5 Reasons Why Samsung TV Apps Not Working – Let’s Fix It

Samsung Smart TVs are a beautiful invention. If you have a smart Samsung TV, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV. The only problem with watching your favorite TV shows and movies on your Samsung Smart TV is that sometimes the apps stop working. If this happens, there are a few things you can do to get the apps working again.

Samsung Smart TV apps not working? Then you are in the right place. Here are some of the most common issues that cause Samsung TV apps to not start and the best ways to prevent them from happening.

The majority of the time, this issue can be traced back to outdated software or wrong network settings. The solution is as easy as a firmware update, and sometimes just clearing away some old files.

Samsung TV Apps Not Working – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

If your Samsung smart TV apps aren’t working, you can fix the problem by several different methods. One solution is to power reset the device and restart your home network. Another solution is to clear the app cache and update your software.

If apps are having issues, you can try a few different methods to fix the problem and get your apps working again. The great news is that fixing the problem doesn’t involve complicated procedures, and the first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of issue you’re having.

Samsung TV Apps Not Working

Do a Cold Reboot

A cold boot or reboot is not to be confused with the standby mode. When you put your TV on standby, it is not shutting down. Rather, it is connecting to the source again and turning back on when your remote control turns it back on. A cold boot is akin to a restart you’d do on your computer. It fully shuts down the TV and restarts it with a brand new boot sequence — fresh set of instructions start running again.

The cold reboot is one of the most effective ways to deal with a variety of technical issues. Such problems are numerous, and the solutions always include the same method: Reboot your TV. A cold restart allows you to refresh your gadget and fix common bugs. It will also solve many problems like apps freezes, glitches, system crashes and more. It’s especially helpful for when your TV is having problems loading apps or staying on the correct screen — something that can be quite frustrating.

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There are two methods for cold rebooting your TV.

Method#1 – Using Remote

A remote control is easy to use and convenient to carry around: perfect for getting your Smart TV back up and running when it freezes or stops responding. Simply hold down the power button until the Samsung Television turns off and then back on. The whole process should take at most five seconds, which means you’ll be back to enjoying your favorite shows in no time.

Method#2 – Unplug the TV

Unplug the TV and then plug it back in after 40-50 seconds. This should reset your TV and solve the problem.

Before you start examining the TV, make sure that all of your devices are on and ready. Just like how your router powers up before you begin using internet, your other devices need to be powered on for the entire setup process to go smoothly.

The TV will respond to the first command it receives. If the TV fails to respond, unplug the power cord and plug it back in.

Apps Not Available/Showing on Samsung SmartHub

For some apps, you may need to configure settings that are not available in the app itself.

If you do not see the app in the Smart Hub, first check if the app has an installed update. If it does, install the update.

If the app is still missing, you may need to go to the app’s settings and check if it has “Auto-start” or “Auto-update” settings. For example, if you want to show the Safety course on the auto-start list, then you would need to go to the Safety course’s settings and check the auto-start option.

The app’s settings might also need to be configured to “Automatic” or “Regular” updates.

If your Smart TV apps aren’t showing up or aren’t available in your Smart Hub menu, you can change the country code to something like “44” (from UK) or “91” (from India) to see all the apps available.

Below are the steps to configure your Smart Hub to watch Netflix(Or any Apps if not Available):

  1. Press the Home Button on your remote control to load Smart Hub. Once it loads, press 2, 8, 9.
  2. Select any country under the Internet Service location section. Agree to the terms and continue.
  3. Select “Update” for “Data Services Setup” and press OK.
  4. Allow Smart Hub App to update based on the respective country you have selected.
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Smart Hub will update again and when it does you will be able to launch the apps that did not show up in the previous update. You should then find a new app named App Store in your Smart Hub and you should be able to download all kinds of apps to help make your life easier and more interesting. Check Here to know solution of Disney Plus Not working On Samsung TV.

Update Samsung TV Firmware

A common cause of Samsung TV apps freezing, crashing and not loading is outdated software. Updating the software on your Samsung TV will solve the issue.

To update the software on your Samsung TV, do the following:

Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart remote. Select Settings. Select Support. Select Software Update. Wait for the update to complete.

NOTE: It might take up to 4 hours. Your Samsung TV will automatically restart.

Samsung’s 2012 smart TV lineup does not support automatic updates, although the company promises that it is working with its partners to bring a fix to these models soon. Until then, you will have to update your device manually by purchasing a USB stick and entering the appropriate instructions on Samsung’s website.

Clear App Cache

The TV Apps freezing and crashing issue could be due to the fact the app is not compatible with your Samsung TV.

Clear the cache on your Samsung TV and then try downloading the app again. To clear the cache on your Samsung TV, do the following: Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart remote. Select Settings. Select Support. Select Clear Cache.

Slow Internet Connection

A high-speed internet connection is required to run apps like Netflix and YouTube on a Smart TV. The speed of the internet connection will determine how quickly videos load or how well they stream. A stable connection will help you get the most out of your streaming options.

More often than not, Smart TV’s come with internet connection options and many of these apps require a robust data connection. If you want to watch your favorite movie or show on Netflix or YouTube, you will need a stable and fast internet connection.

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To fix your slow internet problem, you need to remove the bottleneck. The Wi-Fi connection in your house may be going through the router, but if it’s the cause of your speed problems, you need to re-route the connection.

When you’re experiencing slow internet, you should try to find the problem by switching from wireless to wired connections. Wired connections are less prone to errors and have fewer factors which lead to their connection problems. Alternatively, upgrading your internet plan can also provide a better service for you.

Reset Samsung SmartHub

Whether the issue is minor or major, resetting the Samsung SmartHub should always be your first step to solving problems. If you are ready to follow our simple step-by-step process and reset your Samsung SmartHub, follow along with us below.

Resetting a Smart TV SmartHub can be a bit scary, but it might solve the issue. Resetting your SmartHub will remove all of your downloaded apps, but don’t worry, they can be re-installed. We recommend resetting only when all other methods fail.

To reset the Smart Hub, please follow these steps:

  1. Exit Smart Hub.
  2. Navigate to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  3. Press Menu.
  4. Select Smart Hub Reset.
  5. Enter your PIN when prompted (the default is 0000).
  6. Once you have completed these steps, your Smart Hub will be reset.

Manually reset your Smart Hub. This will erase your device’s existing network settings and all user data. Wait for the Smart Hub to reboot, then attempt to reconnect with the app again. This may take up to 15 minutes.


In case the app on your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t work, first check if it’s an update issue. Many issues are caused by outdated software. If you don’t want to download a new version, delete and reinstall the app. If this solution doesn’t work, you should reset the Smart Hub.

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