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Samsung Washer D5 Error Code means that the machine is running while the door is not firmly closed. It also means you have to find a way to fix it before you can continue using your Samsung washer. This error is the same as the dS code.

Samsung’s smart appliances deliver a revolutionary user experience — impeccably designed hardware, easy software installation, and seamless online user support. The new models have a wide range of features, including the latest in connectivity technology, automatic error notifications, and wireless device accessibility.

Samsung’s new generation of washing machines comes equipped with modern technologies that will help you take care of your clothes in the most efficient way possible.

What Does The Samsung Washer D5 Error Code Mean?

Samsung Washer D5 Error Code

Samsung washing machines come with an innovative troubleshooting feature that helps users diagnose and fix common faults on their devices. Each error will be accompanied by a specific code, allowing users to pinpoint the root of the problem

When the Samsung Dryer D5 error code is displayed, it’s usually because the door was left open. To fix this issue, close the door firmly and test the dryer.

The D5 error is the most common error on Samsung washing machines. Typically, it can happen either during the start, wash or drain cycle of the appliance. In most cases, it appears during the wash cycle. After you turn on your Samsung washing machine, if the message «D5» appears, then this means that you need to check the door and ensure that it is closing properly.

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How To Fix Samsung Washer D5 Error Code

Samsung is a name that most of us are familiar with. Samsung washing machines are known for their high quality and durability, so it’s frustrating when a D5 error code appears. The problem can usually be eliminated quickly by closing the door completely.

If you notice lint, clothing, or any other objects stuck behind the front door of your washer, remove them immediately to prevent them from interfering with your washing machine’s functionality.

Bent Washer Door Hinge

If your washer door isn’t closing properly, check the hinges. If they’re fine, then adjust the door back into place. If that doesn’t work, try bending the hinges back into place. If that still doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the hinges.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

The door lock makes sure your washer door shuts securely during operation, which is especially important if you have small children around. Washing machines are full of water and electrical energy, so it’s really important that the washer door stays shut and won’t open as it’s running.

If the washer door doesn’t close properly, you might have a faulty door lock. If something is wrong with the door lock, the washer won’t be able to close its door tightly. If your washer door lock does not latch, make sure to inspect it for damage. If the door lock is affected by wear and tear, you will need to replace it as soon as possible to avoid any issues arising from a damaged component.

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To troubleshoot a Samsung washing machine that won’t unlock, test each door lock switch for continuity. If one or more of them is faulty, replace the corresponding lock switch.

Broken Door Latch

If your washing machine doesn’t close all the way when you try to do so by pressing the top of the door, then your washer may have a latching issue. You can fix this by simply cleaning the latches where they may have become dirty and preventing the door from closing. 

If the latches are broken or malfunctioning, replace them.

Problems with the Installation

It’s common for washer machines to have their doors jam because of bad installations. Door frames don’t match the machine dimensions correctly, or they’re not placed on the ground properly — these problems lead to a docking station that can’t handle the door’s weight and may eventually cause it to jam. Our advice? Reposition your washer door by removing the screws on the frame and readjusting the height and placement. This will help in solving the Samsung Washer D5 Error Code.

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