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Samsung washers are among the most reliable and durable appliances on the market today. Samsung’s commitment to quality is reflected in its products, which often have a longer lifespan than other brands of washing machines. 

Samsung Washer U6 Error Code indicates that the drum is out of balance during a cycle. It is the same as the Ub code, and both denote “DRUM Error.”

In this blog post, we’ll discuss repairing the Samsung washer U6 code and getting back on track with your laundry.

What Does The Samsung Washer U6 Error Code Mean?

Samsung Washer U6 Error Code

The U6 error code, also known as the Ub error code, is displayed on your washing machine’s display when there is an imbalance in its drum. Essentially, it means the washer is loaded unevenly with your laundry — and that you should unload it to fix the problem.

This error could be indicated as E4 in older models, but it really means the same thing.

When your Samsung washing machine or dryer displays the U6 code, it means that the drum is out of balance and needs to be fixed.

When an unbalanced drum error occurs, the U6 and Ub code will appear on display. Errors that come up during the wash cycle usually appear in the third, seventh, or ninth minute, but sometimes it can happen later, too.

Most often, this happens while the washer is spinning, but not always. In most cases, you can correct this by carefully re-arranging laundry and restarting the cycle, if necessary.

How To Fix Samsung Washer U6 Error Code

Samsung washers have a variety of balancing methods, including automatic and manual balancing options. If the washer cannot strike a balance with its automatic balances, it will switch off or indicate an error code on the display screen.

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You may also notice that your laundry is wetter than usual — this is a sign of imbalanced loads. You can remedy an unbalanced load by checking the manual balance.

Many washers vibrate when they’re unbalanced. While this isn’t a problem most of the time, in some cases, the vibrations can damage your washer — and that’s a problem you’ll want to avoid. To keep your washer balanced, make sure you only place heavy and light items into separate loads so each load is evenly balanced.

Remove Shipping Materials

If you recently purchased a washer and installed it yourself, there’s a high chance that a shipping bolt is left in place. This bolt will restrict the drum from spinning — which can cause it to make unusual noises when agitated and interfere with its ability to drain properly. 

To prevent this from happening, simply remove the bolt before using the machine as normal.

In order to get started, there are some things that you need to do first. Firstly, remove all of the packing materials from the back of the washer. This includes metal spacers and bolts, as well as black clamps and rubber caps. You need to make sure that all of these are gone before using the washing machine.

Level the Machine

Check the machine level at all corners before use to ensure that it’s in good working order. A non-level machine will rock during the spin cycle and disrupt the inner workings. Firmly push down on each corner of the washing machine to ensure a solid base. Carpeted surfaces can be more difficult to stabilize than solid ground.

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Top-loading washers require a flat surface to operate properly. If the washer is placed on a pedestal, it will have to be leveled manually by adjusting the appliance’s feet. 

Front-loading washing machines use adjustable feet that allow you to fine-tune leveling. If the washer wobbles, unlock the lock nut on foot and adjust the height accordingly.

Balance the Load

Even the best washers will wobble when they spin if they don’t have a balanced load and cause Samsung washer U6 Error code. Top-loading washers especially need an even load to create a smooth wash — without it, clothes can tear apart or be left in a tangled mess. Front-loading washers rely on balance as well, but with less dramatic consequences.

Wobble applies an uneven centrifugal force to a washing machine, which can cause it to shake. Also, during the spin cycle, the inner drum of a top-loading washing machine might start bumping against the frame. Your washer must be adjusted correctly in order to get the best results.

Make sure the load is even so that water doesn’t pool in one part of the washing machine, causing the clothes to float around. For a front-loading machine, don’t wash just one heavy-fabric item, which will rise and fall alone inside the drum. Instead, add a few lighter items, like shirts and towels. 

Laying out a balanced load is the key to prevent too much of one type of fabric from piling up against another. For example, when washing one or two shirts, add a few towels to help even out the load. This will ensure that all items get properly agitated and cleaned in the same amount of time. 

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Every washer has a maximum load capacity, and it’s important to keep that in mind when washing clothes. While overstuffed machines may seem like a great way to save time, the resulting decrease in water circulation or the extra wear and tear on other pieces in the wash can perpetuate problems over time and can cause garments to come out dirty or damaged.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers play a key role in protecting the washing machine from excessive vibration and movement during the spin cycle. Every washing machine is equipped with two to four shock absorbers, which allow the drum to spin freely without damaging the machine itself.

If you think that your shock absorbers are broken, the best place to start is to take a look at your inner workings. If it seems like this is the only way to fix the problem, though — or if you have no other option — shock absorber replacement is highly recommended.

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