy for your customers to navigate through your apps and smartphone settings by letting them know what to do.

On Samsung Smart TV, you can use voice guidance when the sound is muted. This means you will be able to navigate TV menu options with your remote control instead of having to keep looking at your screen every time.

  1. To turn OFF voice guide, you must navigate to the TV main menu.
  2. Press the Home button on the remote control.
  3. When the Smart Hub page pops up, select Settings.
  4. You will now need to choose General -> Accessibility -> Voice Guide.
  5. If you want to turn off Voice Guide, select the first option.

Method 3 – Using Voice Command

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, it’s likely that your remote has a microphone that’s used for Bixby voice commands. Many Samsung Smart TV owners may have already noticed that their remotes come equipped with a built-in microphone. It allows them to use voice commands to change the channel or play a favorite show — all while they stay lying on the couch, watching TV.

New Samsung TV owners and existing owners with a new-style remote can use below easy method to turn off their television’s voice prompts.

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Voice search is convenient, but it can also be frustrating. If you have the Voice Guide function turned on, then your TV will automatically start searching for voice commands and issuing commands that you didn’t intend to make — even when you’re not even in earshot of your TV! To turn off this feature while still enjoying voice search functionalities, simply say “Turn off Voice Guide” into the microphone button on your remote control.

Voice Guide will automatically turn on when you press and hold the “mic” button. To turn it off, all you have to do is press and hold the same button, and then say out loud “Turn off Voice Guide”. The TV will respond immediately.

Method 4 – Disable Voice Assistant On Older Samsung TVs (2018 and older)

To turn off audio descriptions on Samsung TV models in the 2008-2013 range, follow the steps outlined below:

In order to turn off audio descriptions on your Samsung TVs, you must first go into Settings. From there, go to Sound or Sound Mode, then to Broadcast, and finally to Audio Language.

If you enable audio description, the settings menu will have an Audio Descriptions item. To turn it off, select that option. If you can’t do that, try holding down the MENU button for a few seconds until you are in the settings menu. If you don’t have audio descriptions turned on and hold down the PLAY and LEFT buttons together at the same time, this will jump to a place where you can turn off the feature.

To turn off audio descriptions on Samsung TV models in the 20014-2018 range, follow the steps outlined below:

If you have an older model of the series Samsung TV, follow these steps to disable Voice Guide. Press the MENU button on the Samsung TV remote and select “Settings” or “System.” From this menu, select “Accessibility” and then choose “Voice Guide.” At this point, it is possible to turn off Voice Guide.

Method 5 – Disable Bixby Assistant

Samsung’s new smart TVs come with something called Bixby, which is a voice assistant that people can use to search and get things done. While some people might find this helpful, others might not want it at all. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to turn off. Readers can check the instructions on how to do so in this very article.

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If you own a Samsung Smart TV and want to disable the voice assistant’s wake up from various verbal commands, press the Home button on your remote, navigate and select Settings, and scroll and select General. In the General menu, scroll and select Bixby Voice Settings. When the voice settings are open, change Voice Wake Up from On to Off.

Why You want to Disable Voice Assistant on Samsung Smart TV

It’s so frustrating when your TV remote dies on you, which is why Samsung has a brand new Voice Guide application. Just like the one used in Samsung’s smartphones, it speaks for you — just tell the app what you want to watch and it’ll change the channel or volume for you. No more accidentally changing the channel — or worse, falling asleep watching a show you didn’t mean to!

Samsung’s Voice Assistant is available as of a recent software update for newer models of Samsung TVs. However, if there are pros to the voice assistant, then there should be cons, too. As the result, one may be inclined to turn off the voice assistant on Samsung TVs:

  • Voice guide is too loud and annoying while viewing movies or series.
  • Voice guide wakes up while watching movies or series and ruins the scene.

Final Thoughts

While you’re watching TV, the speaker will pop up with a click. You can ignore it, or tap it to change the setting. From there, you’ll be taken to the accessibility menu, so you can change the volume or turn off the voiceover altogether.

Thank you for reading our article— we hope it has been helpful and provided you with the information that you need. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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