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Samsung Washer Ub Error Code indicates that the current load in the washer is unbalanced inside the tub. The Samsung washing machine has different types of sensors to detect imbalance, and when any one of these sensors detects an imbalance, Samsung Washer Ub Code will be displayed on your Samsung washing machine’s display panel.

Samsung recommends removing or redistributing your clothes to fix the error and get your machine back up and running like new again.

What Does The Samsung Washer Ub Error Code Mean?

Samsung washer error code Ub is one of the most common malfunctions that you should be aware of, as it might be a sign of a problem with your machine and its components.

Samsung Washer Ub Error Code

It will usually lead to the Samsung washing machine displaying a specific set of led lights that indicate an imbalance — indicating that the program has been canceled.

The Error Ub means that the washer is unbalanced. To resolve this error, make sure that your laundry is evenly distributed throughout the drum of the washer.

When your washer stops in mid-cycle, you’ll never have to wonder what happened. The LED display will show the UB error code, meaning “Unbalanced Load.”

This immediately alerts you to the cause of the problem — an unbalanced load. When an unbalanced load occurs, the machine stops working to prevent damage.

How To Fix Samsung Washer Ub Error Code

Remove Shipping Materials

If your washing machine is new and you are experiencing an issue, there is a good chance that the issue was caused by shipping materials left inside. At the bottom center of a top-loading washer is a metal bolt installed by shipping companies to protect the machine during transit. 

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Most top-loading washing machines have three metal spacers, metal clamps, and bolts wrapped in plastic tape in the back of the machine.

Some models come with a ton of shipping materials that need to be removed before you can use the machine. Before washing your first load, check the installation instructions and make sure all extra packaging have been removed

Keeping these materials in the washer machine can cause problems with your spin cycle, and it may damage the machine permanently.

Check for Overloading

If you aren’t balancing your laundry, it can make your washing machine vibrate. No matter what kind of washing machine you have — top-loading or front-loading — an unbalanced load can cause the drum to shake during spinning.

So, when you’re loading your washing machine, don’t just throw in everything together and close the door. When the load in the drum is unbalanced, the machine will spin with an uneven centrifugal force, which creates vibrations that can shake the entire machine resulting in Samsung Washer Ub Error Code.

if the washer doesn’t shake, the drum might start bumping the inside of the frame. A top-loading washer should always be loaded with heavy items around the center column to ensure even weight distribution throughout the load. For example, try loading a bunch of towels around the center column so that there is no more towel material on one side than another.

To get the best results from your front-loading washer, it’s always a good idea to wash several items of similar weight at the same time. This ensures that there’s enough water and detergent to wash each item thoroughly for a cleaner, fresher, and brighter result.

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Make sure you aren’t overfilling your machine, and try to have various clothing textures and weights to keep a steady flow of water.

Level the Washer

Before you start making washes or spinning clothes, make sure your washing machine is level. A washing machine that rocks during the wash or spin cycle will be off-balance. Also, make sure all four legs are on solid ground.

Don’t place your washer directly on a carpeted surface; it can throw the machine’s balance off, creating vibrations. This problem is amplified with pedestal machines, which can blow away if they’re not properly leveled.

To level your top-loader, simply tip the machine forward and gently reposition it back on the floor. After you’ve lowered your washer, check its balance again to make sure it’s not rocking back and forth or side to side.

Front-loading washing machines have leveling legs that support the machine on uneven floors. To level the machine, turn the appropriate leg to raise or lower it. If you need to adjust a leg, you may need to remove the machine’s front panel.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

Samsung Washers are notorious for shaking and vibrating. As washing machines spin, the drum can shake side-to-side. One cause of this rattling noise is shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are attached to the outer edge of the washing machine’s spinning drum, and they dampen vibrations. 

As washers age, shock absorbers may lose their effectiveness, allowing the drum to shake more than normal. You may need to replace the broken shock absorbers.

Worn drive belt

The drive belt transmits torque from the washing machine’s electric motor so that it can rotate the drum. Over time, it loses its elasticity and stops rotating normally, which causes Samsung washer UB error code

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To troubleshoot this problem, remove your Samsung washer’s back panel and cover. Then check the condition of the belt itself. If it is badly deformed or broken, it’s time to replace the drive belt with a new one.

Check Suspension springs

Both top-loading and front-loading washers come with springs in the center, front, back, or all four corners of the unit. These springs help suspend the tub from the frame or hold it to the wall or floor of your laundry room. 

Check that all springs are attached properly and in good condition; if you’re replacing a spring, replace them all.

Worn Out Driver bearings

One of the most common Samsung washer repair issues is that the tub bounces or vibrates during spin cycles. The cause of this issue is often due to worn-out ball bearings and other parts that support the tub spindle and motor shaft. If it becomes impossible to keep the bearings in place, they will need to be replaced.

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