7 Reasons Why Kenmore Dishwasher Leaking – Let’s Fix It

Ever had a Kenmore dishwasher leak? If you’re currently experiencing Kenmore dishwasher leaking, there is no need to panic. The Kenmore brand is one of the most trusted brands of appliances in the world, and it’s always best to take action before your Kenmore dishwasher leaks get out of control. In this blog post, we will discuss what you can do if your Kenmore dishwasher starts leaking and how to fix a Kenmore dishwasher before it leaks!

Kenmore dishwashers are designed to do their job with minimal need for maintenance or repair. However, it is worth knowing what you should look out for in the event of Kenmore dishwasher leaking so that you can take action before it gets worse and causes more damage to your kitchen flooring or Kenmore appliance itself.

What Causes Kenmore Dishwasher Leaking? Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

Kenmore dishwasher leaks can be frustrating, but they are usually not difficult to fix. Let’s look at the possible causes and solutions for it.

Using the Wrong Type of Detergent

Make sure you’re using the right dish detergent, not just “dish detergent.” There are two types of soaps: one for sinks and another for washing dishes. Be certain to use a dishwasher-safe cleaning agent instead of regular old hand soap.

One common cause of dishwasher difficulties is too many bubbles. If oversudsing is your issue, try switching detergent brands. Detergents with harsher chemicals can also lead to cracks and erosion in the plastic from the inside of the dishwasher tub floor over time.

Kenmore Dishwasher is Overloaded

Make sure you’re not putting too many dishes in the Kenmore dishwasher. The Kenmore dishwasher is designed to hold a maximum of 12 place settings (depends on model), so if your load exceeds this number, it will not clean properly and may break down. 

Place larger plates or cutting boards on top rather than stacking them inside for more space, especially when washing delicate items like glasses or silverware that cannot withstand any pressure from other pieces being stacked atop them.

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As the dishwasher gets overloaded and crowded, it cannot be properly cleaned or sprayed. Placing too many dishes in your dishwasher can cause leaks. Overflowing from the top of the appliance can divert water to leak out, leaving you with a nasty mess. Determine the line between full and too full, so you can ensure that your dishwasher is operating most efficiently.

Dishwasher is Unlevel

A dishwasher may not function properly if the appliance is unlevel. To stop Kenmore Dishwasher Leaking, you need to make sure that the dishwasher is level. An uneven dishwasher could start leaking and cause significant damage. You might not even notice these leaks at first because they can start out small, but sooner or later, It’ll lead to gigantic pools of water accumulating under your appliances.

Kenmore recommends placing a level on top of your dishwasher and adjusting the feet accordingly for optimal operation.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

A faulty water inlet valve might cause Kenmore Dishwasher Leaking. Kenmore dishwasher gets its water from your home’s main water line through the water inlet valve. If your dishwasher is still filling with water even when the float switch closes, it may have a mechanical defect in the valve. 

If you open up the door latch and see that there was excessive water inside your dishwater, this may indicate a problem with its valve system. If the dishwasher is still filling with water, you have a defective inlet valve that needs to be replaced.

Loose Pump Seal

While kneeling down and looking underneath the dishwasher, check for water leaking from the seal around the pump. You know there is a leak if you see water dripping from the motor or pump housing under it. To fix this problem, remove the motor panel and replace its rubber seal with a new one.

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Damaged Latch or Gasket

Check the latch, seal, and gasket on your Kenmore dishwasher for any damage. If you notice a gap between it and the door frame or if its sealing surface has been damaged somehow, then replace them with new ones. You may need to use pliers to remove old parts from their attachments before installing replacements.

The Kenmore dishwasher door latch may be bent or loose, which prevents the door from sealing properly. Fix this by tightening the dishwasher latch with a screwdriver.

If the water is still leaking through after installing new latch systems, it may be time to replace the rubber gasket. The gasket seals your dishwasher’s window when closed. If your dishwasher is leaking and the gasket is damaged, it may be relatively easy to replace. Soak a new gasket in warm soapy water, which will make it flexible and easier to install.

Faulty Float Switch

In order to maintain a proper level of water during the wash and rinse cycles, dishwashers use float systems. A float assembly consisting of a floating mechanism that rises with rising water levels in your dishwasher’s basin is used as well as a switch that will turn off the flow when it reaches its limits- preventing leaks from happening. If the switch malfunctions, there is a chance that water levels could get too high and eventually leak out.

The water level should be just to the heating element on the bottom. If you notice that the water level in your dishwasher is too high, then you might have a float switch issue. You can test the float switch with a multimeter, and if there is no continuity, then the assembly needs to be changed out for one that’s functioning properly.

Stuck or Clogged Spray Arm

If water leaks from the bottom of your dishwasher, a damaged or stuck spray arm could be causing waves inside the washer tub. This will cause sloshing that may spill over the front lip and onto your floor! Check on these arms to make sure they’re still in good condition after loading them up with dishes.

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After you open the dishwasher door, remove any obstructions in your way, like fallen silverware or residue build-up. Next, unscrew the spray arm counter-clockwise and check for blockages of holes that could be preventing it from moving freely.

If there is clogging in the spray arm, you can use a metal object like a screwdriver to clear any blockages. You may need to remove and replace it with a new spray arm if your Kenmore dishwasher is leaking from the bottom of the dishwasher tub.

Check Dishwasher Hose

If water is leaking into the dishwasher from inside or from the pump area, you may have a faulty Kenmore dishwasher pump or hose.

The hose that feeds water from inside to outside can become loose or crack over time and cause a mess! Of course, you don’t want this happening, so make sure all connections are secure at any sign of trouble with them or buy new parts as soon as possible for some peace-of-mind cleaning.

We hope that now you are not facing the Kenmore Dishwasher leaking problem. Please do comment with your questions, and we will be happy to answer them.

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