Samsung TV Won’t Turn On No Red Light [SOLVED] -Let’s Fix It

Samsung TVs are your gateway to a world of exceptional entertainment. From built-in smart remotes and apps, to stunning picture quality, they make it simple to find the content you want and the TV experience you’re looking for. If your Samsung Smart TV won’t turn on or has a ‘no red light’ problem, or if it freezes or stutters while running a movie, try one of these possible solutions to fix all your problems.

Since the Samsung TV won’t turn on no red light is a problem many users face, we have provided a detailed guide to help resolve the issue. The guide has solutions for all users, based on their needs and experiences. So, if you are facing this problem, make sure to go through the entire guide and find a solution that suits you best.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On No Red Light – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

There are some problems that only TV repairmen know. One of these is that 99% of all TV problems have to do with inadequate power. So, if your problem is the TV isn’t powering on, don’t get anxious about complex and expensive repair plans. The solution for this issue is simple.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On No Red Light

If you have a TV that isn’t working, then this article is for you! You will not have to dismantle anything or take anything apart. You also won’t need to take your TV to an expensive repair shop. This article will show you how to fix any issue with your TV by yourself.

1. Try Pressing Random Buttons

In case your lost or confused, try pressing random buttons on your TV remote. It’s a method that has been tried and tested numerous times and almost always works. No matter which you try, the buttons will send an infra-red signal to your TV. The trick is to turn the remote on and press a bunch of buttons. Most of the time, this will fix the problem. You may have to press the buttons in a certain order or do it at a certain time, but don’t be scared to try a few different things.

If the TV appears to be switched on, but the screen is blank, you may be able to fix this problem using buttons on the TV or remote control. Switching functions on the TV remote can reset it, and sometimes pressing a button multiple times can help too.

If a screen still has channel numbers/names but no incoming signal at all, even though it’s still plugged into its appropriate cable, this is a bad sign. If that’s the case, the TV needs to be serviced by a qualified technician — which could be costly. It’s best to call in the experts, who can do their best to avoid permanent damage.

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2. Use a Different Power Outlet

The first thing Samsung TV won’t turn ON issue is likely to be the result of an issue with the outlet you are using. This can cause several problems, whether it is a temporary fault, or something more permanent, such as a blown fuse. Therefore, before we move on, it is important that we check the power supply.

This is a quick test to determine if the issue with your TV is caused by the power outlet it’s plugged into. Simply unplug the cord from the TV and wait for 1 minute. Then, move it to a different outlet and see if the TV will now turn back on.

If your outlets are working, but the charger itself isn’t, try removing all other devices from the outlet and plugging in the charger to another “good” outlet. If it still doesn’t work, it’s likely a wiring or something else that needs to be taken care of by an electrician.

The problem isn’t just the outlet, but the cord and power supply too. For example, if it’s a surge protector, you can try simply plugging in to two different outlets without the surge protector.

3. Broken Power Cables

If the TV screen isn’t displaying anything other than a blank screen, it’s most likely a faulty power cable. Make sure the cord is in good condition and that it has been securely plugged into the outlet. If you have multiple power outlets in the same area, try switching them on and off to see if any of them have gone out.

While it can be a challenge to live with the constant threat of power surge, TV power cords can and do succumb to wear and tear. If you notice any fraying along the length of the cable itself, you need to invest in a replacement. While this may seem like a simple purchase, it is imperative to ensure that the cord you buy has been rated for your television’s maximum amperage capacity.

Dogs are particularly fond of chewing on cables. If you have pets or children around the house, it’s recommended that you keep your cables out of reach. Make sure that there’s no chance they can get tangled up in a mess while charging.

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your power cords is to make sure you keep them tidy and straight. If you see any small bends in the cord, slowly pull the cable out to straighten it out — this prevents fraying much quicker than it normally would.

4. Try Resetting Samsung Smart TV

If the power light is off and you can’t turn on your TV, try a simple reset. If there’s a minor glitch with the TV’s settings, a simple restart can help resolve it. A simple reset will turn off your TV for a few minutes, which resets its settings. When the TV comes back on, the power light should be lit on the side of the TV, indicating that it’s on.

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Here’s how you reset a Samsung TV:

  1. Disconnect the TV from its power source. You can do this by taking out the power cord from the outlet or unplugging it from the wall socket.
  2. Wait for at least 30 seconds before reinserting the power cable.
  3. Press and hold the “Power” button on your TV remote until you see “Samsung Electronics” on your screen.

5. Blown Fuse

If your TV turns on, that suggests that the power board itself is fine. It may instead be a component connected to the power board, like a relay or a fuse, that has blown out. You can attempt to fix the problem yourself if you’re comfortable with basic electronics repair. If not, you may have to call an electrician — but that’s still cheaper than buying a new TV.

If you’re having trouble with your TV, it’s possible that the relay near the power supply has failed. Most of the time this problem can be resolved if you can get to the TV’s backside. Try removing the back panel of your TV and take a look at the small black box — often called a power supply or power brick — that’s usually in the center. It can be quite difficult for the average person to fix a TV. You might need to solder some wires or reconnect a relay if your device stops turning on.

6. Disconnect All Devices

If you’ve got your TV connected to multiple devices such as gaming consoles, Apple TVs or Chromecasts, just switching on your TV isn’t enough. Even if you don’t realize it these devices can prevent you from turning on your TV if they’re turned on first.

If your device is not working, removing it from the equation may be the quickest and most reliable solution. To test this theory, we recommend disconnecting any Bluetooth devices or other electronic devices in the vicinity of your TV for a period of time. This step might help eliminate the issue at the root! Does your television work properly when you have removed all devices from its vicinity? If it does, you can connect your device to see if the issue still persists.

7. IR Window is Blocked

Now, let’s take a look at the next possible issue: the IR window on your TV might be blocked. If so, the TV won’t pick up signals from your remote. To rule this out, try a few angles.

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If your TV remote control is old or malfunctioning, you’ll want to replace it with a fresh battery and/or a new remote. Installing new batteries can potentially restore functionality – so try that first before buying a brand-new remote.

8. Low Voltage Problem

The first thing to check is the voltage your TV demands. The manual will outline this, and it’s typically 110V or 220V. Then, make sure that this is the voltage you are receiving into your home and not a lower one. Typically, if you are getting an incorrect voltage, this is where the problem lies.

Don’t waste your time. Contact Samsung TV tech support and let the professionals handle it. You’ll be better off just letting the experts take over from here, and you’ll have more time to spend on things you enjoy.

Samsung TV Not Turning On Red Light Off

TVs usually have a thermal sensor that can detect heat. When the TV is turned on and it heats up the sensor will switch off the TV to protect the TV from overheating. Solutions: wait a few hours and try to turn on the TV again. if the TV still doesn’t work, power cycle the TV. Sometimes it the power cord can be faulty: unplug the TV, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.

If you are having issues with your Samsung TV, check the electricity first. The main reason why the TV would not work is that the outlet you’re plugging it into is damaged. If it’s still plugged in and no damage, it is time to check if your TV is actually asleep.

In addition to this, you should also ensure that your device’s power button is not stuck in place, and be sure to reset your device.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Turn On But Red Light Is ON

If you’re having trouble turning your Samsung TV on, check the connection between your TV and the power outlet. If the power supply is working properly, you’ll want to check to see if your TV is asleep or in standby mode — this will resolve any problems that may be preventing it from turning on.

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