LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice? Top 5 Reasons

This article will show you how we troubleshoot and fix the LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice problem. Not every problem needs an expert solution. Some you can solve easily by doing some simple troubleshooting. It will not only saves you money but also time.

The ice maker is necessary for all households. Gone are the old days when you had to refill the ice tray every time you needed to make the ice. The LG ice maker can dispense ice whenever you want. It’s a blessing in our busy life. But many times, we may not need ice like in winter, which is when most ice makers will start creating problems.

If your LG Icemaker keeps getting stuck and not dispensing ice, please follow the below solution to fix it.

What Causes LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice? Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice

Let’s look at the possible causes and solutions for it.

Formation of Ice Clumps

One of the most prevalent causes of an LG ice maker not dispensing ice is forming an ice clump within. The icemaker supplies light heat to release the ice cubes to melt slightly and thereby dispensing ice. This ambient heat can even lightly melt the ice in the bin. It is similar to opening the freezer door to melt ice in the mold.

The auger’s main function is to unstick ice cubes from each other and dispense them individually. Many times we don’t use the ice maker regularly, especially in the winter season. So auger will remain in the same place, resulting in the forming of ice on it. This ambient heat can even lightly melt the ice in the bin, or even just heat that comes from opening your freezer door.

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You can usually hear the auger attempting to break up the ice when you have an ice chunk blocking its movement. It will produce a louder noise as it tries to break from the ice chunks. If the ice chunks are more, then it won’t be able to function.

You need to remove these ice chunks inside the bin. Sometimes it can be challenging to remove. Many times you may have to remove the entire compartment. You can also defrost the icemaker to melt the excess ice chunks.

If the formation of ice is small, then you can easily remove it by hand. It is typically best to throw into the sink any sizeable bits that you cannot break since they can again become a big chunk of ice, so it is always better to regularly clean your ice bin.

Malfunctioned Ice Maker Fan

One of the common reasons for LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice is the malfunctioned ice maker fan. The fan is located in the freezer compartment.

The fan’s main function is to blow cold air into the ice maker compartment to freeze up the water. If the fan is faulty, then the ice maker’s temperature will be higher than the standard -12 degree Celsius. It will result in the icemaker not creating the ice problem.

To check whether the freezer fan is working or not, you need to take a magnet and simulate a closed door. The magnet will tell the refrigerator that the door is closed, and hence fan will start and feel cold air coming out from the freezer vents. If you don’t feel any cold air, then the fan is faulty and needs to replace it.

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Clogged Water Supply Line

If your LG ice maker is not making ice at all or is producing very small ice cubes, it is probably due to the clogging in the supply line. The most common reason for this clog is frozen water in the supply hose

To fix the frozen line, you need to slide the LG fridge and unplug it. Now, locate the shut-off valve. It is usually below the sink or at the back of the refrigerator. Turn the valve position to OFF. Now, take a turkey baster and fill it with the hot water and pour it over the fridge water line.

You can also remove the clogging of frozen water by using a hairdryer and blowing hot air on the waterline. It is also best to switch off the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to let the ice melt. We hope that it will solve the LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice problem.

If you are still getting the issue, you may have to consult the appliance repair expert near you.

Faulty Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The primary function of Ice Bucket Auger is to pull the ice forward to the bin’s outside. It rotates and makes the LG icemaker dispense ice. Auger motor drives the Auger using drive and gear mechanics.

The gearbox turns very slowly but has enough power to dispense the ice. If you notice that Auger is not turning, then you need first to verify that the motor is working or not. If you don’t hear any noise when you close the freezer door, then the motor is faulty.

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Take a multi-meter and use it to check the continuity of the motor. If the motor fails the continuity test, then the motor is not working. But, please note that an expert should only do this test. If there is no power coming to the motor, you should check the switch and control actuator.

Ice is Caught in the Raker

Many Icemaker comes with a raker, and sometimes ice may get stuck in it. The raker helps in evenly distributing the new ice cubes in the ice bin. IT helps in the formation of ice chunks and hence stop clogging. But sometimes, ice block may stop the raker, and it gets jammed. This will result in LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice Problem.

You can easily fix this issue by removing the ice that is blocking the raker. Sometimes, defrosting the freezer will also work.

We hope that now you are not getting the LG Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice Issue. Please write a comment with your questions, and we will be happy to answer them.

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