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Did you ever have a situation that you are unable to control TV with your remote? I am sure you will have this kind of issue in your life as there is always a time that we have such problem. We need to know how to solve it. Here are some troubleshooting steps.

If your Samsung TV remote is not working, there are a few steps you can try to sort out the issue. But the first thing you should do is check your batteries. This is a common problem and it’s often easily fixed. If the batteries are good, check to see if the remote is still under warranty because you may be able to get a replacement. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to purchase a new remote control unit.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working- Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

When the remote stops working on your Smart TV, you will have trouble controlling the most basic functions of the TV. You can still attempt to troubleshoot the TV without a working remote — you will be able to access basic functions using the navigation features of the TV.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working

To fix the remote, you should turn your TV on and off a few times. If this doesn’t work, check that the batteries in the back of your remote are in the right way. It may also be a pairing issue; unplug your TV and then plug it back in using a different cable. If that doesn’t work, the remote is physically broken and you will need to buy a new one.

Check The Batteries of Samsung TV Remote

Don’t get frustrated when your remote control stops working. Before you start looking for a replacement, check the batteries in your Samsung remote control.

If the batteries are low, this could be the problem. Open up the battery compartment and replace the batteries with two new AAA alkaline or any recommended batteries. If the remote control still does not work, try shaking it or pressing a few buttons to see if that restores functionality.

We recommend that you replace the batteries in your remote control before taking any other steps. Doing so will allow you to determine if your remote is the cause of your problem.

Replacing the batteries will ensure that your remote has the battery power it needs in case you run into issues with it.

Make sure the Samsung TV remote has batteries in it and they’re installed correctly. Batteries that aren’t installed correctly can cause the remote to stop working, so take a look before pressing any buttons. After you install new batteries, test the remote for proper operation.

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Ensure that Remote Control Sensor is Unobstructed

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung TV turning on, try moving the device and the remote to different areas in the room. If moving them around doesn’t solve the problem, you may have an obstruction between the remote control sensor on your TV and its remote (the IR receiver). The best way to fix this is to move any device or object that might be hiding the remote’s signal from getting to the receiver on TV.

Remote is designed to work from across the room, just like your phone. So, as long as it’s pointed at the IR sensor on your TV, you’re good to go! In case of any issues, make sure there’s nothing blocking your TV’s IR sensor and that you’re pointing the remote directly at it.

Check the sensor on your TV regularly to ensure it stays clean and dust-free. The sensor can be cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton swab. Spray cleaners should not be used as they may damage the sensor.

Ensure That Remote is paired

The new “smart” remote control can sometimes be a bit finicky. Sometimes it works, and other times it won’t — and we can’t really figure out why. If you’re having trouble pairing the remote to the TV, make sure your TV is on and working, then try re-pairing the remote again after waiting a few minutes.

The remote control may also need to be re-paired with the TV if it has not been used for a short period of time, or if there are new devices connected to the TV that have not been controlled by the remote.

There are many different ways to pair a new Samsung TV with your remote control, depending on the type of remote control you have.

Make sure your television is on. Point the remote at the sensor on the TV and press and hold “RETURN” and “PLAY/PAUSE” buttons simultaneously. This will initiate pairing. Upon successful pairing, your TV screen will display a message that the pairing was successful.

Pairing your universal remote to a Samsung TV can be tricky, as each manufacturer has their own setup process. If you’re having trouble pairing your Samsung TV remote with a universal style remote, we’ve got some tips for you. First of all, make sure the universal remote is listed as a compatible brand in the right column. If that’s not the problem, try powering off both devices and starting over. If that still doesn’t work, try removing batteries from your remote and then replacing them.

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Reduce Distance between Remote and TV Sensor

Samsung remote controls have their limitations — the maximum distance at which they can be used is 30 feet (10m), which may not be far enough for some people.

Samsung remotes are effective to about 10-30 feet, which means that the remote won’t work in certain rooms or, if your home is open plan and you have long distances between the TV and the couch, you may need to get up if you want to change the channel.

In addition, it’s important that the remote sensor is in line-of-sight with the remotes. If your room has a large space or if you have furniture that blocks the sensor, this can cause problems for your remote control. When testing your remote, stand directly in front of the TV and point the remote at the TV’s sensor to see if the commands work properly.

Remove Any Devices that can cause Interference

Samsung TVs are likely to run into interference with other remotes. Due to the technological limitations of infrared (IR) remote controls, your Samsung TV remote control may not function at times.

The remote control may not work if there are other devices nearby. The device may be interfering with your Samsung TV’s remote control because of too many things plugged in or running nearby. Turn off all devices that are connected to your TV and retry the remote control. This includes other remotes, mobile phones and mobile devices, and even cable boxes, media streaming devices and gaming consoles.

Disable Bluetooth

If you’re pairing your remote via Bluetooth, ensure that you turn it off and then turn on the Bluetooth. Ensure there is no obstruction between your TV and remote. Walls, electromagnetic devices, and other electronics can interfere with the infrared signal.

Perform a Hard Reset of the Remote

o reset your remote control, you need to remove the batteries from the device and unplug the power cord from the outlet for 60 seconds. First, locate the batteries and then locate the remote’s battery area. Remove both batteries from your remote and insert them back into the remote after 60 seconds. Plug in the power cord back into the TV socket and use the on/off button on your television to turn it on.

Upon replacing the batteries, attempt to use all of the functions on the remote. If this doesn’t work, it is possible that your remote needs replacement.

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Update the TV Firmware

You’ll need to update your TV with a newer firmware version, which you can do through the System Update menu found in the Settings app.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> All Settings -> Support -> System Update.
  2. Choose Network and click UPDATE.

After the update is complete and TV will start, check if your remote is functioning correctly.

Smart TVs are awesome, but the controls can be a little confusing. If you’re trying to use your remote to turn on your TV and nothing’s happening, here are some troubleshooting tips you should try first.

If your remote is not working completely–if it turns on the TV and sound but won’t work for cable, for instance–you can try replacing the batteries. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

Samsung TV Remote Won’t Work Even With New Batteries

If your Samsung remote isn’t working, remove its batteries and unplug the TV. (If you’re having issues with multiple remotes, try just unplugging the TV.) After 60 seconds, press and hold the power button down on your remote while also pressing any buttons that turn the TV on and off.

While you wait, plug your TV back in and replace your remote’s batteries. Your remote should work now!

Why Is My Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working

Is your Samsung remote not working? This can be a real pain, especially when you’re in the middle of watching your favourite show.

When it comes to remotes, Samsung is one of leading brands on the market for smart TVs. However, if you have issues with your remote, here are some tips that may help you resolve them.

Sometimes, blockages between your remote and the TV can lead to you not being able to easily use your TV.

If you experience issues with your remote, try pointing it directly at the sensor on top of your TV or in front of the TV. If you notice a lot of noise in the area, try moving closer to the TV or turning off nearby speakers for better signal reception.

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