TCL TV Black Screen Problem [Quick Solution]

Have you ever noticed that while watching a movie on TV, the screen turns black and you hear the sound but no picture? This is a common complaint among TCL TV owners and it has to do with how the TV is designed. There are some simple solutions you can try that might fix your problem.

One of the main features of the TCL TV is that it’s an affordable TV with big screen sizes, which means, unfortunately, that it lacks some advanced features that other TVs have. One example of this lacking feature is the fact that all TCL TVs have a black screen issue. Here’s how to fix it.

To fix your black TCL TV, you should simply turn it off and then on again. It’s also worth trying a new HDMI cable to make sure that there isn’t any physical damage to the port — or even a problem with the power source.

As we all know, TCL has long been the leading brand when it comes to the perfect combination of audio and video. However, there is an issue that many users experience: the screen goes black but there is still audio.

TCL owners can breathe easier: there is a fix for this. There are many reasons why your TCL TV screen might show no video even when you can hear the audio — and your device is still functional.

TCL TV Black Screen – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

TCL TV Black Screen

When you see a black screen on your TCL TV, it’s usually not the end of the world. It will probably just be an issue with the HDMI cable that connects the TV to whatever device is providing it with display.

The easiest way to troubleshoot this type of problem is to figure out which piece of equipment — TV or source device — is causing the problem.

One of the leading causes of a blank TCL TV is a faulty backlight. Many modern televisions make use of this technology to deliver images — but when it fails, you’re left with a black screen that does nothing but frustrate you.

If your TCL TV is experiencing a black screen, there are two possibilities: you have an issue with your cable box or other external device, or the backlight unit itself has failed.

1. Power Cycle TCL TV And Remote

The first course of action in any troubleshooting guide for TCL TV black screen problems is to reset the TV by unplugging it from any power source, then waiting 1-2 minutes before plugging it back in. In this case, we are trying a type of reset called a power cycle.

Power cycle is a procedure that consists of unplugging or removing the power source from electronic devices and leaving them off for up to a minute before plugging them back in.

As with any electronic device, TVs can experience system errors that might be cause by an incorrect change in the settings. A simple restart can solve these problems, and you should use it when you have trouble with your TV’s screen.

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To power cycle your TCL TV:

Ensure that the power is off. Unplug the TV from the wall, and let it sit for approximately 1-2 minutes. Plug the TV back in. Typically, you will see the lights turn on, and then you can restart your TV.

Power cycling your remote is the best way to resolve most issues.

To power cycle your remote:

The remote acts as a signal repeater for the machine. Like any other signal repeater, it can sometimes get jammed, especially if you’re using multiple remotes in close proximity. To clear this up, you need to power cycle the remote — just unplug it from its charging cradle, wait for a minute or two and plug it back in. You should see lights on the machine come back to live one at a time.

If you’re having issues with your TCL TV, try reproducing exactly what you were doing when the issue occurred. Use the TV as you normally would and keep an eye out for the same issue to occur.

2. Power Cycle the TV (Second Method)

If you ever find yourself with a non-responsive television screen and no remote control, there’s an easy fix. Power cycling is the safe way to reboot your TV and get it going again.

To reset your TCL TV, you’ll need to find the reset button on the side of the TV. This button is usually a tiny hole that can only be accessed with a paperclip or something similar.

You’ll need a paperclip or something similar, as well as a reset button. The reset button can be found on the side of the TV. It’s a tiny hole that only a paperclip can enter.

Turn off the TCL TV and unplug it from the wall.

Once you’ve located the reset button, press and hold it for at least 30 seconds. After that, power the TV back on and it should be reset.

Repeat the steps that led to the original problem and verify that it has now been resolved.

3. Use a Remote To Restart the TV

This method will only work on TCL Roku TVs.

You can restart the TV by pressing a certain key combination on your remote.

To execute this combination, follow the steps below.

Press the Home button five times. Press the Up button once. Press the Rewind button twice. Press the Fast Forward button twice.

After you input the correct code, your TCL TV will restart. Use the TV as normal after the restart and see if the problem continues.

4. Check HDMI Connections

When you’re dealing with a television that isn’t working, the first thing you want to do is make sure that everything is plugged in. Sit down at your TV and make sure that your cables are plugged in properly, and working as they should be.

If there were any loose connections — or even if the wires are damaged — you should replace your HDMI cords as soon as possible.

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If you start seeing black screens at random, check to see if all of your cables are securely in place.

If you’re experiencing the extreme opposite of this issue (for example: no signal at all) try pressing the TV’s Input button multiple times, until you find the port that works.

If your HDMI cable is getting old (they usually last for about 5-6 years), then I’d suggest getting a replacement.

If you’re using the HDMI cable that came with your TV, before you invest in extra equipment, try swapping it out and seeing if it solves your problem. If you are still experiencing issues, or if you own an older TV without an HDMI port, you can look into a Belkin Ultra HD HDMI cable to help run your cable through the wall to a new location.

5. Update TV Firmware

Software updates are crucial on TVs, and TCL’s TVs have a great method for updating the software. Many TV brands nowadays produce their own smart TVs, which means that updates come directly from the brand itself as opposed to channels like Roku or Chromecast.

The TCL TV works with its own in-built store, so you can find updates by going into the settings menu and looking under the apps section.

As is the case with almost any Android device, firmware updates are pretty easy to install — it’s a very simple process that will only take you a few minutes of your time.

The software on your TV is always being updated. In fact, TV companies now release software updates as regularly as they do new apps.

These updates bring bug fixes and improvements to your operating system, so you should update them frequently to ensure your TV runs at peak performance.

To keep your TCL Android TV up-to-date, regularly check for and install available software updates. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote, then navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. In the Settings menu, select More Settings.
  3. Under Device Preferences, select About. Now select System Update.
  4. From the box that appears, select Network Update.
  5. Your TV will now search for any available software updates.

If there are any, it will download and install them automatically. Once the process is finished, click OK to confirm.

6. Tweak Fast Start Option

There are some issues that users have encountered with their TCL televisions, including black screens and distorted images. These don’t seem to be widespread or persistent, however – most users say they can fix the issue by turning on or off a feature called Fast Start.

Follow this simple guide below to try it out.

The Fast Start feature is designed to get your TV up and running quickly when you turn it on — no more waiting for the TV to boot up. Enabling this feature saves power, cuts down on boot times, and allows you to start streaming faster.

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Depending on your TV model, you can find this setting in multiple locations — for some models, it’s in Settings > System > Power Saving. On other models, it’s called Instant Mode or Faster Startup.

To do so, press the Home button on your remote control and go to Settings > System. From there, choose Fast TV Start, and toggle the switch on.

For enabling or disabling the Fast Start option of the TCL Android TV, follow these steps:

Open the Settings panel. Select Power, option, Instant power on. Option 1: Set it to “Enable.” Option 2: Set it to “Disable.”

Unplug your TV and plug it back in. If you still have issues, try resetting your television to factory settings.

7. Do A Factory Reset

A factory reset can fix a lot of common problems with the TV, but it is not recommended as the first course of action. While it may fix the issue you’re currently facing, it can also cause further problems.

A factory reset is recommended as a last resort because it’ll wipe all your preferences and settings from the TV. You’ll have to connect to your WiFi network again, and do the initial setup.

Follow the below steps to do factory reset on TCL Roku TV:

Select Settings from the main menu. Scroll down to the Advanced system settings submenu and select it. Go to the Factory Reset option in the menu of Advanced System Settings. Select Factory reset everything to proceed with the factory reset.

The TV will shut off momentarily and then reboot. The factory reset is complete when the Roku logo is displayed.

How to factory reset a TCL android tv From the home screen, go to ‘settings‘. Go to ‘more settings‘ and then select ‘device preference‘. Choose ‘Reset‘ and press ‘erase everything‘. Enter a 4-digit code (the default code is 0000).


Screen flickering, color fade, and lines on a TCL TV are all common problems. While they’re not the end of the world, it’s good to know that it’s not something that you need to get upset about. It could be any number of things — from a simple update to your settings to a hardware problem that can cause TCL TV Black Screen issue.

As long as you have the patience and know-how, fixing a TV with issues is easy!

If none of these options fix the problem, you might need to contact a technician.

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