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Samsung Washer Ur Error Code is Samsung’s way of telling you that the load in your Samsung washer may be unbalanced. It will try to add more water, balance the load, and then spin it again if this happens. This can extend the length of your Samsung washing machine cycle by a few minutes.

We all know Samsung is a great company that produces quality products. However, Samsung washers are not perfect and will sometimes get errors.

In this blog post, we talk about Samsung Washer Ur Code and how you can fix them.

What Does The Samsung Washer Ur Error Code Mean?

Samsung Washer Ur Error Code

Samsung washers and dryers have evolved over time, from one of the first front-loading washers with an electronic control board to the Premium Care line that includes an LCD display screen. These models perform better than ever before and are equipped with sensors that can detect any problems and self-correct them on the spot.

Most top products have features people want — Samsung washers come standard with an automatic self-diagnosis to catch machine issues before they become serious problems.

The Samsung Washer UR Error Code indicates that the washer detected an unbalanced load, and it’s going to attempt to re-balance the load and try the cycle again. This error can cause a cycle to exceed its usual length, so wasting both water and time.

Some washer errors occur in the wash/rinse cycles. The spin cycle starts when these problems often occur, possibly because of an imbalance in the drum. The system will try to accelerate the spin several times before failing.

Some washer problems occur during the wash/rinse cycles. These errors can happen during the spin cycle — when an imbalance causes the washer to try to spin numerous times before eventually failing.

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How To Fix Samsung Washer Ur Error Code

When your washing machine starts to vibrate excessively, it’s time to pay attention. To prevent collateral damage and keep your machine in pristine condition, you need to help it redistribute its load — often, a single heavy item can cause the drum to tilt, leading to excessive vibration.

Remove Shipping Materials

If you’re experiencing a vibration when using your washing machine, look for shipping bolts — usually identified with the word “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” printed on the packaging.

These bolts were used to secure the appliances to pallets during shipping, and if they haven’t been removed, they could be rattling inside the drum as the washer fills up. If you find one, remove it before proceeding with a load of laundry.

Balance or reduce the Load

Samsung washer Ur error code could mean that you’re dealing with an unbalanced load. In other words, too many or too few clothing items are inside the machine. The solution is to distribute weight more evenly throughout the load. Make sure your load isn’t overloaded since this can cause a machine error as well.

  1. When you load the Samsung washer, you need to make sure that the clothes are sorted by type of fabric and are evenly distributed. Also, make sure that the machine is balanced well, place a level on top of it to check if there’s any unevenness.
  2. If you’re experiencing balance issues during the spin cycle, check your load. If you have too many items in the washer, this can cause the load to become unbalanced. The washer rotates based on the center of gravity to achieve a balanced spin cycle. To test this theory, run a small load. If there are no problems with a small load, excess content could cause damage to the machine.
  3. If your washer is underweight, then the spin cycle will take longer than usual. This causes the clothes to be wet and makes it harder to get out of the washer. Adding towels or other light clothing can help even out the load and thus cut down on drying time.
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If you still see the Ur error code on your washing machine, there might be something wrong with your Samsung washing machine itself. Contact Samsung technicians for help.

Level the Washer

If your Samsung washing machine is rocking during a spin cycle, check to see if it’s level. The first step is to put all four legs in firm contact with the floor — if you’re using a carpeted surface, this could throw off balance. 

If the Samsung washing machine is still rocking after verifying that it’s level, then ensure that all legs are tightened securely and are not at fault.

Washers commonly tip forward when located on a pedestal. Even when their legs are adjusted to levels, top-loading washers can still tilt forward and cause doors to open. 

If your top-loading washer is located on a pedestal, the problem can be amplified. You can easily fix this by tilting the washer forward and then placing it back on the floor. Front-loading washers level themselves by raising or lowering one of their legs.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

One of the main reasons a washer might start to shake or vibrate and give the Samsung washer Washer Ur Error Code is faulty shock absorbers. There are usually two to four shock absorbers inside a washer, and they help reduce the amount of movement that transfers to the rest of the machine. The shock absorbers allow the drum to spin and move without shaking other parts of your washer.

If you have noticed a shaking or vibrating sensation while using your front loader washer, it may be due to damaged shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are found within the inner workings of the washer, which is not an easy DIY fix. It is recommended you call in a professional to address this issue.

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Broken tachometer

The washer tachometer is the mechanism that keeps track of the speed at which your washing machine spins, ensuring that it doesn’t break the machine or injure one of your family members.

When a tachometer breaks, the washing machine will no longer spin fast enough to clean your clothes. If you can hear strange noises coming from your wash cycle, it’s likely that something has gone wrong with the tachometer.

Worn out Drum bearing

When front-loading washing machines experience issues with vibration, it is typically due to one of two causes: a faulty motor or loose drum bearings. To fix this issue, the tub spindle must be removed and disassembled to replace the bearings.

Due to the machine’s inner workings, this type of repair is an advanced-level task that a qualified technician should only complete.

Faulty Suspension springs

Top and front-loading washers need to have springs in place to hold the tub onto the base or suspend it from the top. If any of those springs are broken, your washer won’t work properly. Replace all of them if you have to replace one.

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