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Samsung washers are easy to use and reliable. Samsung is a household name, but the Samsung washer SC error code indicates that there is a drainage issue with the machine.

Samsung washing machines have a filter in the water tank that needs to be cleaned regularly, and the Samsung drain hose should be clear of any blockages or kinks for it to work properly.

The instructions for checking the filter and unkinking the drain hose are included below, along with some other common Samsung washing machine problems and their solutions.

What Does The Samsung Washer SC Error Code Mean?

Your washer is a complex appliance, and sometimes there can be more wrong with it than just a bad smell or stain. Sometimes you’ll see lights flashing on your device’s LED display or a code displayed prominently on the screen.

Samsung Washer SC Error Code

These codes are vital in diagnosing problems that need to be fixed by a technician, and knowing them can help you save yourself from unnecessary purchases or expensive visits to the repair shop.

Samsung Washers display error code 5C when they detect a drainage problem. The most common causes of this problem are clogs in the pipe or drain hose, as well as a blocked filter.

Samsung washing machines use a pressure switch to detect when the drum is full. When the machine detects that the drum is full and water needs to be drained, it uses a pressure switch to open the drain valve.

If this doesn’t occur, you may experience the error code “SC.” On occasion, an unplugging and reconnecting of the washer will fix this issue.

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Wrong Cycle Selected

Choosing the wrong wash cycle or spin speed is one of the most common reasons for a Samsung washer not draining. “Delicate” or “Hand wash” cycles may use lower spin speeds to treat certain fabrics more gently. This can leave clothes wetter at the end of a cycle or sitting in residual water.

If you choose the “Low” or “No Spin” spin speed option, clothes will remain somewhat wet, and water will be left in the machine. Choosing a “Heavy Duty” cycle with a higher spin speed will help to drain all of the remaining water from your clothes.

Clogged or Kinked Drain Hose

A simple visual inspection easily resolves many washing machine problems. If the washing machine is not draining, first check the hose for a kink or obstruction that might be preventing water from leaving the machine. 

The hose that carries water from the back of the machine to your sink or drain could be kinked or otherwise obstructed. It would ultimately block the flow of water out of the machine.

The wash cycle also causes the drain hose to expand, allowing water to flow more freely. If your washing machine does not drain properly, make sure to check if it is too close to the wall or an appliance; this could prevent it from draining completely.

Sometimes clogs in the washer drain hose can be cleared by shining a flashlight into the hose and inspecting for any obstruction. 

If you can’t see what’s causing the blockage, try taking off the drain hose and running water through it with a garden hose. Then, reconnect the drain hose to the machine and run a rinse cycle to see if you’ve solved the Samsung Washer SC Error Code.

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Improper Drain Height

It’s simple, really: If you place your washing machine too high from the floor, it won’t be able to pump water out of the tub. And even if draining occurs, it will take longer than normal. Check your user manual for proper drain pipe installation and height recommendations.

Clogged Drain Pump Filter

If your washer isn’t draining well, the first thing you should check is the drain pump filter. These filters are designed to keep little pieces of dirt and debris from clogging up the drainage system, which could keep water from draining out of your machine. 

The most common way to access this filter is through a small door located at the bottom right corner of the machine.

When your Samsung washing machine is clogged, first remove the filter to check if any debris or objects stuck inside cause the problem. To do this, open your washing machine’s door and pull out the filter from underneath. 

Next, dispose of any foreign objects that you find using a trash bin, and rinse the filter under flowing water before returning it to its place.

Defective Lid Switch

Top loaders have an internal switch that prevents the spin cycle from starting if the lid is open. If you forget to close the lid after loading clothes or open it in the middle of a cycle, your top loader may not be able to spin your laundry. To resume a wash cycle after adding clothing or lifting the lid, simply press “Start” again.

In cases where the lid switch is faulty, a Samsung washing machine may not drain its water. A multimeter test on a faulty switch will display a lack of continuity between the terminals.

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When this happens, the washing machine will not drain its water. Replace the faulty switch to resolve the Samsung Washer SC Error Code issue.

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