How To Fix Samsung TV Zoomed In Problem [QUICK SOLUTION]

A Samsung TV’s aspect ratio is critical for entertaining viewing, but when your device zooms in a bit too far or doesn’t let you choose how close you want the camera to zoom, it can be inconvenient.

If you are a Samsung user and you are experiencing Zoomed In problem on the screen, it is normal and can be fixed easily. This happens when you use the built-in apps or while watching any television show. The issue is quite common and there are many users who complain about it. The only solution to the issue is by following some of the best practices which can assist you in solving this issue.

Samsung TVs are great for many things, including displaying high-definition 4K content. However, when you’re trying to watch videos that have HD signals, the zoom function can sometimes be disabled. Whether your TV is displaying a standard or high-quality video, you just need to adjust the zoom levels using the control options in your Picture settings.

If you’ve ever tried to zoom in on any Samsung TV, you may have noticed that the zoom feature doesn’t work. This article will explain why this is and how to fix it. It will also discuss how to zoom correctly.

Samsung TV Zoomed In Problem – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Samsung TV Zoomed In Problem

If the picture on your Samsung TV is stretched, zoomed out or zoomed in, you may have accidentally pressed a button on your TV remote. If your remote has a picture size button, use it to fix the issue. Otherwise, you may need to switch the input type of your TV using another button.

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Aspect ratio is a measurement of the size of an image. It defines the proportion of width to height, in other words, how wide an image is compared to its height. If you take an image with a 1:1 aspect ratio and zoom in on it, the picture will appear to be smaller than before due to horizontal and vertical lines appearing to get closer together. Aspect ratio also refers to the shape of the screen or video display.

Using TV Remote Control

Sometimes, the picture on your Samsung TV appears unfocused or distorted. Fortunately, there are two ways you can return the TV’s picture to the normal setting. The first option is to press the remote control’s RATIO button and cycle through the screen sizes until you reach a ratio that restores the picture quality. You can also press your remote’s MENU button and select PICTURE SETTINGS/ASPECT RATIO.

  1. To control your TV, first, make sure your TV is switched on. Next, you will need the TV remote control (in this case, the Samsung TV remote).
  2. To get to the main menu on your TV, you’ll need to access the MENU button. It should be located on the remote and will say MENU, SETTINGS, or MAIN.
  3. To change the size of the images, select PICTURE SETTINGS or DISPLAY SETTINGS. Picture size is also called “picture aspect ratio”.
  4. Make sure you choose the correct aspect ratio that is compatible with the TV you plan to watch it on. There are two major types of aspect ratios: 16:9, also known as widescreen and 4:3, also known as standard or fullscreen.
  5. Save settings if you want and exit the TV MENU.
  6. Confused by the remote? You can fix it by checking the keys for zooming, sizing, scrolling, formats, and more! For example, zoom in on text by pressing the ZOOM button. Press P.SIZE to return to your screen’s original size. Press HOME to return to the home screen. Press RATIO to change your screen’s shape.
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Once you’ve made all the necessary adjustments, your TV will display program content in its original aspect ratio.


If the screen is too small or large on your TV, you can adjust the picture size to fit your TV. Please check that the CABLE or SATELLITE box is completely connected to your TV and cables are not loose. If cable signal is strong, you may need to adjust the ASPECT RATIO in your TV settings

Use the remote control that came with your TV. Navigate to the picture settings and adjust the picture size to fix the problem. Some TVs have a picture mode button that cycles through all of the picture modes. Cycle through them until you find the one that returns your screen to normal.

Restart the TV

If you’re experiencing issues with your TV or other video components, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try before contacting customer service:

Power off the device and the TV. Unplug the power cord from both devices for 10 seconds. Plug the power cord back into the TV. Turn on your device and check for pictures.

Other Methods to Solve the Issue

If you’re experiencing an issue with the image on your screen, the first thing to do is to confirm that it’s a problem with the TV and not the cable or the media player. Switch between the HDMI inputs until you see an image clearly.

If your closed captioning is turned on, the screen ratio will change, and you may see the top, bottom, or sided of the picture cut off.

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When watching TV with your Samsung TV, there is a chance the picture doesn’t fill the screen, leaving black bars around it. This is normal and could happen when you watch older shows or programs, or if you are watching a movie in an aspect ratio not supported by your TV.

While we often think of stretching and zooming as something that happens with computer displays and printers, TVs are susceptible to the same issues. If you find that your TV is discolored, blurred, or distorted when adjusting the settings, it’s possible that the TV itself has an issue. In which case you should contact a TV Repair Person.

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