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Vizio TVs are a highly reputable series of televisions and are rapidly increasing in popularity. There is a growing number of reports that the TV turns on by itself, with no input from the remote. We take a look at this issue and attempt to determine if it’s a software defect or something more complex.

Vizio TVs have been turning on by themselves for some time now. This is a major concern for many, who don’t want their TV turning on in the middle of the night to who knows what.

A lot of people have been experiencing their Vizio TV turning on by itself. The television randomly turns on and sometimes just starts off with a blank screen. The issue might go away or become worse if the power button is pressed.

You may be surprised to find that your TV is turning on by itself. While it’s typically a good idea to turn off your TV when it’s not in use, you might be shocked to find your TV turning back on again and again. This can lead to unnecessary electricity costs and put you at risk of a short circuit.

Vizio TV Turning On By Itself – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

Millions of Vizio owners have been wondering why their televisions are turning on and off automatically. Many of them think that there’s something wrong with the TV, but it usually turns out to be something quite minor.

Vizio TV Turning On By Itself

It’s not like you can blame them for getting worried — when your TV spontaneously turns on and off, it’s only natural to think that there’s something wrong with it!

While Vizio Smart TVs are great, they occasionally encounter software bugs that cause issues unheard of in other brands. When these issues arise, try the following common fixes to help get your TV up and running again.

Solution 1: Remote’s Power Button is Stuck

If the TV keeps turning on by itself, check the remote’s power button. It might be damaged and stuck on the ON position. If there is no damage to the remote control, it’s possible that your TV is unbalanced due to another reason.

This is one of the worst things that could happen to any TV owner — watching from the couch as your TV turns on by itself. But don’t worry, it might not be what you think it is.

Oftentimes, stuck remotes aren’t the problem at all! Remove every speck of dust and debris with a can of air or by gently wiping the remote’s buttons down with a clean cloth. If this works, then great!

Once you’ve done all of the cleanings, give your remote one last careful examination and make sure it’s error-free before putting it back together again.

Solution 2: Remove Batteries

If unplugging your TV and re-plugging it in didn’t fix the problem, remove the batteries from your remote and wait for 15 seconds. Then put them back in and attempt to turn it on again.

Remove the batteries from your remote control. Press and hold the TV power button for 15 seconds. This step is crucial — holding down the button for any less time won’t work.

Put the batteries back in the remote and power on the TV, there should not be any issues.

If it doesn’t power back on, try replacing the batteries with fresh ones, as low batteries may cause this issue and can be resolved by replacing them.

Solution 3: Power Cycle your Vizio TV

If a device isn’t functioning properly, try to power cycle it. This is especially productive for televisions. Turning off your device, waiting at least 60 seconds, and then turning it back on again can solve many technical issues — so don’t forget to give it a try!

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Power cycling the TV may help you out if the Vizio is experiencing a problem. Disconnecting the TV from its power source for 60 full seconds, waiting for that time to pass, and then re-plugging it in for a second time should solve your problem.

Solution 4: Check The Cable Connection

Many users have found that their error was caused by a loose power cable or power adapter, so make sure to check your cables and adapters. If the same error persists even after checking the cables and adapters, try resetting your smart TV.

Make sure that you have connected the power cord a few moments ago. To do this, detach the power cord from the back of your smart TV and check if it is well inserted into either the wall socket on the other side of your living room or in a grounded wall outlet around your house. You can also try plugging the power cord into another wall outlet if you are experiencing trouble.

Solution 5: Disable HDMI-CEC Mode

Some Vizio TVs automatically turn on if they sense any type of signal from your remote control. To make sure this isn’t the cause of the problem, check that your HDMI-CEC is turned off and try to turn your TV back on.

You may have noticed this weird thing that sometimes happens: your TV turns on by itself. Your Vizio TV is always on your side, so here’s what you need to do. For some devices, HDMI-CEC automatically turns your TV on. If you have the Vizio Blu-Ray player, this feature has been designed to help you further enjoy your movie experience.

To turn HDMI-CEC OFF, go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > CEC > OFF. Please note that this will also turn OFF other features that require HDMI-CEC.

HDMI-CEC is a hidden feature that gives you more control over your entertainment system. It allows smart TVs to send commands to other devices connected to the same TV, for example switching inputs and controlling volume. There’s no need for separate remotes, just use your TV remote to control them all.

Some TVs respond to HDMI-CEC, which is a protocol that allows devices connected to the same HDMI cable to communicate with one another. This communication can cause some TVs to turn on when you plug in your Chromecast or DVD player.

Turning off HDMI-CEC, you will no longer be able to use your TV remote to control any other devices.

Another possibility is that the issue isn’t being caused by your TV at all, but by something outside your home theater system.

Solution 6: Disable ECO Mode

Interference on the signal or an interruption in the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal can cause your Vizio TV to turn off or on by itself.

You might not realize that other devices in your home are casting a signal that is interfering with your TV.

When you’ve got multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network, things can get pretty hectic — especially when you’re trying to stream a movie or game. To help manage all of your devices and prioritize your media, enable Vizio smart TV’s “ECO mode.”

This will make sure all of your streaming apps are getting the bandwidth they need while shutting down casting features to help conserve energy. So everyone gets what they want without impacting their connection speed!

To turn on Eco Mode: On your Vizio Smart TV remote, press Menu, select System, and then Power Mode. ECO Mode has the checkmark on; to disable it, remove the checkmark.

Solution 7: Disable Sleep Timer

Smart TVs have a sleep timer, which automatically shuts the TV off after a preset amount of time. You can set the Sleep Timer that Vizio Smart TVs have, to ensure your TV shuts off automatically when you’re sleeping or watching another input. This is particularly useful if you leave your living room lights on while watching TV in bed or while you’re out of the room and don’t want to walk back and push a button to turn it off.

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Vizio Smart TVs automatically shut off when they’re inactive, but you can adjust the sleep limit and disable the auto-off function. The default sleep limit is 30 minutes. If this interval isn’t enough for your needs, you can change it to a longer period.

Solution 8: Update TV Firmware

Running old versions of Vizio software on your TV can cause a variety of problems. Typically, your TV will automatically download the latest version for you but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

In order to resolve this issue, please run the Update Your TV feature from the Vizio SmartCast app: Open the Vizio SmartCast app and scroll down to Settings > Update Software. When prompted, press OK on your remote to complete the process.

Solution 9: Do A Factory Reset

Vizio TV Turning On By Itself due to firmware corruption. Factory resetting will fix the issue.

To factory reset your Vizio Smart TV, navigate to Settings and proceed to System > Reset & Admin. Select Reset TV to Factory Defaults, then enter as the default reset code and hit OK. Wait for 10 seconds as the device reboots itself, then see if the issue still persists; if you have any problems after the resetting process, contact Vizio customer support immediately.

Why Does My Vizio Tv Turn Off And Back On By Itself

We all love Vizio TVs, but they are not perfect. One of the issues that users have with their Vizio TVs is that they randomly power off and on by themselves. This can be a big problem if it happens in the middle of watching a show or film or other things you may have been doing on your TV.

When your Vizio TV will not turn off, you may be wondering what is causing this to happen. There are a variety of reasons your TV may have this symptom. By checking the power cord and performing some troubleshooting, you can resolve this issue by yourself.

If you’ve ever had your Vizio TV turn off and back on by itself, we’re here to help. We’ll explain the simple troubleshooting steps and things you should try first to stop your Vizio from randomly turning off and back on. Issues with Vizio TVs randomly turning off and back on are usually because of a setting called Auto Power or Auto Shut-Off.

Why Does My Vizio Tv Turn Back On After I Turn It Off

Ever wonder why your Vizio TV turns on when you turn it off? Or why it won’t turn on at all?
We have all experienced the Vizio glitch. What we have also experienced is the frustration of dealing with a new TV that we thought was going to work perfectly, but it didn’t.

What causes the Vizio glitch? The short answer is the smart function in this particular TV line has some issues.

If your remote stops working, or you find that your TV never turns off, there are a few things you can try. First, check that the remote is charged. If it’s not, plug it in for about 30 minutes. Next, make sure that nothing is obstructing the front of your remote. Also check to make sure that you aren’t too far away from the TV.

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Where Is The Power Button On A Vizio Tv

Many Vizio TVs do not have a button labeled ‘power’ on their remote. Most Vizio Remote Controls have a power button, but if your remote does not have one, you can still find it on your TV.

For most Vizio TVs, there is a power button that can be found on the bottom left side of the TV, next to the VIZIO logo. If every else does not work, try pressing this button.

Why Does Vizio Tv Turn On By Itself

If you notice that your television has started turning on by itself, it could have something to do with the power saving mode, which is designed to turn on the television and select input sources when the TV is not being used.

A Vizio TV is randomly turning on by itself. The TV switches itself off in the middle of watching a show, flashing the backlight on and off every few seconds. The TV also turns on by itself during the night and blares loud static noise.

Some devices turn your TV on automatically when they’re turned on. An example of this is a DVD player. If your TV turns on by itself and you want to fix it, you’ll need to turn off the HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) setting on the Vizio TV. To do this, navigate to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > CEC and make sure the option for HDMI-CEC is set to OFF.

Why Does My Vizio TV Turn Off And Back On By Itself

It’s not a good sign when your Vizio TV keeps shutting off and on by itself, but you can get it working correctly again if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. According to Vizio’s troubleshooting page for this problem, there are two possibilities for why your TV is cutting in and out repeatedly.

If your remote control isn’t functioning correctly or is losing button functionality or the device isn’t responding to button presses, the first step is to replace the batteries.

Vizio TV Keeps Turning Itself Back On

It is normal for Vizio to automatically turn on itself once you plug your TV back to the outlet. However, we have noticed that some users are experiencing this annoying behavior for more than once and that is why we are writing this post to help them out.

Try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the Vizio TV Keeps Turning Itself Back On issue:

If the issue still persists, then try to turn off the TV and unplug the TV from the power outlet and leave it off for around 15 minutes. After that, plug the TV back to the wall socket and see if the issue is fixed.

In case the issue still persists, try connecting your remote to the TV and make sure that the remote sensor is not covered by any objects. Also, try resetting your TV to default settings, which will help you fix this issue.


Thanks for taking the time to read our article. If you want to find ways to tackle any other Vizio issues, check back with us again soon! While there are many potential causes of this kind of problem, I hope that these steps do the trick for you.

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