Getting Samsung Refrigerator OF OF Code? [Here Is Quick Fix]

The code OF OF on a Samsung refrigerator indicates that the fridge is in display mode, also known as demo or showroom mode. This is a setting used when the appliance is being displayed in a store, so customers can see it in action.

When you’re shopping for a new fridge, you may notice that some models have a “display mode.” This is a setting that’s typically used when the fridge is on display in a store.

The Samsung refrigerator “showroom mode” saves energy by keeping the compressor from running. OF OF code means do not let the compressor run when it’s being demoed in a showroom, because it doesn’t need to be running. It turns on the refrigerator’s sales mode, which showcases its technology and efficiency.

Demo mode stops Samsung fridges from making ice and dispensing water, but it also disables their cooling systems. It’s an important function for retailers to use, but it doesn’t really translate to everyday domestic use — although some people do like dispenser-free fridges.

Samsung Refrigerator OF OF Code – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Samsung Refrigerator OF OF Code

The Samsung refrigerator has a Showroom Mode that illuminates the fridge and its contents but keeps the compressor from running. This is useful for displaying refrigerators in showrooms or on retail store floors — when customers see the fridge with its bright lights, they can get a better sense of what the fridge looks like.

The Samsung Showroom Mode is only for show! It lets your refrigerator be displayed with all the lights on, and no cooling taking place. You will also notice that your ice maker and water dispenser won’t work. When the OF OF code is shown, the Samsung refrigerator is not cooling.

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If you’re not sure what that OF OF code on the Samsung refrigerator display panel means, you’re probably not alone. Many people come into my shop asking me to help them figure it out — and almost everyone comes in thinking they know the answer before I tell them!

When the OF OF code displays on a Samsung refrigerator, it means that something has been disabled and the settings need to be updated. Many times, if you buy one off the showroom floor (also known as a “floor model” or “demo unit”) this feature is enabled by default.

Many people buy a fridge off the showroom floor without realizing that it was once used for demonstration purposes.

If your Samsung refrigerator is displaying an OF OF code, this means that the fridge is not cooling and will require a reset. You can easily reset the refrigerator using the display panel. Doing so should get your fridge back to normal and cooling properly again.

If your Samsung fridge is displaying the OF OF or OFF code, you can reset it using the following steps…

1. Do A Reset

Want to disable the display mode of the Samsung refrigerator? Here’s a quick and easy fix.

  1. Press both power freeze and freezer buttons for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Hold the 2 buttons until you hear a beep sound (or for 3 to 5 seconds).
  3. The display will revert to normal as it cools down again.

Or Depending On your Fridge Model..

Hold the ENERGY SAVER and the POWER FREEZER buttons until you hear an audible beep sound.

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Or Depending On your Fridge Model..

  1. There are two buttons on the left side of the panel. The top button and the one below it need to be pressed.
  2. To begin, press and hold down both buttons for three to five seconds, or until you hear a bell sound.
  3. The refrigerator will reset to its normal settings and begin cooling again.

2. Other Methods To Disable Demo Mode

Try any of the following:

Press and hold both the EXPRESS FREEZE button and the REFRIGERATOR TEMP CONTROL button at the same time. Keep them held down for at least three to five seconds. This will activate the desired effect.

Please hold down both the LIGHTING and FREEZER buttons at the same time for 3 to 5 seconds.

Please hold down both the POWER FREEZE and FREEZER buttons together for 5 to 10 seconds.

To reset your device, press and hold the HOME and HELP buttons for 3 to 5 seconds.

First, open your fridge door. Then, press and hold both the “ICE PLUS ULTRA ICE” and “REFRIGERATOR TEMP” buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds. That’s it!

Press and hold both the UP DOWN and ICE PLUS ULTRA ICE buttons at the same time for 3 to 5 seconds.

If you’re running into issues with your Samsung refrigerator and are uncertain about how to deal with a particular issue, leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to help you out as soon as possible.

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