How To Fix A Broken TV Screen [CRACKED SCREEN Issue]

TVs are some of the most commonly repaired household items. If you have a broken TV, you may be wondering how to fix it. First of all, don’t panic! Most problems with TVs are easily remedied (depending on complexity), and most can be done yourself, without the help of your local repairman.

TVs are large and fragile, making them difficult to handle. But no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. You might have kids or pets that accidentally knock your TV over. Or, there might be a sudden power surge and your screen busts. Whatever the cause, it’s an expensive mistake to make.

A cracked TV screen is one of the most common fears that come with dropping a lot of money on a shiny new HDTV. And while you don’t necessarily need an expert to fix this issue, you do need to know how much it’ll cost — but we can help.

You can fix a cracked TV screen, but the cost to get it fixed will be just as high or even more than buying a new television. The display is usually the most expensive part of any TV set, so you can expect that an individual replacement will cost about as much as the rest of your TV set combined.

This article breaks down the various questions you may have regarding how much it costs to repair a cracked television screen and if coverage through a manufacturer’s warranty still applies.

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

One of the most common problems with a television is the screen. It’s not unusual to have problems with your TV screen, especially if you have a more expensive one. But I’m sure you don’t want to spend money on an expensive repair.

How To Fix A Broken TV Screen

If your television screen is broken because of damage, probably the cost of repairs will be higher than buying a new TV.

But, if the problem is just a defect of the LCD or LED screen, maybe you can fix it on your own.

If not, your best option will be to find someone who is willing to repair your television set. Here are some of the great tips that you can use to fix a broken TV screen.

1. Check A Fuse: If your screen is not working at all, it’s great to check the fuse first. Many times, when a TV screen is not working, it’s because it’s blown. If this is the case, you have to replace it with a new one. Before you change the fuse, you have to make sure that there is no voltage in the line. In order to do it, you should unplug the TV and remove the back cover. After that, look for a fuse. If it’s blown, replace it with a new fuse.

2. Open A Cover If you find that the fuse is ok, it means that there is an electrical problem with the TV. At this point, you have to open a cover of the back panel and check the main electrical board. After you find it, locate a chip called T-con. It’s a great indicator that the electrical system of your TV is not working well. It’s possible that the T-con has been burned by voltage.

3. Check A Power Supply Next, if the TV screen is not working, you have to check the power supply. In order to do it, you should turn off the TV and unplug the power cable. After that, you should remove the back cover and check a power cable. If it’s loose, you should tighten it or replace it with a new one.

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Once you are finished, you should check a voltage regulator on the motherboard.

4. Check For Shorted Components: When you have to check for a blown fuse in a TV, you have to check for something else as well. When a fuse blowed, other components might be damaged as well. The best thing to do is to look for shorts.

While you cannot fix your TV, you can make it better. There is always a secondary market for used goods — and this applies to TVs, too. The cost of fixing a broken TV screen is far greater than replacing an entire TV set.

Therefore, you must either pay for a brand new TV or call for TV screen repair.

How much does it cost to fix a Broken TV screen in general?

It depends on the make and model of your TV, the type of screen that needs fixing, the size of the screen, and how long you have had the TV. Also, you must consider the type of damage that needs repairing.

There are many types of damage. The most common ones are cracks, chips, or scratches. There are also more serious problems, such as burned spots, damaged pixels, or even dead pixels.

Screen damage can lead to a complete loss of image quality. In some cases, it may even result in the screen turning black. The most common type of screen damage is characterized by small cracks on the screen surface. These cracks can prevented, but not if you drop your TV or put something heavy on it.

The TV repairman will give you his estimate of the repair cost of your broken TV, and if you agree to the amount he will use it to fix your TV. The average cost of a broken LCD TV screen is usually between $200 and $400, depending on the model of your TV and the damage to the screen. The TV screen may need to be replaced, if the screen is cracked or damaged. The TV repairman will also check for any other damage that may have occurred to your TV.

Steps To Replace Cracked TV Screen

Among the most widespread issues with brand new TV would be the one that most of us pay the least attention to, but which could be the most expensive problem of all. At the very least, it will cause you to invest more in the repair and replacement of parts than the TV itself is worth.

If you have a damaged LCD or LED TV, the good news is that this type of television can be repaired. However, you should be aware that most manufacturers do not cover the cost of repairs after the warranty expires.

You should first consult your manufacturer’s warranty to determine whether it covers screen damage.

1. Check the cracked TV picture size to be sure that you get the right stand size.

2. Take off the stand base and unscrew the mounting screws of TV.

3. Use a flat head screwdriver to pull the unit out of its bracket by simply sliding it horizontally and vertically.

4. Unplug the video cable, the antenna, and the sound cable from the rear of TV.

5. Lift up the TV and remove it gently.

6. Remove the broken screen with a flat-head screwdriver. Be careful not to break off any wires.

7. Fix the new screen into proper position. The blue connection points of the new and old screens have the same polarity, so that new one can be fastened with old one’s mounting screws.

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8. Reconnect all cables to their original connections (TV, antenna, sound).

Why TV Screens Cost So Much?

Television screens cost so much to produce because of the high-quality materials and intricate designs that are required. The production process is also very complex, involving many different steps and specialized equipment.

To get a better idea of why TV screen prices are so high, let’s examine the manufacturing process and some of the costs involved.

If you recently purchased a new TV, it’s highly likely that it was made in China’s Anhui Province, at the BoE Technology factory. In just one mile, this massive factory pumps out screen after screen for some of the most popular brands: Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio and many more.

Building a TV screen is a complex process, with thousands of people working hard to optimise the technology. The complex process involves a number of steps- each one linking together to form long chains of production:

  1. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) needs to be applied on glass to make electrical signals viable, but it has to adhere properly without any imperfections in the surface area. Hundreds of engineers apply this coating process layer by layer;
  2. Silicon must be applied onto ITO, and that’s when you start seeing individual pixels– tiny little cells formed minutely by engineers. Each cell consists of for transistor parts and chemicals, each encased in its own protective barrier;
  3. This process is repeated thousands upon thousands of times — with different colours for different pixels — until you have the desired TV display. Thousands upon thousands of engineers work tirelessly to complete this monotonous task.

One of the main reasons your TV screen is so expensive is because they are very difficult to manufacture. Only a handful of companies in the world are able to produce them, which drives up the cost.

1 out of every 3 TV screens you see at the end of the manufacturing process fail to meet quality control standards. That’s 2 out of every 3 screens that never make it to your screen – even though they’re created in the same factory as the TV sets you do see in stores.

Similarly, 29% of all televisions are damaged during shipping. The cost of a single set is offset by the damage incurred when transporting it from its place of origin, and also by loss in inventory if a screen is broken or suffers other forms of damage prior to use.

This means that less than half of all televisions make it through manufacturing unscathed and hit retail shelves, but that’s not where their story ends.

Does TV Warranty Cover Cracked Screen?

The Warranty is a contract that says that if something goes wrong with the product, you will be refunded or replaced with a new one.

Most manufacturers have a 1-year limited warranty that covers TV issues at no cost to you, although there are certain exceptions. Screens with cracks or breaks are not covered by the warranty, but most issues in the first year of ownership are and any screen issue that comes up after 12 months is likely to be covered by your manufacturer.

If you have an imperfection in your TV screen, it is best to know that most defects are covered by the warranty (in the first year). The majority of issues that arise with a TV happen within the first year — so there’s no need to worry if you register after 30 days.

However, there are some problems that won’t qualify for your warranty — having an actual crack or break on your screen will not be covered by most warranties.

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TV warranties typically exclude a number of common issues, including:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Improper operation
  • Voltage issues or power surges
  • Signal issues
  • Shipping damage
  • Acts of God
  • Customer misuse or modifications

I’m sorry to hear about the television. This is bad news — many repair people will not even look at your television if it’s broken because they just don’t have time.

I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear either, but some televisions are beyond repair.

Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover Cracked Tv Screens

If you purchase a Walmart Protection Plan after your purchase, you can experience the convenience of having the manufacturer’s warranty cover the cost of your damages, both accidental and non-accidental. Most of the coverage plans offered by Walmart protect against accidental damage and extended warranties.

Can I Protect My Tv From Crashes?

Yes, if you are using a protection plan that offers coverage for accidental damage. You should also make sure that your TV is properly secured in your living room or entertainment area in order to avoid tipping over and causing damage.

Does LG Warranty Cover Cracked Screen

LG will only cover a defective screen on an LG TV for a limited period after purchase and only if the warranty has not been voided. The warranty does not cover screen damage caused by an impact or other external force.

Does Samsung TV Warranty Cover Cracked Screen

If the crack is not caused due to any physical damage, then it is covered in the warranty.

How To Get A New Samsung TV Screen?

If your screen is cracked, you should call the customer support and claim for a new screen under the warranty. Otherwise, you can simply buy a new screen for your TV. You must order the screen of the same model as your TV, otherwise, it will not fit in properly. You can also find a new screen from another source, like

How Much Does A Samsung Smart TV Screen Cost?

The cost of a Samsung TV screen varies from one model to another. You can get an estimate by checking online or calling customer support.

How Do I Fix A Cracked Samsung TV Screen?

There is no way to fix a cracked Samsung TV screen on your own. You can only buy a new screen.


Unfortunately, repairing a broken TV is not always an option. This is because the screen itself is the most expensive part of any television set — shipping costs and damage caused during transportation cause the overall price to skyrocket past what it would cost to purchase a brand new TV.

Unfortunately, there are no repair services out there that can fix your cracked or broken TV in such a way that it lasts for long. The same goes for warranties — if you break your own TV and decide to call customer service about getting a replacement set it can be a pointless venture as well, since most warranties do not cover accidental damage issues such as broken glass screens or cracks on the casing.

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