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Schlage lock is one of the better brands of locks on the market, and the devices are very reliable. However, there are times when they may not function properly, and you need to be able to troubleshoot the lock.

The following guide will walk you through some of the more common problems you might encounter and how to fix them.

As a home or business owner, you want a safe place to live and work. Schlage locks are some of the most popular and reliable locks that homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners can choose when they want to ensure their home or office is secure. However, you may run into problems with your Schlage lock not unlocking, which could leave you locked out of your home or business.

Schlage Lock Not Unlocking – Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

Schlage Lock Not Unlocking

Schlage Keypad door locks are a popular choice among consumers because of their ease-of-use. If a Schlage Keypad lock begins to malfunction, it’s important to be aware of why and how to repair it. Perhaps the most common issue is: the keypad doesn’t unlock after a valid User Code has been entered. Luckily, Schlage makes this easy to fix, and we’re going to show you how.

1. Ensure That You Input The Correct User Code

While we hope that this isn’t the cause, you should first make sure that you entered the correct Schlage user code.

If you’re running into lock issues, a quick fix would be to ensure you’re entering the correct user code for Schlage Lock.

2. Disable The Lock Override Feature

If you’re using the Keypad Lock Override feature, it might be preventing you from unlocking the lock.

If you can’t get into your house, check to see if the Lock Override Feature is enabled. A little-known feature of the Schlage lock, Lock Override disables any keypad on the door. If this feature is on, passcodes won’t work.

Make sure that Lock Override feature is disabled, if it isn’t it could prevent you from unlocking the door.

If you want to disable the Lock Override feature of a Schlage lock, follow these steps:

  1. Gently pry open the battery cover with a small flathead screwdriver.
  2. Pop out the battery using pliers.
  3. If an override slot is set to lockout, flip the slider over to normal. Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the lock override switch from ‘LOCKOUT’ to ‘NORMAL’.
  4. Reconnect The Lock Battery.
  5. Place the cover back.

If the Lock Override feature is not set to LOCKOUT, then that’s not the cause of the unlocking issue. The next step is to test whether disabling the Lock Override feature resolves your problem. If it doesn’t, keep on reading for more troubleshooting tips.

3. Disable The Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode keeps intruders out when you’re not home. It disables all save User Codes so that a wrong code can’t be accidentally entered while leaving home and entering a new one. But you may need to disable this feature if you want to operate your lock with a keypad entry.

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However, by default, the Schlage Smart Deadbolt will be locked in “vacation mode” — preventing anyone from unlocking your door using a User Code, but allowing you to use your app to unlock the door.

Schlage keypad locks have many features and options. One of the more common questions is how to disable Vacation Mode. For most Schlage keypad locks, here’s how to disable it.

First, go to your keypad and type in your current Programming Code. The lock will blink green once and beep, to notify you that Vacation Mode has been disabled.

Make sure to read the troubleshooting listed in your User Manual for additional details about how to program a new code. Be careful, it may be easy to forget the keypad combination and if you do you’ll need a locksmith.

4. Use A Physical Key

If your User Code isn’t working, check the battery connection on your keypad. A loose connection can cause an issue with the power. Also, try using a physical key through the keyhole to unlock your lock.

Get a physical key and try unlocking it by sliding it into the hole on the front of the lock. If there isn’t a hole (which is rare), check to see if there is a small gap along the edge of the door. If so, wedge the key into this gap, and wiggle until you get inside.

You can do this by inserting a key in the bottom of the lock and turning it counter clockwise to open the shackle and free the insides.

Starting from the slider, rotate it several times until it is completely retracted. Next, press the Schlage button and enter in the same User Code to see if the door opens.

5. Ensure That Lock Is Installed Correctly

If the lock doesn’t open after you enter the code, it means there’s a problem with the latch. This could be caused by incorrect installation of your device and can put your safety at risk. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you contact an approved installer for assistance.

So if the above troubleshooting steps didn’t fix the problem, chances are that the lock is not installing correctly – which is causing the door to fail to open when you try to unlock it.

If parts of your lock are not lined up properly, it could be rendering the keypad inoperable.

Uninstall the door lock, re-mount it and make sure it is installed correctly. Make sure that if you can look inside of your doorway and see the inner workings of your deadbolt. If you see something protruding from the hole then that means the deadbolt is not properly seated.

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To ensure the lock is installed properly, turn the thumb turn anti-clockwise as far as it will go. If it retracts, this means that your installation is complete and you can use your lock immediately. But if it turns freely, then there’s probably a problem.

Unlock the lock and remove it from the door. Ensure that all screws are removed.   Reinstall the lock, ensure that you have put the screws back and make sure that they are tight enough.

Do not forget to turn on the Schlage connect keypad, plugging it in again with a USB drive inserted to ensure that it can sync up with a network.

You can also go online and check installation instructions by looking at your User Manual or checking out Schlage’s comprehensive installation guide here.

6. Change The Battery

The device stopped working, and you think the batteries have run out. Always start by testing the batteries first. If a brand new set doesn’t fix the problem, there is probably an underlying issue with the installation or an internal component failure.

If the lock retracts well when the thumb turn is rotated down, the installation is complete. If your keypad has batteries in it, try replacing them and leaving the new ones in for a few days before testing. That should correct the issue.

Batteries run low, and the door latch won’t open. This can happen at either one of two conditions: when the batteries are too low or completely drained OR when the batteries are installed incorrectly.

If you experience an issue with your lock and you think it might be related to its battery, check the lock’s indicator light. If the lock’s indicator light isn’t glowing or only faintly glowing, you should consider replacing the batteries. Don’t forget to push the button that releases the keypad cover before opening it!

Most Schlage keypad deadbolts come with a battery indicator. However, if the batteries are low or missing, the lock may not be able to notify you. If this is the case, try replacing the batteries in your deadbolt and test it out again.

7. Reset To Factory Default Settings

If you’re still unable to get your lock to open with the troubleshooting steps above, we’ve got one final step: restoring factory settings. This will erase everything on your lock and allow us to set it up as a new lock, but it’s a last-resort option that will let you finally get in.

When you can’t get your Schlage door lock to unlock, performing a factory reset is a quick and easy troubleshooting step.

Resetting a keypad lock is much easier than manually programming a new access code.

Not sure how to reset your Schlage keypad lock? Don’t worry, it’s easy. Here’s how to do that.

The first step is to remove the Schlage lock battery cover. Then, disconnect the battery. Now, you’ll need to turn on the keypad and press and release the Schlage button to enter programming mode. The next step is pressing and holding the Schlage button for about 10 seconds until it lights green and beeps.

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To confirm that the factory reset was successful, try entering one of your preset codes — if it unlocks, then the reset was successful. If you can’t get in with a code, or if a code doesn’t work, refer to our helpful support article for a comprehensive list of potential issues and fixes.

Your door lock will not respond to the reset method if it has a programming problem. If this is the case, you will need to contact Schlage directly.

Do not perform a factory reset unless you absolutely need to! If you do so, you will lose any custom changes the next time you log in. You will also erase all stored codes, but if you create new codes and add them in, you will be fine. Just make sure you log back in and save your changes before resetting!

Schlage Lock Won’t Unlock With Key

If you have tried troubleshooting your Schlage Smart Lock and are still having issues with the lock not unlocking, then it may be time to reset your electronic door lock.

Schlage has an easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide that can help owners fix their keypad lock.

The battery cover is located on the bottom of the lock, near the hinge on one side. Unscrew it by hand, and pull out the battery.

Hold down the Schlage button. While still holding it, reconnect the battery. Release the button when the green light appears and a beep sounds.


If you’re unable to unlock your door with your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, perform a factory reset. This will wipe all settings from the lock and return power to the battery.

Always use recommended batteries. Alkaline batteries should last 4-6 months, depending on usage. It is important that you always use the right battery for your lock, as other types of batteries can damage the battery pack over time.

Be sure to check all your Schlage locks, as well as any other keypad-based lock that you may have. Modern battery technology, as well as faulty batteries may cause malfunctions with these locks — ensuring you replace the batteries and contact customer support if something is wrong.

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