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Samsung Washer DE Error Code is a common Samsung washing machine error that indicates the door is not closed or locked properly. This can be fixed by checking to see if the door latch and lock are working correctly, making sure the door closes all the way, and cleaning out any debris that may have gotten stuck in the area where it locks.

Samsung washers are well-known for their quality and reliability, but the DE code can be frustrating when it occurs. This article will provide you with some Samsung Washer DE Error Code troubleshooting steps to help get your washer up and running again quickly.

What Does The Samsung Washer DE Error Code Mean?

Samsung Washer DE Error Code

If your washer and dryer machines suddenly stop working, you can check the error code to see what’s wrong. Samsung washing machines are equipped with a door switch that turns on only when the door is closed properly. When it malfunctions, you’ll see a “DE” error code on your machine’s display panel.

If your washing machine shows the DE error code, it means that the door is not closed properly, i.e., it’s open while the washer is running. This issue occurs when the door does not latch properly or completely or when the door was not closed during the wash cycle.

If your Samsung washer gives you the “DE” Error code on its display, it means that there is an issue with the hatch door. “DE” is short for “door error,” and this error can appear at the start of the machine’s wash cycle when you are unable to close or lock the door, and it refuses to proceed further, or at the end, when it won’t open.

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How To Fix Samsung Washer DE Error Code

Samsung washers are the perfect laundry solution — when they work. When an error code appears, it can be frustrating, to say the least, but you can eliminate your frustrations with a quick fix.

Close the door completely when running a load. If the inside of the door has lint or clothing stuck behind it, remove them and move your load along.

Bent Washer Door Hinge

If the door on your Samsung washing machine won’t close all the way, It is possible that the hinges are too loose or have been damaged by water and can no longer keep the door in place.

Try releasing the two spring-loaded hinges by turning them counterclockwise. If that doesn’t work, grab a screwdriver and pry up on the horizontal part of each hinge to try to bend it back into place. If neither of those fixes works, you’ll need to replace both hinges.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

Samsung’s innovative washer door lock prevents the washer from starting when the door is open. This is great because you don’t have to worry about getting your hands wet or touching electrical circuitry during the wash cycle. It’s a simple feature, but it makes a big difference when you’re washing clothes.

If the washer doesn’t seem to be closing properly, there might be something wrong with the door lock. The door lock is a small component of the washing machine that keeps it in place firmly. It’s one of the most important components of your appliance, and if damaged, it can pose a danger to you and your household. If your door lock is worn out, it’s better to replace it as soon as possible.

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When troubleshooting the front lock on your Samsung washer, check the door lock switch for continuity. If the lock switch is faulty, replace it with a new one.

Broken Door Latch

If Samsung Washer DE Error Code persists after troubleshooting steps, then it may be that the door latch has broken. If you can’t close your washing machine all the way, it’s possible that you’ve run into a latching issue. 

To correct this, simply clean the latches to prevent them from becoming dirty and wearing out faster: you can do this with some hot soapy water and a toothbrush. If your latches still aren’t working properly, you may need new ones — these are available for purchase online.

Problems with the Installation

The washer door can cause issues, especially when not installed correctly. For a machine to be level and stable, it should be placed on the ground that is neither too hard nor too soft.

A concrete or hardwood surface would be a good choice. Otherwise, the vibration from the washing cycle can shift the machine slightly and interfere with the door’s ability to close.

The most common cause of washing machine door issues is uneven ground. To prevent the washer from leaning or shifting to one side, you should place it on level ground.

If the washer has already started to lean, the best way to fix it is by adjusting the screws under the feet of the machine.

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